Is Wind Power Green Energy

Lizzie asks…

How much power do Earth 4 Energy, Energy 4 Green, or Homemade Energy produce?

I want to build a solar/wind power system, but I don’t know which product to go with. One deciding factor could be how much power each one produces.

Windmill Farms answers:

Solar power is really only good for water heating and at that it will only get it to about 60 degrees.

Wind Power is excellent, if you have enough wind. You will need to get your wind recorded for a good 6 months to a year, to really find out if its goona be worth putting one up. They are not cheap and you dont one sitting in your yard doing nothing.

Personally i think the Wind Spire by Mariah Power is the best available.

Her is there website:

Birds also dont hit these spires as much but it might not be available in your country yet

Donna asks…

how do the consumers use the wind energy source?

Windmill Farms answers:

Most power companies offer a ‘green’ power option, which could include wind power, amoung solar and other types of power. It’s usually more expensive, but it may be worth it.

Richard asks…

Good names for a green energy project?

I am doing a green project for my uni work which I need a name for. The project is focusing on renewable energy and how this helps the enviorment. Answers on a postcard or just reply to the questions. Winner gets best answer!!

Windmill Farms answers:

How about
Wind power, the shocking truth.
Construction carbon footprint exceeds claimed power generation savings. Stand-by conventional power stations, running at low efficiency tick-over, further increase the carbon footprint. How entrepreneurs are making fortunes out of wind power subsidies.

Donald asks…

what is green energy?

I hear this all the time companies turn to green energy I know it is some kind of recycable source but what is it

Windmill Farms answers:

Energy is green when it as from a renewable resource and doesn’t cause global warming like solar and wind power.
The three biggest renewable sources are solar, wind and water. Things like burning gas and coal cause greenhouse gases which make global warming.

Laura asks…

Can Someone Please Help Me On The Topic Of Green/Alternative Energy?

can some one tell me the postives and negatives of green energy
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Windmill Farms answers:

If energy is truly green, we likely accept it without much debate.

But when a green energy has any environmental downside, it can be opposed very strongly, even by Greens. For example, Wind energy… We want it but not in my back yard. We want to have giant turbines a km or more away so that we can not hear them even when they are operating at maximum capacity. We do not want them placed close to bird flyways. We do not want the visual disruption of man made and moving devices cluttering up the landscape.

But people who run electric grids have very different reasons to object to large amounts of wind power. Wind power does drop to very nearly zero output, so someone on the grid must provide an alternative power source, be it coal, oil, gas, or very variable nuclear. This means we must have unused capacity to generate, just sitting idle for the time the wind does not blow.

To use wind extensively we would need to use intelligent electric panels that turn loads on to use up low cost wind when it is available, and off when it is not.

Solar electric has far fewer real enemies. There are no birds being killed, no noise pollution, and wonder of wonders, it supplies a predictable amount of power right when it is needed most, during the daytime. That fits in very well with the needs of the grid, allowing the grid to operate with even less surge capacity.
But solar electric power, thus far has been more costly than most any other energy… The cost of the collectors and the area they must occupy are both very large.

Bio fuels be it bio diesel or ethanol or methane from manure require consumption of resources that may be needed to feed a hungry world. This could be a critical balancing act. Our free market system may not have the wisdom to feed people in preference to feeding engines.

Water power comes in a lot of different forms, and some of those forms have a lot of opponents, particularly when the form causes rivers to be dammed, flooding large areas of good farmland.

Most alternate energy strategies can be improved to eliminate most of the problems people object to, if developers of those systems would just pay some attention to solving the problems!

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