Uses Of Wind Energy In Everyday Life

Mary asks…

How can friction be both a positive and negative aspect in our everyday lives?

Use examples to support your statments

Windmill Farms answers:

Naturally everything has its good side and bad side.

Good part of friction is it help us move about without falling all the time. Friction can create heat and help us make campfires, lighting up a match. Dat are the good part of friction. Friction provides required energy, converts from mechanical to other form of useful energy.

The bad side is, sometimes when we dont need to convert mechanical energy to other forms of energy it still happens. For example when u plan to drag a box from point a to point b. Wind blowing against direction of motion of a vehicle or a person. This makes us require more energy to overcome the friction and continue motion.

John asks…

If I eat 700 calories everyday for 1 month?

I know it’s unhealthy. Dont give my that starvation mode bullshit. Idc. Just tell me how much I can potentially lose.

I do not care if its unhealthy, I’m gonna do it bottom line. If I die then oh well.
How much weight can I lose?
@Danny nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.
@Danny nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.

Windmill Farms answers:

It’s not a matter of you dying, it’s a matter of you screwing up your metabolism and winding up with the reverse of what you expected, and possibly messing up your Hormonal development as well.
Your going to want to look good and feel good ( skinny isn’t a feeling!) the rest of your life, you need a sensible, enjoyable program to see you through, you won’t be happy trying to control your weight by cutting your calories so much. It’s not that hard to do it the right way!
This applies to most anyone wanting to Lose or Gain Weight. The Most Important Thing You Must Understand is you need to keep your program ENJOYABLE! If your brain or body find it too painful, no matter how strongly your mind is committed to working the program, eventually (usually less than 6 weeks) your brain will make you quit! It won’t tolerate pain.. At the same time it’s so very important that you allow your body and brain time to adjust to your new training. From tendons being stretched to complicated metabolic issues, to learning proper form, pace and routines your brain and body need 6 weeks to line up to begin reaching optimal performance.
Don’t give much credit to the scale when first starting, it’s normal to retain more fluids, it’s your body’s way of being ready for the next workout. Don’t micro-manage your calories either. Sensible wholesome meals, the quality of the calories is more important than the quantity. Your diet should be ENJOYABLE too, and something you can develop and maintain as a habit.
Workout at your own pace, which in the beginning should be slower, focus more on how you move ( your form) as it’s important to how your body will shape up and that you don’t get injured. My number one choice for losing or gaining weight is weightlifting aka bodybuilding. If your a girl, don’t worry that you’ll get manly muscles, the average steriod-free female builds only a small amount of muscle each year. But that muscle is awesome! Because not only does it burn calories while your working and using them, and while they are repairing and replenishing themselves, but 24/ 7 they consume calories just to stay alive! Just try not to miss a single day of working out for the first 6 months without a real good reason, otherwise slacking off can become the habit. Other than taking your two scheduled days off per week. Rest is important, so get to bed at a decent time as well. Make sure you drink plenty of water everyday. Learn to drink water warm, so you can have it anytime/anywhere. Other than keeping it sensible and enjoyable, remember all the benefits you’ll get from exercising and a decent diet. You’ll sleep better, have better energy, breathing, moods, concentration, endurance, strength, self-confidence, and so much more. It’s really the closest thing to magical powers each human has, so don’t miss out! 45-60 minutes a day, 5 days a week is ideal, but by all means start with less if need be, again keeping it enjoyable is everything! One other piece of advice in this, and that’s don’t do situps! They don’t work the muscle properly so growth is very doubtful, and they risk lower back and hernia injuries. If you must, which most ppl don’t, do crunches. Most ppl don’t need to worry about their abs, they are small muscles that do alot of work already, every time you move your upper body they work, as well as working during many of your other movements, so if your working your body they are getting theirs. The diet industry has hyped up abs so much, because they know most ppl will fail, because they are too painful and produce little to no results, which they hope will lead people to buying their junk products ( it’s working, they’ve been doing it a long time) seeing your abs is a matter of having a low body fat percentage, even as a competitive Steroid-free Bodybuilder, I only do crunches starting a few weeks before a show, so I can flex my abs over and over with ease and to give them a little more definition, other than that, they’re already built from my many years of training the rest of my body and the low body fat percentage I obtain for doing shows, is only for the show, I wouldn’t consider it healthy to keep year round, and it would defiantly hinder any further muscle development. Remember the only thing your belly fat and abs have in common is location, other than that, they have nothing to do with one another, so don’t burn yourself out working your abs,when it’s your whole body that needs the workout and will produce the results you want.

Just start easy, give your body time to start providing you additional energy, keep learning more as you go, and before you know it, you’ll have the body you’ve always wanted, with the loads of extra benefits I pointed out.

