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Donald asks…

Wanting to invest in an energy stock/ETF?

Trying to diversify my portfolio more. I really like ETF’s and individual stocks, but not sure where to start. Any advice / recommendations?

I will give out a best answer! :)

Windmill Farms answers:

Well, energy stocks have gone up quite a bit these last few months. You might be jumping in at the top. I am a fan of CVX because of its dividend, but not at these current prices. Do you have any GE in your portfolio. It is much more modestly priced and is a sort of an energy stock–wind turbines. Sort of out of favor with investors currently. A couple of more good earnings quarters though and that will change. I am not much of a fan of ETFs myself. Seems like you get the chaff with the wheat.

Joseph asks…

Looking fo a good energy stocks to purchase. Do you know of any …?

Wind turbines, etc.

Windmill Farms answers:

I’ve been hearing Chesapeake Energy being recommended by several investing magazines and websites. All of them are independent and not allowed to recommend companies they are currently invested in. The rationale is that the new presidency will promote clean energy and offer incentives to clean energy producers who can potentially reduce American dependency on foreign oil

Betty asks…

whats the best way to buy stocks?

which stocks look the best right now?

Windmill Farms answers:

Invest in A-Power Energy Generation System (APWR) stock is a great place to invest because the stock it blow 200 day average so in the short term(1month-1year) it will increase really fast when it in the market earning short_term (1month-1year) you will earn 1-2 time the amount that you put in which in and of you put in a long-term you return it will be 15-20 time which it 5-10 years. The company is the biggest owner of wind turbine in china and the company is expending to other area such as U.S, Europe, and many more countries. The companies is expend their wind turbine to many different area the stock average return a year is about 20% but with right now the we are on the way to getting out of recession the average return is about 50%-120% a year.

Sandy asks…

Stock advice?

Hey, I’m an active trader/investor.

Only knowledgeable, active, and successful traders please

I want you guys to share the following info with me:

1- Name me some economic sectors that you think will have a huge growth in the next 2-10+ years. I am already into Solar energy, so discard that one. preferably sectors that already have companies moving from a completely R&D stage to positive and exponentially growing earnings.

2 -Name me your stock pics for those said sectors, and if possible, provide a brief justification as to why you’re choosing that company over some other one in the same sector. You may want to provide URL’s to articles supporting that bet (preferably, no commercial newsletter stuff, cause they are paid to publicize certain secutirites, regardless of any intrinsic value.

3 – It’s been pointed to me that I should pay close attention to where sovereign weath funds are placing bets, and just follow the money. Any sites/sources?

Cheers and best wishes

Windmill Farms answers:

Alternative energy is going to be huge in the coming years! There’s a lot of ways to play this, solar stocks are just one way. Right now I prefer to get a more diversified approach, so I own GEX which is an alt. Energy ETF with stocks from solar, wind, geothermal, energy efficiency, and other sectors.

FTEK, which works in the cleaning up coal plants business, I think will also be huge. That could be considered alt. Energy.

Water and water infrastructure I believe will also have a lot of growth. I own some VE, which is more conservative, and am also looking to get into LAYN soon. There are water ETFs out there too, I believe PHO is one.

David asks…

What are the best stock to invest in for 2011?

Its 2011 and i was wondering what are the best stocks to invest into. I was told to invest energy alternative ones and foreign ones but i do not know which ones because im new to this. Can anybody help me with this or give me tips so i can do good because i know its a high risk with stocks

Windmill Farms answers:

Here some good stocks IMO from the energy sector like you said you were intrested, particulary alternative energy, namigly wind.

Mas Tec, Inc. (MTZ)
Owens Corning (OC) – many people only consider this co. To be a home builder but they are very much involved in glass composites that make up the wind dial
Illinois Tool Works (ITW)
Eaton (ETN)

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