Renewable Energy Companies

Susan asks…

would you be upset if a major oil company discovers a new renewable energy source and makes billions off of it?

Windmill Farms answers:

Major oil companies are already invested in renewable energy. Read this article.


It says Exxon-Mobil committed $600 million toward fuel from algae. Another oil company, British Petroleum, is one of the largest manufacturers of solar panels. It doesn’t upset me one bit that oil companies are diversifying into other forms of energy. I hope they make lots of money from it because if it isn’t profitable they will stop and we will continue depending on foreign oil.

Ken asks…

Question on renewable energy?

Why do people say that at first renewable energy will be costly for us consumers (I guess in terms of cents/kWh, correct me if I’m wrong), but then in time the cost of renewable energy will come down and become as cheap as the cost of today’s non-renewable energy?


Windmill Farms answers:

As with any new technology, when they are first introduced they are very costly. Think of it like Blu-ray players. A few years ago there weren’t many companies making these players and they cost 900 bucks. Now you can get them for 200 bucks, so what happened?

As a technology grows in technology, it grows in volume and company interest. With higher volume, the parts that you buy to make it become cheaper as you are saving by buying “in bulk” so to speak. And with more companies making the players, you have competition that will drive down costs.

This applies just the same to Wind,Solar, and Hydro power. As more of these special turbines/panels are being made, cost can be driven out, meaning we purchase them for cheaper. At the same time, more companies become interested, increasing the capability and output as more minds are put to work on it.

Helen asks…

Feasibility of renewable energy?

It seems many on this forum are now pushing for a “renewables only” solution.

Are these individuals being played by big coal or could renewable energy alone actually power America? Is it now realistic to assume that renewables could provide baseload in the US?

Is refusing to deregulate nuclear energy exactly what the coal companies want?

Windmill Farms answers:

I’m not suggesting we should power the US on renewables alone, at least not in the near term. We already get about 20% of our power from nuclear plants, and I’m not suggesting we shut any down. It’s the construction (and decommissioning) costs that make nuclear power expensive. The plants that are already constructed are indeed cheap to run.

But the fact remains that right now, there are a lot of renewable options which are cheaper, cleaner, less financially risky, less dangerous, etc. Than nuclear power.


And yes, some of these like solar thermal and geothermal can produce baseload power.


When talking about building new power plants, why go with nuclear which takes a decade to build one plant, costs on the order of $8 billion, always goes over schedule and over budget, is a major financial liability, and still produces more CO2 at a higher energy cost than renewables? What’s to be gained?

Large solar thermal plants can be built in just a few years, produce cheaper energy with zero post-construction emissions, zero fuel consumption, zero concerns about terrorism and meltdowns and radioactive waste, etc. To me it’s the obvious choice, combined with other renewable sources like wind and geothermal, which are also cheaper than nuclear.

Jenny asks…

What green renewable energy companies are available on greenwich peninsula? Any other info about energy there?

I need this for my geography coursework….

Windmill Farms answers:

Green renewable energy companies are available on greenwich peninsula is poppy.

John asks…

Renewable energy?

What are the pro’s & con’s to renewable energies in general?

Windmill Farms answers:


source of energy may be free [solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal]

Will not foreseeably ever run out


Usually very expensive up front because of low-volume production

Does not make oil companies any money

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