Wind Energy

Mark asks…

it’s about wind energy.?

how does wind energy work exactly? and i also need to know how it relate to wind turbines. and anybody know where wind energy usually use?

thanks a lot anyway!

Windmill Farms answers:

Wind energy is usually harvested by wind turbines, which are essentially propellers or fans in reverse. Instead of the propeller or fan being powered and pushing air, air pushes the propeller which instead of being connected to a motor is connected to a generator of electricity. In actual use, fields of towers with propellers and generators (wind farms) are used to generate electricity which is added to that being generated by other means. So wind power for electricity is generally supplemental, not primary.

Ruth asks…

Information on Wind Energy?

How is wind energy gathered?

Any help on wind energy will be greatly appreciated!

Windmill Farms answers:

Wind energy is extracted using sails (as for ships), wind generators, wind mills. Wind turbines are part of some of the above.

You could indirectly gather wind energy using machines that extract energy from waves.

The three links below should help with getting ideas.

James asks…

Pros and cons to wind energy?

im doing a paper on the pros and cons of wind energy…. could you guys help me out and post some links, i need to site my sources so thanks!

Windmill Farms answers:

Pros: wind turbines harness renewable energy and produce no greenhouse gasses or radioactive waste.

Cons: They are dependent on a constant wind supply that’s neither too weak nor to strong (they are turned off at high wind speeds and don’t produce anything when there’s no wind) and you need many turbines to replace one regular gas power station. As the wind is unpredictable, you always need some backup source of energy for storms/calm days. And some say they look ugly too. :)

Check out the sources if you want more detail…

Helen asks…

Why,are there not more Wind Powered Energy Places?

I,would like to see more Energy places set up.But?this needs to be done with Clean air.If,there are to be more People born.Then, we as a nation need to do our part in the Clean Air Act.I,for one am tired of smelling coal and seeing the traces of coal all over my yard.The cost of electricity,is too costly and the rates go up every year.where ,you have to make a choice of paying the electricity,or go with out food.People,are fighting too much over Oil and Gas.

Windmill Farms answers:

Since wind energy is renewable and quite clean why aren’t we using it more? Wind energy is not easy to store or save and investors, tax payers and politicians have issues with wind power.

Wind power is expensive to set up in terms of site preparation and installation as well as the cost of machinery. Producing electricity on a large scale would require large wind farms which take up a substantial amount of land. The location of ideally “windy” land is often not in proximity to where electricity is needed, thus requiring the addition of power transmission lines which adds to the cost of wind energy.

People don’t want their beautiful but windy views obstructed by wind turbines. Some people don’t like the look of a wind farm. The proximity to a wind farm may have an impact on home property values.

There are also some environmental issues with wind farms. Birds and bats are killed by wind turbines. The sound of the rotor blades turning contributes to noise pollution. A road may need to be built through a rural area to build the farm, which affects plants and animals that live there.

The natural timing of the winds may not coincide with energy demands since wind is variable. Grid operators therefore have to keep other power generation reserves on standby, which is also costly.

The tendency is to use what is now cheapest, and wind power isn’t the cheapest form of energy because of the high initial cost. But at what cost (lots of dirty pollution and depletion of natural resources) are we using fossil fuels because they “cost” less? There are disagreements within the power industry over who should pay to expand the power grid and how the grid should be planned.

Most Americans don’t drive the cheapest cars, nor do they buy the cheapest clothing, or go to cheapest brain surgeons, so why are we predominantly using the cheapest fossil fuels?

As with many decisions the pros and cons need to be weighed, and the full consequence must be taken into consideration, not merely the present cost. With the health of the planet at stake, and our ever increasing appetite for energy, not to mention the billions of dollars spent buying fossil fuels from foreign governments on whom we are largely dependent, why aren’t we trying harder to integrate renewable power sources?

Integrating more wind energy, geothermal energy, hydro energy and solar energy into the overall power grid, even if it costs more to set up, would make sense, for national security reasons to protect Americans from volatile oil prices. Like most issues, using wind energy is not as simple as it sounds, and politics, economics and public support or lack thereof, tend to further complicate progress.

Donald asks…

lots of wind energy questions?

explain how wind energy works/is used?

describe how the energy is collected and stored??

what are the ways that your energy could be used? what ways is it actually used?

list advantages and disadvantages of using this energy??

what does the future hold for your energy??

Windmill Farms answers:

Explain how wind energy works/is used?
Most wind energy is used to generate electricity.

Describe how the energy is collected and stored??
You are asking the big question here. Right now we do not have enough pump storage units in the USA to absorb the wind power generated at off peak times and put power back on the grid when demand is high.

What are the ways that your energy could be used? What ways is it actually used?

Electricity is used all over the home and businesses.

List advantages and disadvantages of using this energy??

It is clean. It is everywhere

what does the future hold for your energy??

Unless the storage issue is addressed the future is bleak.

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