Wind Power

Steven asks…

Is the technology in place to switch to Wind power?

Regarding wind power, is the technology advanced enough to be able to fully rely on wind power?

Windmill Farms answers:

The technology exists to switch to wind power but wind power will never be a sole energy source. As with many other alternative forms of energy, the cost to install the equipment and convert over is expensive. If you wanted to spend tens of thousands of dollars, you can buy a windmill for your home and run your house on wind power. One thing about wind power is that it is hard to store the energy.

Paul asks…

Why is wind power better than any other type of alternative energy?

I’m learning about alternative energy and I loved wind power the most. I wanted to know more about it. If you can give me names of companies that install wind turbines,the cost, and why it is better than any other alternative energy you could be the best answer and you can give me extra information too .

Windmill Farms answers:

First, it is good but I don’t know if it is better that solar.

Guascor Group is a company that manufactures and install wind turbines, bio mass, solar panels and more.


Gamesa was the second biggest company in the world installing wind turbines and has produced electricity comparable to 2.5 million tons of oil at some point. Then the chinese started making wind mills.

Interesting thing, this two companies are in the same town. That mus be like the world capital of wind mills.


Chris asks…

Why is wind power considered a form of solar energy?

Wind power is sometimes considered a form of solar energy. Explain why this is true.

Windmill Farms answers:

The temperature difference caused due to sun light cause warm air to move upwards. This caused air stream to move towards these warmer places hence creating a stream of air from sea towards the warm land.

David asks…

What would happen if everybody went solar/wind powered?

Suppose in the near it was commonplace to have nearly everybody’s home and business run on solar power and wind power (Or any other accessible renewable energy resources) What would happen to the economy? Utility services would certainly suffer, possibly to the point of becoming extinct. How would this affect the US and other power-hungry nations?

Windmill Farms answers:

I’ve seen analysis where we’d run out of sunny ground space — that it would take more solar panels than we’ve got room on earth for.

Wind power is an alternative. My grandparents used it for well water and electricity. But as soon as REA (rural electrical association?) came through with electricity-on-the-wire, they jumped at it. I guess wind-power wasn’t strictly dependable, and the batteries were messy and dangerous.

There’s a great deal of romance attached to solar/wind power, but if it were EASY, everyone would be doing it. It’s not. However, there are things we can do, and it should be used more than it is.

I’d love to have solar-heated water . . . .

George asks…

How much do you have to spend to get off the grid on home wind power?

Concidering wind power. Does the kit come complete? And will the investment pay off?

Windmill Farms answers:

More than you would get back in 30 years. Sorry.

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