Uses Of Wind Energy In India

Helen asks…

Renewable Energy Projects reporters?

Which is the Professional Magazine/Publications resource reports & focuses on RENEWABLE ENERGY [Wind energy | Solar energy | Biomass | Biofuels] Projects planned or being conceived in INDIA and Asia Pacific Regions by Institutions.

Windmill Farms answers:

Karnataka State Council for Science & Technology are doing research in various field in which one of the research is Energy projects below web page will take you there…

Hope it might be of some use to you.

Mary asks…

nuclear energy is hope of future india.why?give any 2 points to justify your ans?

this is a geogrophy question.please do not use scientific terms…

Windmill Farms answers:

India’s energy demand is expected to go through the roof given the way the economy is growing. To maintain India will have to look beyond coal and hydro power. Nuclear energy is a good option because India has technology and the means for it. Wind or Solar energy research is not as advanced.

A lot of the present power needs to be transmitted over a long distance. Building Nuclear power plants strategically will optimize energy use and cost.

Thomas asks…

What clean energy source can china and India have?

So far they keep adding coal mines, so is there anything that they can produce that’s clean: solar, wind, geothermal?
what could be the alternative of coal for these countries???

Windmill Farms answers:

Nuclear would be good if they are careful. France uses it and their pollution is low because of it. Due to their safety measure there has never been a problem. They also have a method of reprocessing the waste that takes place in Normandy. They have been able to export extra energy to other countries and they have electricity rates.

If that’s not a good option you can always use the other options that you’ve mentioned.

There is also tidal power. It’s like hydro in that it uses the power of water, but its got its own issues. (few places it can be used, stops sewage from flowing out to sea)

Wind farms out in the ocean would be a good idea.

There are also underwater turbines which are like windmills, but underwater.

Solar and wind power will continue to get cheaper. China is building coal plants like crazy; but they are also using solar power somewhat. China is also planning to increase nuclear power capacity by 5 fold over the next 13 years. China also gets 18% of its power from hydro.

A combination of different energy sources is the best choice.

Maria asks…

our college can provide a wind-turbine????

hii frnds
i am mechanical student.. our principle had a plan to provide a wind turbine of low cost and which looks very simple… my doubt is “is it possible for ous to do this”..any college from India ever provide a wind mill?
please send me the requrid links that how can we provide our dream wind-turbine

Windmill Farms answers:

I have never heard of an actually functioning “wind turbine” in the usual since of a high-speed, high energy device. However, propeller -type wind powered machines called wind mills have been around for over a 1000 years and used mostly to power water pumps for wells, irrigation, land reclamation and various other purposes such a flour milling. The tall modern wind-powered electrical generators are often called “wind turbines”, but they are still only fancy wind mills made with metal instead of wood. And of course they work much better.
Two good introductory articles on “Wind Turbines” by Wikipedia are noted below.
There is another article on the selection of commercially built wind turbines for residential use.
Finally is a reference to a wind turbine news periodocal about other people and institutions interested in wind power.

Robert asks…

What concrete steps should India take to become a less oil dependent economy?

India depends on imports for 75% of its oil needs. Analysts feel that the demand for oil will increase further in the future. With the help of facts and figures evaluate the extent of the problem and future threats that India could face due to excessive dependence on imports. What concrete steps should India take to become a less oil dependent economy

Windmill Farms answers:

First, invest in alternative energy such as nuclear, solar, wind, hydroelectric, etc. That will take away a lot of the need to use fossil fuels for electricity generation.

The second is to reduce or remove oil subsidies. By removing oil subsidies, it will raise the price of oil in the country, and will encourage businesses and consumers to adopt more efficient practices and technologies which should reduce oil consumption.

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