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Charles asks…

McCain supporters: what are the policies of McCain that you most strongly support?

Why are you voting for him?

Windmill Farms answers:

1) McCain’s health care plan-
It puts you in control of choosing the plan that fits you best.
You currently pay your entire plan, McCain wants to give you an extra $5,000 to help pay for the costs.
Benefits are currenlty deducted from your pay. With McCain’s plan, deductions from your pay stops. That means you keep your pay, instead of losing it to deductions. Translation, you get a raise. Your employer is not going to pay you less just because deductions are not taken out. So now you have McCain’s $5,000, plus the extra wages you got because deductions are no longer taken from your pay to go choose a great plan. The average plan costs $5,800. McCain’s giving you $5,000. You got a raise, and can easily afford the other $800 bucks throughout the course of a year. Additionally, currently you have to pick a plan from your state. McCain’s going to open up interstate plans. That means you can pick a plan from any state. Some states have plans with very few government mandates. Mandates are things like a plan must cover aids, or tattoo removal procedures. The more stupid mandates a plan must cover, the higher the premiums are. That is why premiums are currently so high. With McCain’s plan, you can pick a plan almost free of stupid mandates.

2) McCain’s tax plan-
Extend the Bush tax cuts, which benefit everybody contrary to left wing opinion. Add additional cuts. Do not raise taxes on anyone. The average small business has a revenue of $3.6 million dollars. The average revenue of a small business with a web site is $5.03 million dollars. Raising taxes on incomes over $250,000 is obviously devastating to small business. Small business represents 80% of new jobs in the US. Small business represents 45% of US payroll as well. There are 8.1 million small businesses in the US with 100 employees or less. Think of it this way, can a small business even afford to pay 10 employees and offer them benefits if that business earns less than $250,000? No, it cannot. The only businesses Obama’s tax increases will not affect are micro businesses, not small businesses. McCain’s tax plan is obviously better for the economy, and far better for small business.

3) Foreign policy-

Senator McCain is well traveled. McCain has already sat down with many world leaders. McCain has a realistic grasp of trade issues, and national security issues. McCain favored the surge, and it worked. McCain knows that Bill Clinton put in place a trade deal with Colombia that sucks for the US. That deal costs the US $1 billion a year to send goods to be sold to Columbia, and Colombia sends goods to the US to be sold for free. That deal sucks, and McCain pointed that out last night.

4) Energy Independence-

McCain is for Nuclear Energy. McCain wants to build 45 new nuclear plants in the US. Nuclear power is the most critical answer to supplying Americas electric needs. McCain knows that solar and wind combined can only provide 30% of Americas energy needs. McCAin is also in favor of immediately drilling for oil. Alternative fuel sources will not be ready for decades, and that is just reality. America needs to add domestic oil to the worlds supply, to keep prices at the gas pumps from going so out of control.

5) McCain believes better times are ahead for America. His policies will make that a reality. Washington needs to be changed. America does not.

That is why I’m voting McCain.

Daniel asks…

Trying to make my home as ecofriendly as possible…and trying to save money…?

Can you list literally everything (in order of importance) of what I need to do to make my home as good and green for the environment, thanks.

I will be choosing best answer at 9 am tomorrow.

Windmill Farms answers:

I’m a residential builder that only builds very energy efficient new homes. Not as much experience with retro-fitting, but I’ll give it a shot. Of course these all depend on your local climate. You didn’t say if you lived in a hot/temperate/cold area, so I’ll assume temperate.

This is in order of bang for buck.

#1 : Seal drafts. No-More-Gaps is very cheap, and is by far the cheapest way to potentially dramatically improve your house’s ability to stay warm, so less heating required. But a very serious disclaimer on that. If you live in a rocky area (especially granite), and you have a concrete basement of slab, you might have Radon, a dangerous gas. Get tested for it if you’re unsure. If you do, you can still seal up, but need to give the house a good air out once a day or so.

#2 Water saving taps/toilets/devices. These save lots of water, and if it’s hot water being saved, you’ll also save a LOT of energy from not needing to heat that water.

