Renewable Energy Stocks

Sandra asks…

Best renewable energy stock?

What renewable energy company is worth the most?

And would you recommend buying it right now?

(first question is more important)

Windmill Farms answers:

I couldn’t tell you exactly which is the largest; I can name you some large ones:
- Vestas
- General Electric Energy
- Future Fuels
- Statkraft
- Suzlon

There are a few fusion investment opportunities, but fusion doesn’t work, yet.

Also; Chevron has some freaking massive eco-projects going on; don’t over-look them just because they’re branded with oil.

I personally have Future Fuels ‘FF’ as a bet; it’s a strong company considering the market is primitive.

Mandy asks…

About the coming renewable energy boom?

I read something on the motley fool about how the big stock market boom of the last decade was the internet. I also read that the coming clean green renewable energy boom will be bigger than the internet by an order of magnitude. This means a multiple of 10. What does it mean by this do you think? Does it mean that stocks will go up 10x their value or will there just be 10x more companies than the internet ever had? What does it mean?

Windmill Farms answers:

There won’t be a ten fold increase in companies. More likely you will see fewer larger companies due to the capital investment of developing new technology. It’s a finite market, stocks will peak higher than they are and there’s no reason they won’t hold, but by a magnitude of ten might be optimistic.

A ten fold increase in application isn’t unreasonable though, but it’s replacing the fossil fuel market which is demand driven. The price of a wind turbine doesn’t fluctuate like oil, so it’s a low risk, low return investment.

Jenny asks…

Stocks for the future?

What are a few good stocks you believe will do well in the next few years?

Windmill Farms answers:

Renewable energy and water companies. If you think about what are the two most demanded things going to be in the future compared to our current supplies.

Laura asks…

BCON-a green alternative energy this worth the look?

Windmill Farms answers:

I’m a big risk taker with several renewable energy penny stocks but I don’t like BCON. They haven’t filed any NASDAQ paperwork since 2008. In fact, they’re in danger of being de-listed.
And they’re not anywhere close to being profitable.

On the other hand, they’ve recently received over $40 million in funds from the DOE and equity issuance. They’re actually building a power plant in NY with this new technology. Both positive signs.

If you don’t mind the risk and understand you could lose your entire investment, BCON could be a good investment. But the odds are against it.

Lisa asks…

Which sector are the stocks of renewable energy companies listed? ?

Stocks are divided into sectors. Which sector can I find renewable energy companies (solar/wind etc)?

Windmill Farms answers:

Such companies are listed in the Energy sector of my local Stock Exchange.

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