Donald asks…

chemistry help…?

please help me with this
thank you so much
best answer ten points
anything helps but obviously the best answer wins the three points…

what are 3 ways that you yourself use energy in your everyday life and talk about how different your life would be without any one of these three.

Windmill Farms answers:

The food you eat releases chemical energy to enable you carry out your day to day activities. Without it you are as good as dead.
Wind and water can be used to generate electricity which of course is the backbone of mordern civilisation.
Automobiles and aircrafts are powered by petroleum products. These aid the movement of persons and goods which is essential to mordern life.

Chris asks…

I’m writing a very important work for my english class, can you please help me if i have any mistakes!? ?

I’m going to debate how petrol, as a non-renewable type of energy affects us in our daily lifes. Petrol is one of the most common fuels in the world, used to fuel automobiles and other mechanical engines. Petrol is a naturally occurring, flammable liquid found in rock formations in the Earth.

Nowadays we have different types of energy, like solar energy, wind energy and others. They all produce energy, but the most affective one is petrol. This is because it is very easy to use it, simple and quick. We only need to burn it and then we can use it as energy in very different type of things. Our word is so used to this energy that any other would be too slow, and they haven’t found another type of energy that could replace petrol.
We need it everyday because it is our principal energy for doing most of the things we do like driving cars, produce electriciy, factories…

Although petrol is really good right now how its working we have to remember that it’s a non-renewable type of energy, and this means that one day we will finish it all up, and that day is getting closer because we use petrol so much all around the world, and everyday the third world countries are developing more and more and they are also starting to use petrol and gasoline. This problem is making countries really nervous about what we are going to do in the future without petrol. And they have to increase the prices of the petrol more and more, and it will be really expensive, then the workers ask for more money because they wasted it all in gasoline and they don’t have much left for themselves. This goes on until everyone is involved and this is making a big crisis all around the world. Another problem the petrol causes is the air pollution. This causes problems on the environment and it can also cause us health problems by breathing polluted air.

In my opinion, we are in a very critical point right now with the petrol and its price, but i think we are slowly understanding that we will have to live by other energy, and we are starting to use other types of energy, that don’t pollute and are renewable, that unfortunetly aren’t as good as petrol. But scientifics are looking for another type of energy, and they’ll find it.

Windmill Farms answers:

Bit tautological in the first paragraph – energy produced by energy – you mean sources of energy, I think. Affective should be effective; the argument about petrol is odd – gas is more convenient for domestic and business use. Petrol is the best thing at the moment for cars, is perhaps what you are getting at – everything else has limitations. Don’t use ‘and’ to start a sentence (I’m old-fashioned); wasted it all on (not in) gasoline..(unless you are talking about stocks and shares), getting a bit repetitive with causes and problems in the last line.

Second para – ‘at’ a very critical point (can’t be ‘in’ it) – no comma after ‘energy that don’t pollute’… (you might need to use term energy sources to reconcile some of the singular/plural anomalies); Scientists, not scientifics.

Sharon asks…

So what is satanism then? Can it help me with my everyday life?

OK, so i’m not 100% sure what it is to be a Satanist, I am pretty sure it doesn’t involve being a child molester, sheep sodomiser, graveyard vandaliser, flag burner or ouija consultant.

I’m just not sure whether it’s just a way of thinking (a’la La Vey), or whether there is a way of pracising it and somehow making my life better. I’ve tried the Jesus stuff and that is all Emperor’s New Clothes gimmickry and pseudo spiritual inner healing which actually doesn’t work at all when faced with real life.

So I’m asking any practising satanists for tips and pointers

Windmill Farms answers:

Whoa, whoa, whoa…. Dang it man. Not all Satanists follow Lavey. I was a Satanist waaaaaaay before I’d ever heard of the man. I was taught from the master of enlightenment himself, at a pretty early age. And yes, I used to be fairly devout crispy, even carried a bible around with me trying to convince others of my faith. Then one day I just had an epiphany. It was like waking from a coma. I devised my own rituals, spoke the names of entities I’d never heard of before.

The key to having it help you in your life isn’t in the belief system itself, you’ll spend the rest of your life tring to defend yourself from anyone who gets wind of what you are, trust me.

It’s in the ritualizing of your emotions. Aligning yourself with the very forces others stand outside of a circle to protect themselves from,(hypocrites). It’s balling up your energy and releasing it into the ether with proper aim and timing. It’s anything from ritualizing your emotions to seek comfort, to seeking retribution for having been wronged.
And it’s taking responsibility for your own life.
Ceremony, ritual, even dogma all encompass Satanism.
Please don’t listen to these idiots.
E-mail me and I’ll sketch out a few rituals to get you started along with some pointers on how to make your rituals efective. Cleansing yourself of pent up emotions is just one way to make your life better.
Killing self-denial with a healthy dose of responsibility is still another.

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