Renewable Energy Sources List

Nancy asks…

List three renewable and three nonrenewable energy sources?

List three renewable and three nonrenewable energy sources. For each source of energy, list at least four advantages and four disadvantages of each.

Windmill Farms answers:

Renewable – Wind power – cheap, available, enviromentally friendly & does not run out. Disadvantage – has to be windy/exposed, initial cost of setting up, can be considered unsightly
Tidal – Cheap, enviromentally friendly, available around the world & does not run out. Disadvantage – cost of setting up, small return for initial investment, suitable locations
Solar – available, enviromentally friendly, relatively cheap after installation. Disadvantages – Cost of setting up, sunny location needed, storing power
Non Renewable – Nuclear – reliable, clean, economic. Disadvantage – enviromental hazard, safety, disposal of waste
Fossil fuel Coal & gas – widely available, relatively cheap, established technology. Disadvantage – limited source, carbon emmissions, price can fluctuate

Sandy asks…

list of renewable energy resources plz?


Windmill Farms answers:

Main renewable resources include:

Wood is one of the main renewable resources. Many countries now have policies that clearly state how the supply of wood and timber is to be managed. This is to help protect the remaining areas of forest from the ravages of industry and deforestation. Trees play an important part in the environment and it is important that levels of trees and other plantations are maintained. Other ways that we can help to preserve and manage our use of wood and paper products is to recycle paper whereever possible. This both reduces the call on virgin materials and also reduces the amount of waste that goes into landfills.

Solar Power
Energy that is derived from the sun is a completely renewable resource. Unlike energy that comes from the burning of fossil fuels and is therefore completely nonrenewable, solar energy can be renewed during the hours of sunlight. This is an effective energy source and one that is gaining in popularity. Many countries are increasing the proportion of solar energy that they consume and this will continue to grow.

Wind Energy
Wind energy is another alternative energy source which is completely renewable. Wind powered generators create energy that can be used instead of energy that comes from nonrenewable resources. This helps to preserve the world’s supply of fuels as well as reducing our dependency on oil.

Biomass is the name given to plants that are grown as an energy source. These plants are grown and harvested in a sustainable manner and are renewable. Fuel from biomass is used for many things, including providing the fuel for new generation cars and vehicles.

William asks…

How are renewable and non-renewable energy sources diffrent?List two examples of each of these types of energy?

How are renewable and non-renewable energy sources diffrent?List two examples of each of these types of energy

Windmill Farms answers:

I am glad you are interested in this question because it is important that we should reduce our reliance on non-renewable resources. Future generations will not thank us for wasting such resources.

Coal and oil are examples of non-renewable energy sources. They are fossil fuels obtained from the ground and were created millions of years ago during a phase in the earth’s development that is over. So as we use these resources less is available for the future. Furthermore burning fossil fuels creates pollution.
Solar panels and wind mills are examples of renewable resources because collecting such energy has little or no impact on its availability for the future.

But it may be worth pointing out that the term “renewable” is confusing. What we really mean is “sustainable”.

Best wishes for a more sustainable future.

Richard asks…

What are all the RENEWABLE and NON-RENEWABLE energy sources?

i have to do a poster for science and i need a bit of help please i just need a list thanks in advance

Windmill Farms answers:

1.Geothermal energy
2. Solar energy
4.Hydro power
5.Ocean energy

2.Natural gas
4. Uranium

Charles asks…

List of reliable energy sources?

Please make a list of all of the reliable energy sources, E.g. Wood, Hydroelectric, Natural gas. Thanks

Windmill Farms answers:

Sunlight, Hydro (water) through dams and tides, wind, burning waste products (directly or methane gas), compost (gives off heat), thermal (underground heat source, like hot springs, geysers) Fossil fuels and renewable/managed fuels (oils extracted from plants, flammable by-products etc.), Nuclear/atomic

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