#2 Light bulbs. Get rid of the incandescents and halogen downlights. Replace the incans with CLFs, and the halogens with CREE LEDS.

#3 Insulate insulate insluate. Roof first, as it’s easy and gets best results. Walls are next but can be hard to install as wall cladding needs to come down. A trick is to only insulate the top half of the outside walls of the living rooms. Top half because heat rises so that’s were the insulation is most needed… Do floors next, especially if they’re timber. Use perforated concertina foil. If you have a slab put foam sandwich board around the outside edge.

#4 Shade selected windows. Use trees and/or shade screens to help shade summer sun from westerly windows.

#5 Solar hot water. Bigger investment but that’s what it is. An investment that WILL pay for itself given time (7 years if you’re replacing electric). But more than money, these save a LOT of energy so are an essential part of any ecofriendly house.

#6 Better appliances. This doesn’t have to costalot, but you need patience. Basically, if you need something, buy the best available that you can afford. Not just the best efficiency, but also the overall quality, as an appliance that lasts for 30 years is MUCH more eco than one that blows up in five years… And the most important one of all is your fridge, as this is the only appliance that is turned on ALL the time, so gives you the best annual saving. Get a good fridge.

#6 Renewable energy. Very fashionable of course, solar PV panels don’t cost as much as they used to, mainly because most people have access to grants/rebates/etc. For example in my State I can get a grid-connected 1kw system for about $5,000 installed. 1kw is not big, but a very efficient house will be able to to get virtually ALL it’s (annualised) power needs from it. Wind/micro-hydro are a bit more specialised and not really suited to most people (yet).

#7 Double/triple glazing. Another big investment, especially for a retro-fit. It’s important to know there’s crap double glazing and VERY good double glazing. Crap is aluminium frames with 3mm glass/6mm air gap/3mm glass glazing. For very good you’d get timber (plantation of course!) with 4/10/4 or more, with a low-E coating and argon gas in the air gap.

#8 Water harvesting/recycling. Water tanks are easy to fit to downpipes and can at least be used for gardening and toilets. People also use the water for washing and drinking, but that depends on you air/rain quality, and if you have lead products on your roof (DON’T drink water from a roof with lead on it!!!). Water recycling is cleaning grey water (laundry & bathrooms) and black water (toilets and kitchen) for another use. The simplest and cheapest is to just run greywater out to non food producing plants like lawn. The best is to get a recycling unit that turns ALL waste (grey and black) into A+ quality water! These are very good if you’re in a very dry area.

#9 Get rid of all the toxic materials. Can be pretty hard, as virtually every product we use has chemicals of some kind. Some are pretty safe, some are VERY unsafe. Get rid of asbestos (use a professional company to do this) and lead-based paints. There’s much better paints coming out now that are toxin/VOC free.

#10 Rebuild. If the house is an inefficient crappy design, the ultimate is to totally demolish your home, and then rebuild it using as many original materials as possible (except the crap and toxic ones!). The house design can then be vastly improved, and done with a small overall impact for a huge gain. Of course this is probably not going to happen, but it’s nice to throw out there…

I haven’t included stuff like recycle/compost/grow food/etc, as these are more lifestyle than actual house, but hey do them too!

Hope that helps, and all the best.

Robert asks…

do you think global warming is really that bad?

I believe global warming is not at all bad. i like the fact that britain will have longer summers and have palm trees on our coast in ten years time. should we really stop it. i believe not
you are all a buch of hyper condriacts. war wont be a event of global warming or will mass exstintion. You are all over reacting.
you are all a buch of hyper condriacts. war wont be a event of global warming or will mass exstintion. You are all over reacting.

Windmill Farms answers:

Not everyone shares your view.


check this map

.There are many signs in Nature ,all over the world .
Perhaps you do not live in nature and are unaware that there is a problem
this is becoming one of the biggest problem Of Global warming

it becomes also becomes a problem when animals and people die

and when agriculture is severely affected
One degree raise in temperature already means 10% crop loss

Global warming is but a component, in a group of destructive forces at work such as ;deforestation,desertification… Wind and Water erosion,soil and water contamination ,irresponsible or wasteful utilization of bio resources and air pollution.
All concepts which are definitely not part of the Natural Processes of the Natural world



A while ago one of NASA’s top scientists concluded that the Arctic Ocean could be nearly ice-free within five years, much faster than all previous predictions.

