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Sandra asks…

What forms of energy and energy transformations are involved in wind turbines?

Im doing a research about wind turbines and how it generates energy using wind power
I need to know the energy conversions involved in the process of the wind turbines.
Im not quite sure on what forms of energy are involved

Here are all of the forms of energy:
thermal, electrical, radiant, nuclear potential, gravitation potential, kinetic, elastic potential, sound, and chemical potential.

I also need to know the wind turbines energy transformation equation.
For example a microwave oven,
electrical energy -> radiant energy -> thermal energy

Please help :)
help will be greatly appreciated and rewarded with points ofc

Windmill Farms answers:

The mass and velocity of the air give it KE
The wind turbine blades convert the KE to ME (mechanical energy; the one you left out of your list of ‘all’ the forms of energy…!)
The generator converts the ME to electrical energy, the most useful grade of energy.

At each conversion point, some of the input energy is not used, causing the output energy to be less than the input. For ex: The wind downstream of the blades is slowed, but not stopped. Ergo, it still has some of its KE and the blades have picked up the rest as ME. As I recall, the maximum efficiency of any blade system is about 36%. The ME to EE step is about 90% efficient. Of course, all the efficiencies multiply, so you come out with less than 36%, but considering that the original wind energy is created directly from solar heating of land masses (ie, free), things don’t look so gloomy…….

Richard asks…

Please can I connect a 24volt DC wind generator to 12volt batteries?

Please can I connect a 24volt DC wind generator to 12volt batteries?

Windmill Farms answers:

Daniel has given you good advice; but there are additional considerations.
Begin by measuring the open circuit voltage of the generator at various wind speeds.
For almost any application you will need a fairly stable voltage output.
Assuming stable output due to some regulation inside the generator, you will need the rated output in Watts.
You will then need the capacity of the battery in Ampere hours.
At 12Volts, 10 Ampere hours, you would need 10×12= 6Watts for 20 hours to charge (.120kWh).
Assuming the generator has the required power and stability; you would ideally use an inverter
to produce 120 VAC from the generator and a regulated battery charger.
A direct connection from the wind turbine to the battery is probably not possible since the battery
could “motorize” the turbine.
Sorry, no simple answer.
Try again with much more detail.

Steven asks…

What does “large wind power generating sets and parts” mean?

what does it mean by “sets and parts”?
I’m no native.
I’m reading about renewable energy policy.
The sentence goes
“The five year plan also aims to support the development of new energy industries, such as large wind power generating sets and parts; new, more efficient solar power generation and heat utilization, and biomass energy conversion and utilization technologies.”
So…what is sets and parts?
Wind power generating sets” means wind mills and the power generator?
Then, what are parts?
I’m confused.
Thank you adaviel and FIRST B for answering my question.
I understand the sentence better now.

Windmill Farms answers:

Presumably “set” is the collection of “parts” used by a particular alternate means of generating power.


Mandy asks…

What kind of battery do I need to power an inverter and can it be charged by a gas generator?

New to this system. I recently bought a gas powered generator for outdoor use—wanting to use it sparingly, I would like to purchase a battery and inverter that will provide necessary power for my low-watt tools and appliances—with the generator being used to charge the battery when it runs out, and power more watt-heavy equipment—like my power tools.

I am looking for battery/inverter options and the wiring that would go with them to 1) charge the battery, and 2) connect the battery to the inverter.

Thanks in advance!

Windmill Farms answers:

This sort of installation would work well with solar or wind battery chargers. The gas powered generator could be used to power a battery as needed.
I have some information on one of my web pages which may help.

Daniel asks…

What grants can you get for installing a wind generator?

My grandfather is an old styled farmer with new ideas. He is very into wind and i would like to help him. He isn’t going to settle for anything less then an industrial sized one

What grants can he get. I am aware that we are trying to re power america through wind. The power company offers very little for resale electricity. How can the government help?

Windmill Farms answers:

I think the grants available are going to depend on where you live. In places like California, there are incentives in place to really make renewable energy practical. In other states, no such such incentives exist.

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