Is Wind Power Actually Green

Maria asks…

whats the potential of the future of wind energy?

simpleish answer plz ?? need this fast !

Windmill Farms answers:

According to the article I listed in the source section, there is actually enough wind produced in terms of physics and meteorology to completely power the entire world in clean, green, renewable energy. The stumbling block at this point is having enough turbines to produce the energy and a system to store and distribute it.

Where we live, if you produce energy by wind or solar, the energy grid has to buy whatever you don’t need for personal use. A company in the industrial complex near where we live erected a wind turbine and while a lot of people complained about it, complained it “destroyed their view”, actually, it’s really not bad and we enjoy keeping track of how hard and fast it’s spinning.

Scotland is planning a huge wind farm off the east coast – they have a green initiative and plan to import no oil at some point in the next few years. I would Google their wind farm plans. Donald Trump had a fit because the wind farm is planned for a portion of the Atlantic coast not far from where he either has or is planning to develop a huge golf resort.

Ken asks…

Is now a good time to start investing in green and renewable energy?

Windmill Farms answers:

IMHO that is questionable. If you want to do it for altruistic reasons, saving the earth and so forth, then by all means go for it. But if you want to actually make money in the market, as most of us do, I definitely don’t think this is the way to go right now. Most of the companies in this industry are NOT profitable and are not likely to ever become profitable until and unless there is a great deal of additional government support provided. The fact is most of these new technologies simply cannot survive economically without a tremendous amount of artificial government support. Who the heck wants to pay three times as much for ‘green’ (or renewable) electricity when they can’t even afford the mostly fossil fueled electricity we have now? Unfortunately, government (like many individuals I know) is largely broke nowadays, and there is gridlock in congress that will continue to work strongly against any of these new federal ‘green’ energy initiatives.

That being said, many U.S. Companies, including some of the electric utilities I own, already are investing in renewable energy projects (esp. Wind power) and getting quite a bit of political mileage from doing this. In effect, electric utilities are being forced to become gradually involved in green energy in order to gain public favor with the utility rate commissioners in the various states who control the electric utility rates these companies charge their customers, and hence my stock dividends as well! So, to that extent, I AM committed to investing in green energy!

But overall, I’d have to say this green energy thing is mostly smoke and mirrors, ‘all hat and no cattle’ as they say in Texas. And speaking of which, I’m doing pretty well investing in traditional energy resources (especially natural gas companies), many of which are based in Texas and the gulf coast.

Good luck in your investing whatever you decide to do!

Mandy asks…

Wouldn’t plug-in electric cars actually be worse for the environment?

Than gas powered cars? I always hear so much about electric cars…like they could “save the planet” and stuff. But since coal is much dirtier than oil, wouldn’t plug-in electric cars actually make things worse?

Windmill Farms answers:

There were 8 answers when I decided to post this.

It is frustrating to read so much opinion that is not based in fact and / or is missing a critical piece of the puzzle to actually yield a ‘green’ result.

1. Coal fired electrical plants CAN be made to be efficient and clean but just not carbon neutral. It is simply a matter of economics and regulations (it is too expensive to convert these unless the operators are legislated to do it or a carbon tax is imposed).

2. The electrical grid is very inefficient and fragile … But it is all we have until we decentralize our generating facilities to use micro generating facilities and net power metering.

3. Gasoline is a convenience fuel that has one of the highest efficiency ratings as a fuel but the automotive industry has not been effective in creating a more efficient engine. The gensets in hybrid cars are more efficient because the IC engines operate at a constant speed and a constant load when they run. The electrical energy is easier to control and manage for doing the work, also improving efficiency. This will never be carbon neutral in any form just by the nature of the fuel

4. Electric motors are much more efficent to manage and actually recharge batteries using a regenerative braking system. Gasoline and diesel engines operating at a constant RPM with constant load yield their best efficiency. When under acceleration, an engine uses extra fuel and when decelerating uses more fuel than at idle. Any internal combustion engine at idle yields zero miles per gallon while the electric moter uses no enegry when the vehicle is stopped. This is the reason gas or diesel hybrids are more efficient.

5. No one has even touched on true hybrid electrical power – wind, solar, methane digesters, tidal surge, solar cells, geothermal boreholes and gensets using bio-diesel. If all these are considered in their respective micro generating capacity operating in tandem or parallel, we can truly achieve an electrical sustainability for plug-in cars.

This is an incomplete list.

We must carefully select our resources at hand (even cities can use massive stirling cycle engines for electrical power, water pumping and air cooling). Farms can sell power back to the grid for the whole neighbourhood from methane powered gensets. The bi-product (heat) can be used for hog barns or cowsheds, even to heat the farmhouse.

Thomas asks…

Does TerraPass Actually Mitigate ANY Co2?

Considering that they do not shut down pollution producing power plantswhen new “green” sources come online (windmills, etc), does Terra pass actually MITIGATE any pollution?

Even though the new plants aren’t adding any pollution to the air, they’re not taking any out either, all that is happening is that the energy grid is growing in capacity. So how can a TerraPass be “cancelling out” my carbon footprint? It seems like the Co2 tonnage coming from my car every year will continue to do so regardless of how many windmills are around. If TerraPass were taking tonnage out of the air equivalent to what my car is putting in, then I could see how it would “mitigate” my pollution. Otherwise it seems a way to effectively “pay” for a clean conscience.

Windmill Farms answers:

Yes it does but in a fairly round-about way… Basically they are an investment group that takes donations from suckers that have a nagging conscience – then they use that money to fund alternative energy research/projects. If the money is invested in constructing a wind farm then that much less energy will be created by the burning of coal. Power companies do not burn coal just for the fun of it – they burn as much as is necessary to keep the grid stable. If you add energy from a wind farm it will reduce the amount of coal that needs to be burned to keep the grid functioning.

In my opinion there are much better ways to do this than through the TerraPass people — but since most people are too lazy to find these options for themselves TerraPass makes it easy for somebody to make a difference (however minor and insignificant it is).

Lisa asks…

Is electrical use decreased when using solar power, or not?

Windmill Farms answers:

Hi I am the owner of Mountain Wind & Solar (please be aware though that this website is still under construction).

Your electrical use is not decreased, but the amount of energy you purchase from the grid is, and can be eliminated completely. This is called net metering when you buy electricity from the grid, but if you produce more than you are using in your home from solar panels, wind turbines, etc.. Then you can actually sell energy back to the grid and get paid for it.

If you have any specific questions about wind turbines or solar panels feel free to email me at

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