When the north pole is gone , you may have polar bears soon in America ,looking for a home ,

Calculations do not include the accumulative ,speeding up ,factor with time. The increase in water temperature will get faster all the time as well as the melting, when the ice is all gone the deeper cold Ocean currents will be drastically affected,which in turn will affect the warm currents,since all moving bodies of water are connected in series.

This will affect coastal climates ,world wide ,almost instantly. All aquatic flora and fauna will be affected,many dying off and others becoming invasive,

And recently In Chiapas ,and Tabasco in Mexico .more then a million people became homeless overnight with water coming up to their roofs ,because of rains from super evaporation from the forests,this had never happened before. Millions of animals died.

In India 3000 people died because of super storms .

.A few years ago in Europe 3500 people,died during a heat wave ,many of them in France .

Right now the average death toll annually is 150.000 due to Global warming

. These figures are already out of date and are expected to double soon.

In Northern China millions of people are running for their lives because regular dust storms so far have buried 900 villages under the sand and the whole of northern China is turning into a dessert.

The Sahara is growing by 7 kilometers a year all around the edges ,like a slow burning fire shriveling up their neighbors In the Kalahari huge rivers have dried up and thousand of species are gone due to their habitats disappearing .

The biggest changes are invisible at micro biotic levels species are becoming extinct ,others are multiplying ,

This affects the insect populations that follow ,and changes in that ,affect all that follows in the food chains ,

in the last 300 years half of the planets forests have gone
and in the last 50 years
half of our wet lands ,rain forests and ice fields .and 3000 species of animals .

We are now witnessing a mass Extinction of animals and plants of Biblical proportions,equal since the disappearance of the dinosaurs

And then on top of that comes the story of the effects of pollutants released into Nature and especially the Air ,by MAN http://earthissues.multiply.com/photos/album/5/EMISSIONS

A cocktail of events and a lot of the ingredients have MAN written all over them

So it is safe to assume that we should look at ourselves ,just a teeny bit ,for possible improvements ,and rectifying Eco errors that are with in our powers.
There is a series that you can download easy ,called
bbc,Planet earth by David Attenborough.
About 15 —700mb videos

this is a photographic team that has been filming Nature stories all over the world ,for a very long time .

In 3 of the episodes called –the future–saving species(this one covers extinction and the importance of species)
the future–living together ,ice worlds ,

they compare films they made before of places and species to what they are filming now in the same places.
Many scientists give commentaries as well .

John asks…

Do you think God repents?

Do you think that God repents, for anything bad he might have done unintentionally?

If so, who is he asking for forgiveness?
Or…do you think God exists…
why or why not?

Windmill Farms answers:

God is a Holy and Righteous God, who therefore does not sin, He is a Spirit Being whose nature transcends our understanding, Imagine how huge/vast the universe is, he made it in a unique design, carefully planning and controlling the positions and rotations of all planets and stars,
designing the force of gravity etc impeccably,
designing each cell and micro-organism uniquely, and things that we dont even know, it wud be queer to compare or even think such a magnificent Being can suffer from our follies and failings and therefore be in need of repentence.
He plans everything for its own purpose in its own season,
what makes man sin is his evil desire-lower nature/ the desire of his flesh, yet God is Spirit without a lower nature.

God is love, all he does is love perfectly and desire your love, transgression is far from him and he hates it therefore can neva do bad or that which he hates.

