Wind Power Cost

Paul asks…

How much wind power does the world use each year?

And what is that enough to power. I know the united stars have enough POTENTIAL to power the whole country, but what about the world? How much do we produce now, how much power is that, and how much could we potentially produce?

Windmill Farms answers:

Well wind power as in wind turbines is a efficient way to making electricity but it would take lots and lots of wind turbines (wind farm) to power even the whole world that it’ll cover much of the land and sea (shorelines) which would become an eyesore and endangerment of local wildlife in the area (migratory birds getting hit by turbines etc), not to mention man powers and resources needed to build each section of the wind turbine, ship it, build it on site, and maintain it which add up the cost. Of course because of geography individual nations has their own way of producing cheap energy such as in Iceland the geothermal energy powering turbines to produce electricity from the heat (energy) given off from the earth’s core. United States uses Natural Gas from Canada, etc and powers the turbines to produce electricity. Like wise because of high costs of maintaining 1,000 miles of natural gas pipes we just abuse it to the point it blows up (MT. Bruno California, Some town in Mass. Etc).

You could see the tally of how much each countries producing electricity from wind turbines under “Wind power capacity and production”. Note US and China are the two major nation able to produce large amount of electricity from the resources, and man power these countries have.

Donald asks…

Is the PickenPlan to reduce the US dependance on foreign oil a good one?

It sites In 1970, we imported 24% of our oil.
Today it’s nearly 70% and growing.

The United States is the Saudi Arabia of wind power. Use wind power to replace natural gas and coal power plants, use left over Natural gas in cars. Natural gas cost around 1 dollar a gallon and is 98% produced in North America.

Windmill Farms answers:

At least someone is willing to put their money where there mouth is and do SOMETHING more than speak in anecdotes and rhetoric. And for once I actually hear an argument for an alternative energy plan that intelligently correlates electric power production with Independence from Middle Eastern oil.

Susan asks…

How can laws of thermodynamics applied to the system of wind power?

Apply the 1st and 2nd laws to the wind powersystem. State what conclusions (environmental, economic…) can you draw from applying the 2 laws.

Windmill Farms answers:

Energy conservation can show how efficient/cost effective a wind power generator can be.

Sharon asks…

Why do new houses not use wind power for electricity?

if were all supose to be going green,then why do all the new houses not use wind power! that will kick globle warming up the…..neck

Windmill Farms answers:

Moslty cost.

Plus here in texas we’re building new solar collector array power plants. It claims 100% efficiency, 100% self sustaining, 100% clean (water, salt, and sunlight) 100% available all of the time (clouds and night time don’t effect it) and can power 400,000 homes. (due for completion in 2012)

heres one in Euroupe.(its only 11mw texas will be 300mw)

thats real sunlight

with wind you need a large amount of fans, constant winds all day every day, and an alternate power source for when there is no wind. Plus they are expensive.

Regular solar, plus a few fans, plus underground temperature exchanges are the best ways to reduce your electrical usage to almost 15%, yet can get into the $100,000 range fairly quickly.

Laura asks…

What would you prefer to see on the landscape? A wind farm or a nuclear power plant?

It is less dangerous to have a wind farm than a nuclear power plant. It also costs less to build a wind farm than it does to build or dismantle a nuclear power plant.

Windmill Farms answers:

Kot wind farms do produce electricity. They have hundreds of them in an area near us. (They are on flat farm land which produce corn in Indiana) They are beautiful to watch. The farmers benefit too cause they lease their land and they get a percentage off what they produce. They are also able to farm around them. They actually don’t take up much space. We benefit from lower electrical power prices soon.
Besides, nuclear plants need maintence too and have higher risks(My Dad use to work for one) Also, before they started they did a study to see the effects on the land and also the migration of birds.
Take a look at this:

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