Is Wind Power Really Green

Nancy asks…

Explain how a power plant works?

Please explain how a power plant works 10 point for best answer!!!!!!!!!

Windmill Farms answers:

Seeing as you put this in botany I am guessing you are referring to the power plant or “power flower” In Mario.

Yoshi series

Yoshi’s Story

Baby Yoshi next to the Power Flower.
Power Flowers first appeared in Yoshi’s Story. They grow from the ground and have a green stem with green leaves, as well as a yellow head with red petals, black eyes, and a small red mouth. The head of the Power Flower can be consumed by a Baby Yoshi, allowing the Yoshi to recover two petals on their Smile Meter. However, the Yoshi will get no ? By eating the flower, unlike eating a fruit or a Shy Guy, and thus consuming the plant does not improve Yoshi’s Mood when the stage is completed. The head of the Power Flower quickly regrows after being consumed, which means that the Yoshi can simply keep eating flower heads until his health is fully recovered. The Power Flower is akin to the Spinning Heart of Super Mario 64, as both objects can be used to quickly (but not immediately) recover all HP.

Super Mario series

Super Mario 64 DS

Mario with a Power Flower behind him.
Another type of Power Flower appeared as ability granting flowers in Super Mario 64 DS. Their functions seem to replace Mario’s cap abilities from Super Mario 64, with an extra addition. When Mario uses a Power Flower, he is able to float for a short time, similar to the P-Balloon in Super Mario World. At certain times, the ? Block will give Mario a Wing Feather, causing him to become Wing Mario and allowing him to fly (similarly to the Wing Cap). If Luigi uses one, he becomes Vanish Luigi, becoming partially immaterial and able to move through certain objects to get to new places (similarly to the Vanish Cap). If Wario uses one, he becomes Metal Wario, gaining the ability to walk at normal speed underwater, as well as being able to withstand great winds (similarly to the Metal Cap). When Yoshi uses a Power Flower, he will turn into Fire Yoshi.

Sharon asks…

What exactly is a “Green Job”? Do they really exist?

About the only “green job” I can think of is being an Amish farmer. No electricity, no fuel-burning equipment, no artificial fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.

I suppose you could consider a job walking through the park picking up garbage as a “green job” unless you drive the trash collected to a recycling center. Even if you used an electric powered vehicle there would still be pollution from producing the electricity needed to charge it. If the electricity was from wind power or solar power it still wouldn’t be truly “green” because windmills and solar collectors have to be manufactured and manufacturing causes pollution.

So someone enlighten me as to what a “green job” is.

Windmill Farms answers:

Or disgrace of a Green Czar was working on a definition, but his communistic mind couldn’t define it.

Charles asks…

I am working on a small scale wind power project, please give me details for designing this project?

I am a Mechanical Engineer & working on a small scale wind power project, from where I can get fundamental & design materials for my project. Please give me link of any type of source like as website & books details.

Windmill Farms answers:

Smart question , friend! Thanks to decide going green and begin to generate your own power? Or at least try to? You are like many other people, today people want to help out the environment and save as much of its precious resources as possible. Thanks 4 U .Any other details about wind power that may help you are available at:
rate if useful

Robert asks…

Wind and solar power?

i am doing a report about using alternative energy sources for powering a house and whether they’re efficient or not can anyone give me some links

Windmill Farms answers:

Dude try these ones I did a project on this too. GO GREEN!!!!

Michael asks…

Who advocates for wind power to be used?

I neeeed to know who are some major people or orginazations or whatever that encourage and advocate wind energy usage/ wind power???

Windmill Farms answers:

It has its’ place but is noisy and not overly efficient. I advocate less greed in the use of power. Here in england they are forcing us to be greener yet the big city companies leave thousands of watts of lighting burning day and night. We will never meet the requirements of the whole world at the levels we use power now so must reduce what we all use then provide as much of our power from the most reliable and least toxic sources.
Gas turbines are the best we have at the moment for efficiency vs pollution so we need to be generating gas from waste and using that as primary source where possible then supplementing with wind, wave, solar geothermal and any other technology we can find but not nuclear until the science can deal with the waste.

I will repeat my call for reduction of energy use as the only long term solution.

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