I know God exists because I have felt Him in my life,
“Our hearts are restless until they rest in him”, and when your heart/or another finds Him, ur spirit/soul will know and experience a completion,
inner peace which isnt delusional or drug induced
How come pple believe in the existence of the Devil but not of God, who is mightier,?
Just cos u dont see him dont mean he doesnt exist-can u see the wind….no but only its effects and presence, same as God only GREATER
so just cos one doesnt see bacteria with their bear eyes doesnt mean it doesnt exist, so if microscopes hadnt been invented some myopic individuals would have denied their existence!
Oh and I know God exists cos he hears my prayers, when Im low, he comforts and stills my soul
when Im fearful I gain strenghth in him
sum may say its the power of positive thinking etc, but who created that brain that thinks, and some of us arent real optimists, there is no way Id highten my Spirit like that with only positive thinking.
God exists because mankind lives,reproduces,overcomes
and die because plants grow and die
because animals do the same and
because miracles happen everyday, its not chance but Gods will cos what are the chances of a baby surviving a hurricane when unprotected-nil/ probability, 0.00001 if not less and yet it happens,

Sandra asks…

Why do I have mosquitoes at my house when there isn’t any standing water?

Ever summer we have a mosiquitoe problem at my house and I am sick of getting eaten alive! There is no standing water around my house, other than some neighbors have pools. But this hasn’t been a problem until recently. Any suggestions are welcome!
I live in Arizona. So it’s not humid and it’s hard to keep the doors closed with my animals wanting to go outside and coming back in. We do need to check the gutters.
I don’t leave the door open, I just open it and shut it to let my animals outside.

Windmill Farms answers:

If I understand you correctly you have had mosquito problems in the summer even before your neighbors had pools, so it is not likely that the pools are a problem. Highly chlorinated water is not a good breeding place for mosquitos anyway. As a biologist, my guess would be that you have three different things going on. First, the fact that you have animals is a negative because the animals have a higher basal temperature than you do and are more attractive to mosquitos. It is true that mosquitos home in on carbon dioxide, but they are also very heat sensitive and even the Carbon dioxide from your pets is at a higher temperature than human carbon dioxide. Second, I suspect that you live within a mile or so of an area that does retain water even during the heat of the Arizona summer. It could be a well-watered golf course, a botanical garden, a spring, or a plant nursery. Lots of other places would qualify too. There only has to be a film of water for mosquitos to breed. The larvae which are suspended in water while they develop need only about one eighth of an inch of water to be be perfectly healthy. There are raised in labs that study mosquitos in a very small amount of water. Even a well irrigated lawn or dense shrubbery, particularly evergreens, will serve as a reservoir for adult mosquitos. They like to sit in areas of high humidity until they are ready to start their feeding flights. Remember, we are talking about micro-climates when we talk about where adult mosquitos and their larvae are found. Literally Thousands of mosquitos could be harbored in the ground cover that might be used to outline a driveway or walkway. It just needs to be moist and shady. A mosquito is very small and a place that you might consider sunny will offer plenty of shady patches for hundreds of mosquitos. Finally, some people are just more attractive to mosquitos than others. We really aren’t sure exactly why, but two people sitting side-by-side wearing no fragrances and using no repellent can have completely different experiences with mosquitos. There isn’t anything you can do about your natural fragrance, but you may find that if you change the artificial fragrances you wear, deodorant, after shave, cologne, perfume, soaps, shampoos, etc. That you will be far less attractive to mosquitos. Wearing repellant all the time is not fun, and probably isn’t that healthy either.

For more than a dozen years I lived on a salt marsh in the deep south and really struggled with those huge, hungry mosquitos. The solution for me was to fog the yard each night with a mixture of insecticide and repellant. It also helps if you have a lawn to treat the lawn with a pelletized insecticide. This can greatly reduce the amount of safe cover available to mosquitos. Avon makes a product called skin so soft that some people swear by as an insect repellent of low toxicity. Mosquitos and sand gnats just don’t seem to like the way it smells. It can be diluted greatly with water and still works pretty well. Finally, the propane or kerosene powered insect repellers work pretty well if you are not in a place that has too much wind.

I may be that none of this will work for you. I hope it will though. The place to continue working on the problem if none of this helps is with your county extension service. There are ranchers and others for whom mosquitos are a continuing problem and the county extension service usually knows what is going on with treatment in your area. Good luck!

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