Wind Power Generator

Ken asks…

How does a wind turbine generate electricity?

I need some help with a 40 page project on wind power, so please try to describe how it works in most detail.

Windmill Farms answers:

A wind generator in which the crank of the windmill is connected to the armature of an electric generator to produce electricity. A large no. Of wind generator when arranged together ar called wind energy farms. The largest wind energy farm is located in LAMBA in GUJARAT. For more details take the help of Wikipedia.

Sandra asks…

Where are the most off shore wind generators located?

Do you think by 2025 we will be non-dependent on oil because of thes power generators?

Windmill Farms answers:

The largest wind farm in Denmark is the offshore wind farm of Horns Rev, which was completed in 2002. It is situated in the North Sea, 14-20 km off the coast of Jutland. With its 80 Vestas 2MW turbines, the wind farm has a total capacity of 160 MW. That makes it the largest offshore wind farm in the world today (2003). The farm supplies the equivalent of 150,000 (Danish) households.

Hardly. Once they select a suitable method for storage wind farms might supply useful amounts of power. Estimates of the total power now being generated with wind power is 73,904 MW. World power consumption is estimated to be approx. 17 TW and is expected to double by 2030.

Thomas asks…

why does the government not want a low cost way to make power?

7 years ago, I designed a short, low cost wind mill that will power two generators, yet the government that claims to want renewable energy has been in battle with me for years because they don’t want me putting the coal miners out of work. Can anyone tell me why the government will say they want a renewable energy source, yet refuse to allow mine?

Windmill Farms answers:

Wow. I didn’t realize they were that bad. They like oil, because oil puts money in their pockets. They don’t want new ways of making energy, because the current fuels are lining their pockets. They really are sleazy politicians who lie to the American people. Maybe you could invent something that would replace the bums in Washington with people who give a damn. Take care :)

Linda asks…

How to build a free source of energy?

Ive decided i want to use my free time to build something useful like a solar powered energy generator, or wind powered turbine to produce free energy, does anybody out there know of any FREE sites that teach you step by step how to build any one of these? Also what are your thoughts on these machines?

Windmill Farms answers:

Build either of these
1. Solar powered generator
2. Wind turbine
3. Tidal flow turbine
4. Magnetic generator
5.geothermal energy source

John asks…

Should singing make sense? or like curtains could it be abstract like skat in jazz?

What if the crime commission wanted to pay enough to not want anyone else to hear it?

Would it be selfish for me to be elitestely exclussive?

I need lessons like tree buffers need wind power generators?

I never new karioke could be such a dangerous sport? Can you believe both my knee caps were broken?

Nah? Wouldn’t know what to sing? Besides? They’re not ALW are they?

Windmill Farms answers:

……….I’m not entirely sure what I just read.

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