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Sandy asks…

What to do about global warming?

The harmful effects of global warming are being felt “here and now and in your backyard,” a groundbreaking US government report on climate change has warned.

“Climate change is happening now, it is not something that will happen decades or centuries in the future,” Jerry Melillo of the Marine Biological Laboratory in Massachusetts, one of the lead authors of the report, told AFP.

Climate change, which the report blames largely on human-induced emissions of heat-trapping gases, “is under way in the United States and projected to grow,” said the report by the US Global Change Research Program, a grouping of a dozen government agencies and the White House.

The report is the first on climate change since President Barack Obama took office and outlines in plain, non-scientific terms how global warming has resulted in an increase of extreme weather such as the powerful heatwave that swept Europe in 2003, claiming tens of thousands of lives.

Hurricanes have become fiercer as they gather greater strength over oceans warmed by climate change.

Global warming impacts everything from water supplies to energy, farming to health. And those impacts are expected to increase, according to the report titled “Global Change Impacts in the United States.”

Areas of the country that already had high levels of rain or snowfall have seen increases in precipitation because of climate change, says the report, which focuses on the United States but also tackles global climate change issues.

Windmill Farms answers:

Skepticisms were often raised by others to the authenticity of GHG as purported culprit to global warming, ergo variations on solar radiation and Earth’s orbit to the Sun were often brought up as maybe a plausible reason. Those who claim these however cannot quantify their claim’s technical effect to global warming vis-a-vis its scientific explanation, i.’e. Its net heat variance and impact to global temperature. If these claims and observations can be supported by scientific research and technical data and collaborated by the scientific community, then we have no more qualms on these as rational indicators.

Now first, we must understand what causes global warming and how it impacts our climate. In stark contrast with the above paragraph, we will base our evaluation from several indicators with scientific references and evidences. There was a recent assessment report from UN, the IPCCC AR4 (Fourth Assessment Report), concluded that drastic increase in green house gases (GHG) in the atmosphere, which currently measures at 379+ ppm, is directly proporational to rising global surface temperature, sea level and melting ice caps. No other variable can be scientifically attributed to the latter except the severe upswing of CO2 GHG since this phenomenon reflects infrared rays back to earth in a ‘green house effect’ that consequently translates increases in world temperature and thus, changes in our climate. Still others say it’s the increases in water vapor, but it is more of an effect that aggravates the phenom rather than the cause.

GHG normally comes from biosphere and hydrosphere in several natural cycles, but this recent drastic increase as measured today, comes from anthrophogenic or man-made emissions with most of the CO2 variance coming from fossil fuel use. Earth had accumulated fossils since 300 million years ago and was only in the recent years that the burning of fossils had generated approx 30 billion tons of CO2 since 1950. We can’t do around without it simply because fossil use is the main component of our global energy requirement (approx 85%). We soo need energy, that’s why our only alternative is to burn fossils but always with that collateral damage of increased GHG. Now, the ever increasing growth in global population and the upswing of science and technology are even more translated to craving for more energy. With our requirement increasing, the more we need to burn fossils & the more will GHG increase. If unabated, we will soon expect severe changes in our climate in years to come, unless of course we change to these changes…

