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Susan asks…

Help me….plz….Energy?

Topic: Sources of energy
I’ll have a presentation on this topic (in my English class_I’m Vietnamese and I’m not too good at english)
What should I do? What can I talk about?
My friends don’t seem to interested in this topic. So wat can I do to attract them?
Help me plz

Windmill Farms answers:

I hope this helps

There are many types of energy to use. One option, is to focus specifically on one type of energy, like solar power or wind power. Give all the facts about the energy you chose, the good and the bad. Or, you could compare and contrast the main types of energy. You could do solar, wind, water, geothermal, and gas (there are others, but I can’t remember them). You could do different car-fuels, or different ways to become more economical, a.k.a green.

To present them, I would use Microsoft PowerPoint (ask your friends for help with this, if you need to). A PowerPoint is only a guide: if gives you different slides, but you shouldn’t put exactly what you’re going to say. PowerPoint slides have a few bullets, which you put the main ideas on, and possibly a picture or two (again, your friends can help). The biggest mistake people make is that they read off of their PowerPoint; that’s not what its designed for. It’s really designed to just highlight on important information and the presenter (which is you) is supposed to elaborate, or give more information, on the topic.

As for making it interesting, take some of their hobbies. Does one of your friends like playing video games or computers? Show how the different types of energy can create electricity (but try to keep that short and use words and phrases people can understand. BIG POINT: if people can’t understand what you’re saying, your presentation is pointless; make sure you don’t bombard them with too much information. Speak as if your audience knows nothing of which you are talking about). Or use something that everyone uses everyday. If you want to get people interested so that they’ll listen, you have to say something funny or interesting; maybe even make it a little personal, like the hobbies.

I know this is a lot of information. I really hope this helps!

James asks…

What is the most accessible and use able alternative energy?

I need someone who acually knows what there talking aboout here so please cite your source and if your source is yourself please cite your credintials. What is an alternative fuel source that we acually can use thats not too expensive will acually work and is readily avilable?

Windmill Farms answers:

One of our research associate’s brother is an enviornmental consultant. We asked him to help answer your question:

First, he points out that the best alternative energy source is conservation: to use less energy.

Americans represent 4% of the world’s population but use 25% if the world’s energy. Each of us need to learn how to use it more efficiently. Using less energy has the added benefits of saving us money and reducing our dependence on foreign sources of oil and gas. Here are other options:

2 ) Wind Energy

Wind is currently the best alternative source of new energy. A number of utilities in the US have completed long term power supply forecasts and were surprised to find that a kilowatt hour or wind power will be cheaper than a new coal plant on a long term basis. This was because with wind, the fuel cost is zero and there will be no carbon cost in the future as there will be with coal. The new windmills are running up to 50% capacity and are available over 95% of the time.

Power cost in the US with the current fleet of plants in the US is as follows: coal is the cheapest, then nuclear, wind, hydro electric, bio fuels, natural gas, oil and solar is the most expensive.

3) Solar

Solar currently is the most expensive power on a bulk basis. Solar is cost effective in remote locations where the cost of running power lines is high. For example, solar battery street lights are cheaper in many locations due to the cost of running wires along the highway.

4) Bio fuels

There is a lot of development going on in bio fuels. These differ from fossil fuels in that the fuel is grown and harvested rather than taken from the ground (coal, oil natural gas). The current boom in Ethanol started as it was added to gasoline in order to reduce the air pollution from cars. Ethanol replaced a toxic additive MTBE which was previously used. MTBE is a carcinogen and leaks out of tanks into the ground water. Ethanol is far safer to use and has been a real benefit for the farmers in the US. There are problems with many bio fuels however. It takes about 5 gallons of water to make one gallon of Ethanol and a typical 100 million gallon per year ethanol plant will use 500 gallons per minute of water. In a year, the plant will use 500 million gallons of water – it would empty a lake one mile in diameter that is 25 feet deep.

Corn-based ethanol also takes a lot of fertilizer in the process. In the future, the new cellulose/ grass based ethanols will be far better for the environment. Because of the limitations, ethanol will only supply a portion (up to 20%) of the fuel supply for the US.

A number of large US utilities, have stated that they are not going to build any new coal plants and that they will get new energy supplies from wind, hydro and renewables.

Our resource is an electrical enginer and consultant in the energy industry who has been a plant manager at two large coal power plants and was director of environmental affairs for a large utility.

If you are interested in alternative powertrains, fuels, and articles, auto reviews, previews, photos, videos and quality ratings, please visit

Chris asks…

wind energy articles?

I have a report about wind energy importance.. and I need to find some sources for my report..
I’m not looking for science point view articles.. just it’s importance and it’s contribution to make the world more greener.. and some examples of country using this technology to generate energy..

if you have valuable articles please post a link.. thanks in advance

Windmill Farms answers:

For a balanced report, you should include the downside of wind energy development. A project planned for the little island of L?na‘i could consume – and irrevocably alter – up to 22,000 acres, or ¼ of the island. Each tower will be over 410 feet high – over 2 ½ times higher than the tallest tree on L?na‘i. They plan to lay an underwater cable to O’ahu through an important marine sanctuary. Please view the Friends of L?na‘i website

David asks…

How does wind energy work?

Can anyone please tell me how wind energy works as simple as possible. I need to do a power point presentation on wind energy so yeah… It would also be great if someone could tell me the advantages and disadvantages of wind energy (again, as simple as possible, please). Thanks soooooo much!

Windmill Farms answers:

Basically, it takes kinetic energy from the wind (that is the wind moving) and uses it to turn a fan.

The fan that is turning is connected to an electric generator, with the sind-driven fan supplying the energy. Thus, it creates electricity.

It is good because it doesn’t burn any fuels, and doesn’t harm the environment at all.

It is bad because it doesn’t produce a sufficient amount of energy to sustain…well hardly anything.

Sharon asks…

Wind power quesitons. [10 points~]?

Just answer whatever you know. Thanks in advance!

-What can this wind power be used for?

How is this type of energy easily renewed?

What is the cost of using wind power?

What are the positive and negative aspects of using wind power?

What is the science behind wind power?

How is wind power gathered?

How is wind power stored for later use?

Wat are waste by-products of wind power?

Currently, what is keeping wind power from widespread use?

When is wind power expected to be easily accessible to the public?

Windmill Farms answers:

It creates electricity, so whatever that is used for…

The wind blows, and you get more of it. Maintain the machinery, and you get more as long as the wind blows…so as long as there is weather, you can have wind power.

The land for the windmills, power lines, the costs of the towers and blades, and the turbines/magnets to convert the turning motion into electricity all have costs.

No greenhouse affects from generation of the power…the windmills are a bit unsightly, and take up room.

The science is electricity generation by spinning copper wire inside magnetic fields and generation of electrical current, then storing or transmitting it.


Batteries or by transmitting it to places using it.

Some land goes out of production for food; not much, but each mill needs a base, an access road for maintenance and the right of way for the power lines. There are probably other waste products of making the machinery and windmills…

The claim is that transmission lines are not in the right places or big enough to carry the power, but the fact is use is widespread with many wind farms in Texas and Iowa. Over 100 mills were recently built in Iowa generating over 1000 megawatts. Cheap coal is also a factor.

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