Renewable Energy

Betty asks…

renewable energy advantages and disadvantages?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of renewable energy today?

Windmill Farms answers:

Renewable energy has Little to no disadvantages, however the process through which we obtain it does. Technically there is no such thing as renewable energy, as energy cannot be “used up” it can only be converted into different forms. The way in which we use energy at the moment is harmful to our planet, by burning fossil fuels (fossilised remains of prehistoric animals e.g. Oil which consists of various hydro-carbons) we are releasing harmful gasses into the atmosphere which protects us from dangerous ultra-violet and gamma radiation. By destroying our shield the planet is rapidly heating up and more cases of sun radiation poisoning are occurring e.g. Increased rate of skin cancer; pollution can also damage our health directly as it can increase respiratory disease.
By using renewable energy we don’t pollute the atmosphere or do alot of harm to the earths environment or inhabitants. The ways in which we gain energy are usually either infinite or sustainable as they meet the needs of the present without compromising the needs of the future. Disadvantages are that the way we harvest this energy is slow and clumsy. Turbines are increasingly popular over here in the UK but they are expensive and require wind which isn’t constant. The windiest places are out at sea but to build on top of a seabed is also expensive. The turbines break down easily and are constantly needing maintenance, plus they lose potential energy as they can only gain a maximum amount (basically if they are getting max energy from a certain wind speed, even if the wind picks up they cant gain any more), plus the energy isn’t nearly as much as when we burn fossil fuels. Solar panels are popular as they can be fitted to roof tops, but these are also expensive and aren’t effective at night or if it is cloudy.
Basically fossil fuels are easy to obtain, they are cheap and produce a lot of energy but are harmful to the environment and are not sustainable.
Renewable energy is sustainable but is slow and expensive.
We can make compromise though, nuclear energy is a frowned upon but still considered energy production method. It is not pollutant free but is a lot less harmful then fossil fuels. Plus a lot of energy can be created from just a small amount of uranium.
Bio-fuels and hybrids are more efficient types of of car (fuel), vegetable oil is being used in parts of america, by crushing sugar cane and adding a few things here and there we get ethanol which is perfectly capable of powering an automobile. It is fairly clean but is not sustainable as even though we can grow it at an effective rate, it couldn’t meet earths demand. Hybrids combine electricity with petrol. While you may think wait isn’t electricity made from fossil fuels? Well a lot of the time it can be made from sustainable energy, and it is cleaner to use. When the car tops 40mph the car will switch to petrol, usually the rotation of wheels when the car is using petrol can be used to recharge the unused battery partially.

Helen asks…

What is Renewable Energy?

I’m doing project and i can’t find the answer. So i don’t know what to do and please help me!

Windmill Farms answers:

Renewable energy is energy the earth can recreate or can never be completely used up in one life time such as solar energy, wind, etc. Non-renewable energy is energy the earth can NOT recreate in one lifetime, such as oil, wood, etc.

Donna asks…

Renewable Energy Help?

I need some facts on Renewable energy
Thankss! :D

Windmill Farms answers:


Renewable energy comes from sources that will not run out such as wind, water, the sun and geothermal energy from the earth’s core. While they are not as widely used yet, they will begin to gain popularity in the coming years with our oil supply being unreliable.

There is a lot information out there but here are some places to start:

You can also contact the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Energy Information Administration – – and the U.S. Department of Energy.

I hope this helps!

Susan asks…

is alternative energy aand renewable energy the same thing?

im doing a science research paper and i want to know is renewable energy and alternative energy are the same thing! please help due tomorrow

Windmill Farms answers:

Renewable energy is a term that can be narrowly defined and has a place in a scientific paper. “Alternative energy” is a term that can mean almost anything that someone wants to use it for. It may have no business in a scientific paper.

Renewable energy is therefore derives its energy from the sun and can be expected to last as long as the sun shines. Typically we are talking about relatively short renewal periods of a day to a season. To someone in the coal industry coal may be an alternative form of energy to Oil. Nuclear energy is considered an alternative to not only oil and coal but to renewable energy forms like direct solar, wind, biomass and hydroelectric.

Nancy asks…

what is renewable energy?

Can anyone explain to me in simple terms what renewable energy is and what the benefits of renewable energy are??
Sorry, i’m a bit slow at catching on to things and the internet is confusing me

Windmill Farms answers:

Renewable Energy – energy source that can be replenished in a short period of time. Sources; Wind, Geothermal, Water, Biomass, Solar

Benefits of Renewable Energy Source:

1.Renewable energy sources offer clean alternative to fossil fuels.
2.RE produces little or no pollution or greenhouse gases.
3.RE will never run out

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