So what to do about global warming? I will suggest a 2-prong approach in mitigating global warming on collective global/national effort and individually, targetting both the supply and demand for energy. On national level, let us source our country’s energy as much as possible from renewable resources, i.e. Biofuels, hydro, wind, solar, geothermal, tidal and ocean waves, biomass, and with carbon free alternative energy on limited nuclear power plants. There exist very huge untapped energy potential in renewables and if harnessed, these will displaced a substantial niche in crude oil, coal-fired plants and gas powered plants which constitute almost 85% of global energy requirement. By limiting the demand for energy as a function of increased population, the need for a rational population management must be implemented by all countries. Better yet, convening an ‘International Convention on Global Population Management’ as ratified by all countries, will limit the upswing of world population, while at the same time effectively controlling and preserving our finite natural resources, that will curtail if not lessen our global energy needs. In controlling carbon emissions, Kyoto Protocol is an effective precedent, and as a vital means to control energy use, an ‘International Convention on Global Energy Cap’ must also be convened with a Controlling Rate on ‘Total Energy / Total Population’ or Energy Usage per Person, as ratified by all nations around the world, with ‘power/energy credit trading’ facilitated among poor and usage-undercapped nations while pursuing renewables and promoting sustainable development. On individual effort, our need and demand for electricity and transpo fuel forces the power/fuel companies and multinationals to produce for more. It’s all about economics and gaining money from apparent opportunities without due regard to environmental impacts. To effectively lessen CO2 on an individual initiative, we have to keep in mind that the means to attain certain goals must be benchmarked on lesser carbonprints rather than on higher economic gains. We have to lessen our personal energy needs, we have to be rational in using our car, lights and other power eating equipments. Switch on appliances only when direly needed. Go on mass transport or car pool. Plant more trees that sequester more CO2 for oxygen tradeoff. Prevent those who cut the plants and the trees. Encourage others for green revolution and reforestation. Save the forest and stop buying products produced from trees or plants by companies that doesnt do environmental and forest mgmt. Implement an effective waste mgmt, for emissions from biomass constitutes secondary GHG.

All you have to do is think green and renewable… We can mitigate global warming and make a difference in this world.

Sharon asks…

What do you think of Gore’s energy and climate plan?

Gore has outlined a 5 part energy and climate plan. He’ll likely have some role in the Obama Administration on these subjects, so his opinions carry a lot of weight. To sum up the plan:

1) Large-scale investment in incentives in renewable energy
2) Planning and construction of a unified national smart grid
3) Help America’s automobile industry to convert quickly to plug-in hybrids
4) Embark on a nationwide effort to retrofit buildings with better insulation and energy-efficient windows and lighting
5) The United States should lead the way by putting a price on carbon here at home, and by leading the world’s efforts to replace the Kyoto treaty next year in Copenhagen with a more effective treaty that caps global carbon dioxide emissions and encourages nations to invest together in efficient ways to reduce global warming pollution quickly, including by sharply reducing deforestation.

Quite similar to Obama’s energy and climate plan actually. What do you think of it?

Note – I don’t need to hear a bunch of stupid Gore insults. Just stick to discussing the plan.

Windmill Farms answers:

I tend to be skeptical about Al Gore but I think this is a good plan. We do need to fund the basic research that private industry just won’t do, they tend to look no further than the next quarterly report to the stockholders so it’s necessary for government to take a longer view. NASA’s planned moon rover is a good example, achieving 1000 km on a single charge and it’s due to NASA’s funding for research that we have microwaves and many other conveniences. I expect the same result from the new moon project.

1 – I’d add a provision to limit the roadblocks that the Green movement can put up to slow or stop projects that provide renewable power or distribute it. Off-shore wind farms are also very feasible and tapping some of the energy beneath Yellowstone would provide enormous amounts of energy. Funding basic research thru grants and such is the best way to get the technology we need, then use tax incentives to make it easier to adopt

2 – Our grid is so dated and obsolete much of it should just be retired, it’s like using telegraph while your neighbor has broadband.

3 – hybrids are a great idea and we could power them using ethanol-fueled engines to further reduce the need for oil. There’s nothing wrong with ethanol if it’s produced wisely, not with corn but from switchgrass or specialized algae. The NASA project will probably give us much better storage options than we have now so the day of an all-electric car may arrive sooner.

4 – I’d need evidence that this isn’t already done, if it saves money then individuals and businesses have probably already done this, along with checking their thermostats and tire pressure. But if new technology becomes available then incentives for adopting that technology would be smart.

5 – The only carbon limit I’d accept is a direct tax on emission, not any sort of cap and trade. If your fuel bill goes up because your utility relies too heavily on coal and not enough on renewables and nuclear then you’ll encourage them to make the switch. Cap and trade is already full of fraud and theft so let’s not adopt that here.

Overall I’ll admit I’m surprised this has Al Gore’s name on it and as long as we don’t allow the cap and trade shell game to spread further, this is a plan I’d encourage my legislators to support.

Daniel asks…

in english i have to create a superhero and and villian but i don’t know how to design them?

can someone please give me some ideas on how to design the costume for my hero and villian the hero is snake girl and the villian is blizzard king please give me some ideas and i will give u 10 points for the best idea this is not a bribe!!

