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Charles asks…

Energy Storage Stocks?

I was looking for a company that is focusing on energy storage. If you know their stock symbol, i would love to know it! And if you have any other opinions on any other types of stocks you’re liking at the moment, please put them! Thanks in advance!~

Windmill Farms answers:

There are quite a few pipe line lps that might qualify as short term energy storage companies. There are also a lot of oil companies that have very large proven reserves that would also qualify. APC is one that I am aware of the latter. Of the former MMP, PAA, SXL are but 3. There are many more. SXL is currently on a streak. I especially like GOOG and BDX. How about a wind turbine company. They sort of extract energy from the atmospher. VWSYF is the largest. Let’s not forget Energizer–ENR–the battery company

Mandy asks…

Why Solar stocks tumble?

Why solar energy company stocks gone down?

Windmill Farms answers:

Solar energy, Wind energy etc are called Alternative sources of energy.

When the crude oil price increases, then the focus shifts on to alternative sources of energy like the solar, wind etc. Hence the price of these stocks will rise .

Similarly when the Crude oil price declines, the focus shifts back to conventional sources of energy like the crude oil, thermal power etc. Hence the prices of alternatie sources will decrease

Mary asks…

Clean energy Canadian stocks?

Would anyone know of any good “clean energy” Canadian stocks to invest in?

Windmill Farms answers:

I’ve done some research on this topic in the past.

There are tons of clean energy Canadian stocks to look at. I only have a limited list off the top of my head, but there are WAY more.

So here they go (I only have some of them classified into categories):

Carmanah Technologies Corporation [CMH.TO]

Wind Power
Sea Breeze Power Corp. [SBX.V]
Vector Wind Energy Inc. [VWE.V]

Fuel Cells
Dynetek Industries Ltd. [DNK.TO]
Fuel Cell Tech Corp. [FCT.V]
Palcan Fuel Cells Ltd. [PC.V]

Energy Storage
VRB Power Systems Inc. [VRB.V]
Xantrex Technology Inc. [XTX.TO]

Energy Efficiency
Smartcool Systems Inc. [SSC.V]
Thermal Energy International Inc. [TMG.V]

Azure Dynamics Corporation [AZD.TO]

Nevada Geothermal Power Inc. [NGP.V]
Sierra Geothermal Power Corp. [SRA.V]
Western GeoPower Corp. [WGP.V]

Sustainable Energy Technologies Ltd. [STG.V]
Sustainable Energy [STG.V]
WND.TO or WND.V (I can’t remember, but its about wind power)

There are way more but I don’t have a complete list with me. Not all on that list will be considered “clean” but they all contribute in some form or another… Ie, the energy storage is needed if we want to store solar power for night time use or for use in electric vehicles…

Maybe in the future I will post a complete list of clean companies on the site below.

Nancy asks…

Best ETF/stocks to watch for alternative (wind) energy?

Windmill Farms answers:

An ETF which invests exclusively in Wind Power may be a little too specialised, but you may want to consider the Lyxor ETF New Energy, whose top holding at 12.93% is in a Company called Vestas Wind. Over one year the fund has grown by 10.97% and over three years by 122.69%. This theme of the industrialised countries trying to move away from oil-based energy is topical and should remain so in the near future.

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Steven asks…

alternative energy stocks!?

Does anyone know a good source,lists or website to find alternative energy stocks! For ex. Solar energy, Gas and Others!

Windmill Farms answers:

Here is a pretty nice pair of lists:

Industry-specific lists:


These indices are another source:

Hope this helps!

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