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Michael asks…

What is affordable clean energy?

I need a couple of facts about ” affordable clean energy” … Its for a project….Any facts greatly needed!! Thanks

( please make it understandable for a 12 year old)

Windmill Farms answers:

Renewable Energy Payments are a competitive alternative to Renewable Energy Credits (REC’s).

Although the intent with both methods is the same, to stimulate growth in the alternative and renewable energy space, REP’s have proven to offer benefits to local jobs, businesses and economies while making the growth fundable and lendable by financial institutions.
Renewable Energy Payments are the mechanisms or instruments at the heart of specific state, provincial or national renewable energy policies. REPs are incentives for homeowners, farmers, businesses, etc., to become producers of renewable energy, or to increase their production of renewable energy. As such, they increase our overall production and use of renewable energy, and decrease our consumption and burning of fossil fuels.

In a broad stroke, Renewable Energy Payments, sometimes known as a Feed-in Tariff place obligations on utility companies to buy electricity from renewable energy sources, often small, local companies, for a fixed period of time. The underlying premise being that with fixed payments the once volatile renewable energy projects now become lendable and attractive for financing, thus stimulating growth and innovation. Proponents of Renewable Energy Payments argue that this policy has proven to stimulate local economies, innovation and small business growth because in its truest form REP’s put everyone, whether small business, individual, or farmers on an equal footing with large commercial titans of industry.[1]

Representative Jay Inslee of Washington says “We can give homeowners, farmers and communities across America investment security that they can take to the bank. We know from experience in Germany, Spain and dozens of other countries around the world that this policy approach spurs unparalleled and affordable renewable-energy development.” [2]

The alternative to Renewable Energy Payments are what are called Renewable Energy Credits, which have been likened to the Alaskan Bridge to nowhere in a recent filing by the Florida Alliance for Renewable Energy. (FARE)[3]

Daniel asks…

Are renewable energy(solar,wind) jobs economically lucrative?if not so why?And do they generate jobs?

Are these jobs dependable with?and can it be a career or would it be foolish to go into it?PLEASE EXPLAIN IN DETAIL.

Windmill Farms answers:

I think the question here is about short tern stability vs. Long term growth.

For example, in the short term you could ignore renewable energy and efficiency and go learn how to install and sell old, tank based, hot water heaters. But, if you do a little bit of research, you’ll quickly see that those old style hot water heaters are being replaced by on demand water heaters which are much more efficient, as well as by solar hot water heating systems of various kinds which cost just about the same and pay for themselves within 3-5 years.

Solar thermal and plumbing is probably the best bet for job security right now and the area that will grow the fastest in the shortest amount of time because it is less expensive than PV.

However, the price of solar panels is dropping rapidly because silicon manufacturing has finally ramped up to meet the supply needs of solar panel manufacturers. This means, with PV cost dropping, and states like VT passing tariffs about selling energy back onto the grid, more people will be opting for solar.

I think RE is a smart sector to move into. Find a manufacturer or a distributor or get NABCEP certified and go out on your own!

Maria asks…

where i can find job as renewable energy engineer?

Windmill Farms answers:

Do a google search for “green jobs” “environmental jobs” “renewable energy jobs” and other such combinations there are companies which deal solely in environmental jobs. You could also search for companies which manufacture these products many have an employment section on their website.

James asks…

Renewable Energy?

If you wanted to start a career designing and working with renewable energy like solar, wind, hydroelectric ect., what would your job title be?
If I were to start a career studying renewable energy specifically solar and trying to improve on it in the world, what would my occupation title be?
I dont want to work as the person actually buiding it, I want to be the person that figures out how the energy works. I want to work basically with all energy types but want to work on find the best way to store and produce energy. More lik a scientist wrather than an engineer.

Windmill Farms answers:

It would likely depend on which of those energy systems you were working with.
If you generalize, and work on all of them together, you may be called a ‘Jack of all trades, master of none.’

Robert asks…

Jobs in renewable energy?

Windmill Farms answers:

Collect your farts in biscuit tins and sell them to energy companies.

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