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Chris asks…

How to build up a small wind power generator for home?

Hi all,
I want to build u an average sized wind turbine generator (about 1 Meter each Wing Size). so that i can get electricity for my home based appliances such as TV, AC, Refrigerators, etc.

What would be the requirements.. so i need to take any statutory approvals / license to do so,, and how to give input to my main Line into the home.

thanks to all in advance

Windmill Farms answers:

First thing: Is this going to be a temporary source (in case of a power cut) or a more permanent source.

Because it will be an extension to your house, you might need planning permission. You have a certain ‘amount’ you can build on without permission, so if you haven’t used it, nor has a previous owner, than you can build it with permission. You can check this by going to your council.

Donald asks…

If I use a DC Motor to recharge a 12V battery by wind power then what happend when battery charged?

In case of recharge, the DC motor will run on battery power or by wind power?

Windmill Farms answers:

A system like this works however its control circuits are designed to work. Solar turbines usually use AC generators with rectifiers. They are more reliable than mechanical commutators. The generator in a turbine is rarely used as a motor.

Mandy asks…

Is there any way to make the water meter go backwards?

people can make the electric meter go backwards by having wind power or generators and the electric company sends them a check. Is there a way to do this with the water company? Is there a way to collect rain and some how sell it back to the water company?

Windmill Farms answers:

The water has to be treated for contaminates so you can’t put untreated water back in the system. Some places will give you lower rates on a meter just used for sprinklers because it doesn’t go in the sewer system.

Daniel asks…

What do I need to have a fully functional wind mill power generator?

Obviously I would need a wind mill, i heard batteries and a converter. My question is what do I need and what do the components do in lamens terms

Windmill Farms answers:

Here is a detailed four-part series for you!

Robert asks…

wind mills both the 15 ft sized and the new monster 50 ft tall ones?

I know of no wind mill electric power generator firm temporarily SETTING up on the east coast to take
advantage of this coming hurricane……..WHY NOT?

Windmill Farms answers:

To much investment just for short amount of time. Also its not how fast wind blows the out put is only going to be so much regardless if the wind is 30 mph or 100 mph. Not sure on the amount of mph they top out at as they are all different. Work best in 8-20 mph wind.
This is just from what I recall reading about them.

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