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Susan asks…

What are two good environmentally friendly energy sources and why? One of them has to be wind energy.?

What energy sources (one must be wind) are the most environmentally friendly, but also create enough electricity for a city to use. Please explain why you chose those energy sources. You must chose wind power as one of the sources and you can chose the second source.

Windmill Farms answers:

I live in Florida where we have the Gulf Stream current that comes out of the gulf and rolls and wraps its way up the east coast. I have read over the years that there is actually technology in the works to utilize this powerful current to generate an endless source of power and send it back to the grid. The ocean current actually turn huge turbines. This in turn would work similar to a wind mill just under water.

A lot of folks are concerned about the possible damage to the ecosystem and that the fish will swim through the turbines and be killed and injured by the forceful spinning device. Others fear it will disrupt the sea travel lanes of fish.

Another is Geothermal energy…another low waste source that uses the heat from the core of the earth to produce energy kind of like a steam engine. They work best in places without aquifers. It would be nearly impossible to drill for one in Florida. The midwest has them I think. Again they may cost a bit to drill and hook up but once you have it going I think you are living on free energy. The big power companies should look into this form of power. They may have I havent read up on that yet.

My thinking is that as long as it is not oil that we are pumping out of the earth and there is no waste involved go for it. The construction phase may be a little harsh on the environment, but have you taken a look outside your window recently? If you see a building or a road or anything manmade, guess what we destroyed something there too. Man is the biggest and most deadly living creature on the planet. It is truly too bad we didnt learn from the Native American Indians as to how to live in harmony with the land.

Ruth asks…

If Obamacare and green energy are healthier and economy boosting, why do Cons want to repeal them?

Everyone wants the economy to improve so why wouldn’t you want these?
In Mass., under Romney, healthcare created the most jobs of any sector. The minimal extra cost caused a huge boost in revenue and employment.
Green energy is a proven method of free fuel and electricity. Just look at your solar powered calculators which work forever and never needs batteries. Now think bigger. Sure the sun goes down, but capacitors and rechargable batteries solve that. On the pacific coast, some of the strongest wind occurs between 2-3am, so wind power is always an option.

Windmill Farms answers:

IF these things were so great, why have so many companies that we paid hundreds of millions of dollars to, failed in the last year? Also, sometimes what is most important is not whether something creates more government jobs, but IS IS CONSTITUTIONAL?

Paul asks…

Whats the best way to give self generated electricity to an island?

School project, I can buy products like oil and coal but I need methods to use to generate it free and stuff. E.g. Wind Power (wind turbines). So does anyone know other methods and how much they cost to set up. Please help, thank you

Windmill Farms answers:

The first thought that came to my mind is to build a water wheel. The main reason is that it is simple and cheap. The options of burning coal, turning it into steam, rotating the turbine, and then producing electricity seem more complicated. The price of water turbine is high. One important question to consider is whether or not the electricity you produce, is not only usable, but also cost-effective. In addition, to build a electricity plant with wind power or coal require lots of equipment and labor, which add substantially to the cost. To meet the goals of simplicity and cost-effectiveness, I think a water wheel is best of all three options.

Lisa asks…

Are we being gouged by the electric company?

I’ve noticed a new charge on our electric bill called PCA. It was explained that it stands for Power Cost Adjustment, which varies from month to month to compensate for the regular fluctuations in the price of the coal and natural gas used to generate the electricity you consume.
What a crock! Our house is totally electric. Our last bill was $423.00 for the electricity…the PCA charge was $268.00. Doesn’t the cost of the electricity already factor in the cost of making it? But now we have to pay for it to be generated. I think a wind generator made specifically for one home’s electrical needs would be money well spent. Any ideas if this PCA charge is legal? Any ideas on where we can find alternate sources of electricity for our home? As high as the bill is, we’re going to be left in the dark anyway.

Windmill Farms answers:

The state review board is looking into it to decide if the price hike is legal. Unfortunatly it could take up to three months to decide if it is legal.

Chris asks…

Is there such a battery that can hold electricity from a power station?

I mean, if there was a wind powered power station, could all the electricity generated be stored in a giant battery on the station?

Windmill Farms answers:


Depends on how much energy you want stored for how long, but it would be bigger than the wind turbine itself, and that’s only enough for a day. And, the maintenance costs of the battery bank would be huge.

Just a sample calculation, for a 3MW turbine.

One big marine battery can hold about 100 amp-hrs, or 1kW-hr.
To store 3MW for 24 hours you need 72MW-hrs. Dividing, you need 72000 batteries. Adding for losses, that is more than 100000 batteries. At $300 each, that is $30 million just for the batteries, and double that for the rest of the infrastructure, chargers, regulators, inverters, etc.

If each battery take 2 cubic feet, for access, that is 200000 cubic feet, or a structure 50′ x 50′ by 80′. Probably double that for access, etc.


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