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Laura asks…

grants or refunds for solar/wind powered home?

I have an off-grid solar and wind powered home in upstate New York. I was told that President Obama has restructured going green incentives and large refunds and grants might be available. I recently have added new wind generator equipment and would also like to add more solar panels, does any one know how I can find out what I might be eligible for ?

Windmill Farms answers:

Check out for a listing of all government assistance programs you are entitled to based on your description

For grants go to

Mark asks…

What would it take to change your mind on global warming?

What REAL harm is there taking steps to reduce or completely eliminate our “possible” contributions? Do you think making the applicable changes will impact our economy as … Humm… Your or other U.S citizens high paying blue and white collar jobs being shipped overseas?

Unless you are really rich, you losing your job will have a real negative impact on you family. I would say more so than the polluters being required to reduce their emissions.

Would you have that same opinion if instead of our government subsidizing petroleum & power producers they subsidized wind power, solar and wave turbines? Enough of them in place and you still have your lights, heat and water. The only difference being other than during the manufacturing process, the alternatives did not emit any pollutants.

Let’s take that to the next level. You were given direct tax credits for implementing any or all the above alternatives on your home and you could sell the access to the “GRID” at retail prices?
I see there are a few here that have not understood everything asked. For those that have presented flippant answers…

So you are stating that even if the changes just reduced the amount of pollution (forget about the greenhouse gasses), you still would not want to implementing changes? If it put money in your pocket, you would rather not have the money?
You are correct. The government does provide subsidies however; it’s a very small sum by comparison to what the petrol and energy companies get.

I am walking the walk. I have 35,000 watts of solar cells on my roof and in the back yard, geo-thermal HVAC and would have a Wind turbine but my community will not allow it (yet).

Most in my subdivision have 400 – 800 amp generators (we have a 400 amp). We have occasional power outages. My neighbors generators kick in, cost a pollute every time they come on. My system kicks over to my power storage units (batteries and magnetic bearing flywheel generators). My 400amp natural gas generator runs once a month for 5 minutes to run diagnostic self checks. We have NEVER used it.

I live in a 41 year old 8000 square foot house in the Midwest. My additions are generating thousands. At the same time emitting nearly zero pollutants (I have not started using the NASA developed water purification system yet.
My point was to get others on the band wagon and use the buying power of the U.S. government to start the process of making homes self standing power stations. While the housing market has slumped, my house continues to increase in value. I renovated another house and sold it in January. I made a 250% profit and the main selling point is was 80% off the power grid and required 10% of the natural gas to heat it.

I’m walking the walk alright.

Windmill Farms answers:

You opened a can of worms here. There will always be people who won’t believe anything until it hits them on the head. These same people will be the first in line to cry for help also. They will also step on anyone who may get in their way to get that help.
Even if this planet wasn’t having a global warming proble it would still be the right thing to do to keep our home clean & safe.
You are either part of the problem or part of the solution.

David asks…

How much power can one Wind Turbine make?

How large of a building can one average sized wind turbine power? Is it closer to a small house or apartment or more like a whole school? I don’t know what all of the energy vocab means, so please tell me the answer in a simple easy to understand way. Thanks.

Windmill Farms answers:

One turbine (1.5 Megawatt, GE turbine–the normal ones used in a wind farm) will power 400 homes, or 4 large industrial plants, or 20 schools.

Carol asks…

What are best wind and solar powered generators?

This would be for a residential area and need to comply to fire and other safety regulations. I want to generate electric power for home and electric vehicles.

Windmill Farms answers:

You’re asking a difficult question only because the technology is improving each month. What is the best today probably won’t be the best next year. For wind power you will need a wind availibility survey describing the average wind conditions throughout the year for your locality. Every homesite is a bit different. To establish a cost/benefit analysis your first have to know how much wind energy is available.

Joseph asks…

How energy efficient are induction cooktops?

My husband and I are in the process of building our home. We have several acres of land and are setting up wind and solar power for our home which has been estimated to meet our energy needs entirely. We want to be sure that we use as little as possible when it comes to appliances. Are induction cook tops a good option for us?

Windmill Farms answers:

It’s great that you’re putting so much effort into powering your home with renewable resources!

Reportedly, induction cooktops are more energy efficient than traditional cooktops because they heat up really quickly and the pan or pot conducts the energy. Whereas traditional electric coil elements are 50 to 55 percent energy efficient, induction cooktops by comparison are 90 percent efficient on average, so it sounds like they’re definitely a better option for you and your husband.

Hope this helps!

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