Wind Power Generator

Thomas asks…

How efficient is wind power? Does it cost more than burning coal?

Is it economically efficient to have wind power as your source of electricity?

Windmill Farms answers:

They are as efficient as the average generators however, air being the sorce of energy, besides maintenance, it’s free and environmentally friendly. Calculate your maintenance and compare it to your electricity bills.

Ken asks…

Is there a portable generator that could use it’s inverter for transforming a DC input into AC?

I would like to get a generator and am also considering investing in some wind-power (urban windmill). I know that the windmill would require an inverter and that most portable generators have inverters in them. Is there any generator that would accept DC input and transform it into AC?

Windmill Farms answers:

No. The inverter types of generators get the high voltage DC directly from the generator, not with a low-voltage stage you would need.

What you want is a generator to charge your battery bank alongside the windmill, then use a standarfd inverter to supply your load.

Michael asks…

Is the a government run project to help farmers with getting wind power generators?

I have children that live in a very windy, remote area. I would like to find information about how to establish a wind turbine to harvest the natural wind force that is always blowing very hard at their place.

Windmill Farms answers:

You could start here: .

Although it looks to be an industry run group (their own best interests in mind, I mean), they should be happy to let you know about grants and such if it means you will be buying products for renewable energy.

Also, check with the local power company in their area. Some will buy unused electricity from citizens with their own power generators.

Nancy asks…

How do we make wind turbine power generators safer for birds?

A big concern surrounding wind energy is the safety of birds. Is there a current model that eliminates this problem? If so, is there a version of that model for home use?

Windmill Farms answers:

Not sure whether any “Wind-Farmer” thought of this, but at airports we use strong loudspeakers that emit raptor calls.

James asks…

What are the purpose of the magnets in a wind generator?

In a wind generator there are several trapezoid magnets around the shaft of the prop, what are the purpose of these?

Windmill Farms answers:

Electricity can be generated by moving a conducting wire so that it cuts through a magnetic field.
In short electricity from magnetism and motion.
Most electricity-generating systems involve rotating coils of wire in a magnetic field.
There are many ways of causing the coils to rotate:
Wind power:- wind generators
Water power:- water hitting a water wheel (turbine) causing it to rotate – hydroelectricity
Nuclear power:- heat generated in a nuclear reaction is used to produce a jet of steam which again hit a turbine causing it to rotate.
Oil, gas and coal could be used as alternatives to produce the jet of steam.
Finally rather than the coils of wire rotating some systems cause the magnets to rotate – as long as there is relative motion between the coils and the magnetic field either will do.

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