Wind Power Cost

Lisa asks…

How much will it cost to build a East Indiaman?

Hello everybody! This is probably something I won’t be able to do but I still want to know. If I were to build a wind powered boat, a East Indiaman, how much would the construction cost? Like I said it’s probably something I won’t be able to do but I still want to know. Also, if some of you don’t know what a East Indiaman is check images of the Black Pearl. Danke Schon! :)

Windmill Farms answers:

I believe these guys spent 6 million US

Michael asks…

How much would it cost to build a complete green Vertical Farm?

One that could feed 50,000 people and supply fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, fish, and poultry all in the same building, but separate chambers. All while using solar, hydro, and wind power to supply electric. The use of all types of ponic farming can be used, but no soil(dirt) should be used.

Windmill Farms answers:

So for this you’d need your renewable energy source most likely solar. You’d need a hydroponics system, and most importantly you’d need to build your tower to support it all.

The costs would run far into the 10s of millions…

You also wouldn’t be able to include fish and poultry in this equation if you wanted them to be healthy.

Jenny asks…

How much does hydroelectric power cost?

Im doing a project for school (im at school right now :D) and I need to know how much hydroelectric power costs to make, and how it can be used. Thankss SO much!

Windmill Farms answers:

Here are some costs to generate electricity…

Tidal – 2 – 5 Cents/kW-h
Geothermal – 4.5 – 30 Cents/kW-h
Wind – 4.0 – 6.0 Cents/kW-h…
Natural Gas – 3.9 – 4.4 Cents/kW-h
Coal – 4.8 – 5.5 Cents/kW-h
Hydroelectric – 5.1 – 11.3 Cents/kW-h
Nuclear – 11.1 – 14.5 Cents/kW-h
Solar – 15 – 30 Cents/kW-h

Nancy asks…

Why are we not focusing on nuclear power, the cheapest and cleanest energy source?

It costs less than a tenth of wind power.

Windmill Farms answers:

Not sure, but most of these idiots don’t realize that most of Europe uses nuclear power.

Ken asks…

How does alternative energy give us energy Independence?

If you can’t make all of your solar panels in your country, how is that energy independence? If you have to pay China for solar panels, then the sunlight is not yours.

What is the true cost of of solar and wind power per kilowatt hour, not counting subsidies? What energy source will be used when there are cloudy days and no wind, and at night?

Will you in the future be crying about BP and Exxon as “big lithium”?

Windmill Farms answers:

So many people are on board for alternate energy, yet the whole thing just can’t get off the ground. I knew someone that had solar powered system to heat their swimming pool. It did not work that great. After a few years they abandoned the system and used a gas heated system instead. Worked much better.

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