Windmill Farms answers:

Snake Girl – A young attractive female with auburn hair and hazelnut eyes. Her stature puts her at 5′ 5″ but fierce nonetheless. Her costume resembles the general shape of Wonder Woman in that it is a one piece outfit and hugs her curves while pronouncing them slightly. The costume is made with bullet proof scales resembling the thick skin of snakes while also protecting her from attacks – but at the same time the outfit is flexible to adjust to her acrobatic movements. She wears high shoes that reach up a large part of her calf and are a dark olive green color, similar to the slightly lighter olive green of her torso outfit. She wears a head band on her forehead that curves into a cusp shape pointing into her nose but never touching. She also bears two cuffs, one on each wrist, to protect from oncoming attacks.

Blizzard King – A taller villain who stands 6′ 7″. He wears a vest made of a thick brown animal hide and brown fur that leave his large biceps and triceps for all to admire and fear. In his right arm he possesses a heavy hammer (similar to Thor) that appears to be made of a gray rock that was shaped into a rectangle and placed on a sturdy wood handle that is laced with a chrome colored metal. He has crystal blue eyes and long blond hair that is slightly greasy so that it keeps it’s rugged form even in intense winds. His legs are covered by a brown loin clothed, ripped in such a manner that they fall just short of the knees. He too has boots, but brown and not as high, they extend only just higher then his ankles.

That’s the general outline of their outfit. For powers, I think that’s self explanatory given their names. For reference to the superhero characters (that I mentioned), see the following links, but they are only loosely based off them.

(Wonder Woman:

(Thor -

William asks…

Calling all Creative people!!Need help writing a Story…………?

I need help writing a 2-3 page superhero story!!
here’s what I need :

3 or 4 names : 2 for the main hero, 1 for the villian(bad guy) , 2 for their companions, preferably a wolf , bat, snake ect…..

The main good hero will be a woman ,and the bad guy will be a man

So I also need a summary of the beginning, middle, end, just outlines of what should happen
and a main conflict (example : he kills her mom, so she must seek revenge by finding his one true weakness……SALMON!)

ok, also need some of the characters, both good guy and bad guy’s weaknesses and their superpowers

and what they will look like (ex: crazy red hair, muscular…..)

I need an idea of what their super powers will be, a setting, and anything else a story has in it.

thank you , and I’m telling you I am a horrible writer.If you can help with any of these you will be greatly appreciated!

ok take care –


Windmill Farms answers:

If all what you ask is given, what is your creation in this exercise?

Heroine: Eva, Amora, Diana, Bella
Her companion: A slim, small golden snake. Name Asp. It normally remains wound around her right wrist as an armlet.

Villain: Fero, a blue skinned cruelly handsome dwarf.
His companion: A cunning fox. Name Vix.

The heroine is a normal schoolgirl Annie. She wears a snake shaped gold armlet with emerald eyes. When these glow a deep green Annie has to transform.

As the heroine she can launch Asp as a seek-and-destroy missile.
You can add your own repertoire of powers

Donna asks…

I want to write a fantasy novel and I have an idea.?

I haven’t thought of the main plot yet, but I’m going to do an outline. I have an idea, which I couldn’t stop thinking about, and I want to know what the rest of you think. Is my idea creative, original, ec?.

The story takes place in Asia the during the mid 1700s. There is an alternative history.

Central Asia(these days known as the groups of countries that end in “stan”, from Afghanistan all the way to Kazakhstan) is a region that was colonized by Japan around sixty years before the main story begins and after a four way war with the British Empire, Russia, and the Arabs (Japan won). The colony became known as Tsuyokenri, after Watashi Kenri, the one who led Japan through the war and who became the first ruler of the colony.

Anyway, for the next fifty years, the colony’s government has been buying Indians from the British (The British government has colonized India) and making them slaves. Hunters have even infiltrated India to capture more slaves. The largest racial group living there are the oriental people descended from Japan. Indians are second largest. The rest of the minorities make up less than 1% of the population.

