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Donald asks…

Are Natral Gases Classified As A Renewable Energy Resorce?

Are Natral Gases Classified As A Renewable Energy Resorce?

Windmill Farms answers:

Looks like it is as it is on the list at the web page (below) presenting: Renewable energy sources

With the environmental conditions becoming worse day by day, people are trying their bit to save the environment by using natural energy resources. The different types of natural energy resources are as follows:

Wind power – as the wind blows, the turbine blades start rotating. By using an electrical generator, the rotation gets converted into electrical current. This electrical current is used on a small scale to provide electricity to small homes, and is also harnessed by large wind farm, which gets used by national electrical grids.

Solar energy – the sun rays are trapped into solar cells, wherein, it gets transformed into electricity and this is how solar energy is created. It is commonly used for taking salt out of water, and also used for cooking, heating, and of course to produce electricity.

Geothermal energy – this natural energy is produced by the earth. Hot rocks present under the ground heats up water, so that steam is produced. Holes are dug in such areas, and the steam shoots up, driving the turbines. Electrical generators are then powered by these turbines.

Hydroelectric power – dammed water is used to generate this power, which then drives water turbine and generator. One of the versions of this is tidal power. The power produce by water tides generates pressure, which turns a water wheel or a turbine. The electrical generator gets energy from this power.

Biofuels – these are fuels that are made from plants or animals. It can include methane from wood, wood chippings, and animal wastes. Biofuels are used to heat homes, to power machines, and for cooking.

Natural gas – it is a fossil fuel but does not generate carbon dioxide, which happens to be the chief greenhouse gas. Thus natural gas is a better option. It can be created by various organisms, and is also found in areas which have fossil fuels.

Nuclear energy – this is created though atoms. Either by merging or splitting atoms, energy is created. Though it produces a large amount of power, it has certain hazards.

These are amongst the best natural energy resources, which helps to reduce electricity bills, and at the same time, protects the environment.

Michael asks…

what are a list of renewable resources?

what relates to renewable resources

Windmill Farms answers:

Hydro electric energy
tidal energy
wind energy
solar energy

renewable sources are those that can be replaced when it is used up such as the list given above.

Non renewable resources are those that cannot be replaced when it is used up such as coal, oil and natural gas

David asks…

list renewable energy source that save fossil fuels and don’t cause pollution?

can u help me, my little brother had this question and cant answer it can u help us
thank u

Windmill Farms answers:

Naval power, using sea water to create energy
Solar energy, using the sun
Wind energy

Hope this helps!

George asks…

Fund in alternative energy sources?

I’m looking to invest a few thousand in alternative, renewable energy. IE – ethanol, wind, solar, etc.
Do you know of any good FUNDS that are heavy in this market?
If there arent any funds, what stocks would you recommend?
Stocks I have my eye on:


Windmill Farms answers:

This site lists many stocks that work in renewable energy,

I invested heavily in many of these stocks and honestly I havent made much money yet, but I am keeping them for long term as I feel it will be the future.

Mary asks…

which countries use renewable energy sources?

Part of my homework is to make a list of countries that use renewable energy sources. I’ve been looking online but I can’t really find anything.Please post if you know any.

Windmill Farms answers:

Check Germany and Brazil also.

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