Wind Power

Robert asks…

What are the pros and cons of using wind power to power up our community?

It’s for a project.
What are the pros and cons of using wind power?

Windmill Farms answers:

Cheaper electricity
Windturbines require little maintenance
Whoever owns the land where the windturbines are installed get a TAX BREAK
Windturbines don’t spew out any pollutants

Some people think windturbines are ugly
If you stand right under them, it’s noisy (but far away you don’t hear them)
Location has to be windy most of the time for them to work
They are very tall (I don’t think it matters so much)

I think the pros overweigh the cons ANYWAY
I’ve seen windturbines from a distance and I think they look rather nice!

Lisa asks…

Alternative source of energy – How to utilize wind-power?

What would be cheap available solution to pump water 40 to 60 foot high. Can I build something to utilize wind power or solar power and some technique to lift water cheap? I like to use as little money as possible for this task.

Windmill Farms answers:

Yep, it would be called a windmill … And they have been used for hundreds of years. It has a wheel-shaped set of fins on the top that the wind blows and turns, which in turn rotates a shaft attached to a pump underground. The pump moves the water above ground.

Mary asks…

Time it takes to recoup an investment such as Wind power plant?

Let’s say the wind power plant costs $ 300 million. You will supply electricity to residential homes.
What do you think? How long will it take to recoup that $ 300 million?

Windmill Farms answers:

You are asking this q at this forum? I am surprised.
Not unless this is idle curiosity. If you are a serious investor you obviously won’t ask it here – but hire some experts to do that job.

Now, do the math. $300 Mill. As fixed cost. Operating cost will at least be $1 Mill a year that includes salary, admin, maintenance, land cost electricity distribution cost etc…

How many homes this windfarm will serve?. That’s the key. Each home on an average consumes 1500 Kwh; at about say, 12 cents a Kwh, that is, $200 per month. Ie., $2500 to $3000 per year.
Then, you work backwards: How many homes can YOU serve with your wind farm?. What is the generating capacity.? Higher the capacity, more investment is the result and more running cost.

So, it is difficult to answer until we know how many Kwh can your plant produce for how many homes.

Then, you will know the profit you can make after all the disbursements. If you repay $300Mill over 20 to 25 years with interest, then your profit must be…..xxxxx….dollars. So, you see, it is not that simple to answer.
But wait. Government will kick in quite a bit of money becauise windfarms are environment friendly, no pollution. So, that’s where you go first with hat in your hand.

Chris asks…

What major companies use wind power as one of their sourses of electricity?

I have a class that i need to list some companies that use wind power as their source on energy. So if you know or, think that you work uses wind, or if you know what does use wind please post the companies name[s]!
-Thanks Via

Windmill Farms answers:

portland general electric
and try naming some fromtexas theres alot there

Carol asks…

How do you build a wind powered boat?

I need to build a wind powered boat by December 1st. If you could give me some instructions on how to build one, that would be great, or a website on how to build one would be great too. Thank you!
I need to build it by December 1st because I am going to enter it in a compitition. It not supposed to be a boat I’m going to get into and drive, it supposed to be a small remote control boat, powered by wind. Some of the things they are going to grade me on are how well the boat carries things and how well it can go on waves.

Windmill Farms answers:


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