After fifty years, the local oriental people born there are sick of the high taxes and abuse from the Japanese government and the Tsuyokenrese government. They no longer consider themselves Japanese. They want an independent nation and try to start a rebellion. The Indians are promised freedom and equality if they can help win an upcoming revolution. The revolution goes on for five years and Japanese are kicked out of the new country, now known as Byodon. For the most part, Indians do receive freedom, but there is still some corruption.

Anyway, the main plot takes place ten years after the revolution and there is a fantasy twist to it. People have admitted to seeing strange things during the four way war and the Byodonese revolution, but the government denies it and hides the proof. It turns out that there is a group/clan known as the Manslayers who have elemental abilities. The abilities depends on the unusual color of their eyes, which they can change at will. Their powers only work when their eyes change. They have regular eye color and can change it to one the manslayer colors, which look unusual.

The green eyed manslayer can manipulate wind. Their first ability is wind blasts from concentrating their Chi and swinging their sword. They can also hover, pass wind beneath their feet and the ground to decrease friction and increase speed. They can create whirlwinds by spinning their swords.

The blue eyed manslayers can stand and run on top of water, breath under water, and see clearly underwater. When there is water around they can swing their swords to do a water blast. They can also heal wounds by touching them with wet hands. Abilities strengthen during full moon.

The Red eyed manslavers are invulnerable to fire(they can feel heat, just not get burned), They can slide their swords on any friction surface to light the sword up with fire and can perform fire blasts. They also have unusual blood. If regular humans drink it, they will possess increased strength and agility and also become invulnerable to fire; they just can’t manipulate it.

The brown eyed manslayers can slice through any rock or earth easily. They can also blend with any earth like environment. And yes earth blasts with their swords.

The purple eyed manslayers can create electric fields around themselves, shoot lighting from their swords, and summon thunder storms. When they summon storms, they can control where lighting can strike.

The yellowed eyed manslavers automatically heal when in direct sunlight. They reflect sunlight from their sword to blind enemies. They sword can glow to light things up even at night. Eventually, the light from their sword can actually cause pain.

The black eyed manslayers can blend in with the darkness, manipulate shadows and use shadows to attack. They can also teleport in dark areas and create smoke screens.

The white eyed manslavers don’t actually have a pattern regarding their abilities. They can use telekinesis on non organic matter, can teleport short distances, and can create copies of themselves. They can also flash their eyes to someone staring into them. If they make eye contact, the flash can blind them, or sometimes paralyze them.

The manslayers fought during both wars and have now been trying to hide; some are trying to live normal lives without having to change their eyes. The government is after them and knows their individual abilities and weaknesses.

the manlayer abilities are bloodline traits; they can’t happen to just anyone. It usually skips generations, but not always. Most manslayers are Oriental from Japan, but due to interracial marriages, some of the manslayers are Indians as well.
Well, what do you think.
Oops, i forgot. The inspiration is from Rurouni Kenshin, Avatar the Last Airbender, and Naruto.

It seems that a lot of people who want to write a fantasy novel usually use ideas from European mythology such as Orcs, Wizards, Trolls, Elves, Dwarvves, and Dragon Riders. They usually have European armor from the middle ages and European swords. The setting is usually like a European Fantasy world such as Middle Earth from Lord of the Rings, and Alagaësia from the Inheritance Cycle.

I want my idea to be influenced by Asian mythology. Also, the swords they use are katanas, wakizashis, ect.
Another thing I forgot; the abilities of the white eyed manslayers also strengthen during a full moon.

Windmill Farms answers:

Hmm, at first I was skeptical and beginning to think this resembled Avatar: The Last Airbender…but, you really know a lot about this stuff! I was actually interested by everything you wrote! And the idea of the “manslayers” as you so call them is fascinating, assuming of how you potray them in your story.
You obviously have a grasp of what you are planning on writing, and I commend you for making an outline first! Outlining before writing is always a good idea, as you tend to carry your ideas farther and expand as such. Your idea is very interesting, definitly something I would read should you add an interesting plot (which shouldn’t be hard considering the depth and detail you have with you idea).
So you have an excellent idea of a fantasy story, once again assuming you are able to add a captivating plot to the jumble of ideas. The only thing left I could say is good luck with your writing!

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