Wind Power For Homes

Helen asks…

How do I convert my home to wind power?

I am looking to convert my home to renewable energy to avoid pay high energy bills. How do I do this?

Windmill Farms answers:

Look at your electric bills…..they will show how many kiloWatt hours ( kWh) a month you use now. Thats what you have to supply from wind/solar….accept that you will have to have some “town” power to run A/Cs or refrigerators, then:

SouthWest Windpower and Burgey Windpower have good, sorta affordable wind turbines for home use.

Your State Energy Office or its equivalent has a ton of information and tax rebates and grant programs.

Start by putting in as many energy efficient devices as you can……fluorescent lights as an example.

You will need a battery bank and an inverter to run stuff when the wind doesn’t blow or the sun isn’t out…..windmill/solar panels charge batteries, inverter takes battery energy and feeds the house……

Go look at your local Weather Service home page for annual average wind speed…..if you’re somewhere around 14 mph ( 7 m/s) you’re good for wind power

There you go…..about 40 hours of information to start reading!

Steven asks…

What would be a clever handout on a renewable energy class presentation?

I am covering solar power, wind power, tidal power and battery powered vehicles. Thanks guys!

Windmill Farms answers:

Perhaps a hand-cranked, high voltage supply,like the early home-phone contraptions? They can make a Tazer device seem stupid. Tame it down with some cool led lights and a quick charge lithium-ion battery to show the raw power of these -together. You have the stuff to do it! Just do it!

Nancy asks…

What companies are the best in supplying Alternative Energy Generators(Solar, Wind…)?


I was wondering if one day I wanted to buy good products for generating energy from alternative resources like the Wind power and the Solar power, which companies are the best in supplying those kinds of generators?

I’m not just thinking of small generators for homes, I’m thinking of a bigger level too. Like for big industrial companies or even National level!

Thanks a lot for your expertise exchange :)

Windmill Farms answers:

Mr. Solar
Specializes in renewable energy products including solar panels, batteries, solar kits, and other items.
Kyocera Solar
Network of solar energy companies answering the growing worldwide demand for reliable, economical, solar-generated electrical power.
Big Frog Mountain
Manufacturer of solar panels, wind generators, inverters, batteries, and other renewable energy equipment.
Sierra Solar Systems
Engineers solar electric and solar pumping systems worldwide.

John asks…

If the Govt had not forced companies to supply power to rural areas, would we have more wind and solar homes?

Would wind power and solar power have become far more prevalent than they are today?

Windmill Farms answers:

That’s a very interesting question.

Did liberal programs back in the first half of the 20th century make it harder for us to have clean power today?

I never put the two together.

Betty asks…

How would you convince the US government to fully support and invest in alternative sources of energy?

I know if the government really put every resource they had into alternative energy, it would become possible to commercialize this industry in as little as 10 years. But 2 decades of war in the Middle East have not encouraged this move, neither have terrorist attacks. Greenland already is moving away from oil as its primary source of energy, why can’t we? We have scientists and MBA’s that are just as brilliant. The only good news I’ve heard is that somewhere in the Midwest, I think it’s Colorado, the state returns some money to homes which use wind-powered energy instead of the traditional forms of energy (oil or electricity). Tax breaks on electric cars are not enough, because I haven’t seen that big of a change in our energy resources yet.

Windmill Farms answers:

It shouldn’t be the government that does this. I am an Economics major, and spent a semester studying Environmental Economics. The solution can, will, and should come from the private sector. There are many companies out there researching alternate sources of energy, and when it becomes more economical to use these new advances in technology, the market will use them. Right now it is too cost prohibitive to use alternate forms of energy, but as other resources become more scarce, the price of them will go up, and we as a society will use alternate forms of energy, all without having to get the government involved.

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