Is Wind Power Green

Mandy asks…

Is wind power a good way to get “green” energy or a colossal waste of money?

I’m actually all for “green” energy like hydroelectric, geothermal and nuclear energy. Wind power just seems to be a giant waste of money though.

Windmill Farms answers:

There are 4 problems with wind power that make it less than optimal compared to hydroelectric and nuclear.

1. The wind turbines are a hazard to avian wildlife.
2. The turbines create a significant amount of noise, so they need to be away from people who live in the area. This creates a second problem where isolated areas have little infrastructure like transmission lines to transport the electricity.
3. The wind strength is variable and an unreliable source for constant electrical needs.
4. The turbines are expensive, and require considerable resources to maintain.

5. The turbines generate very little electricity for the amount of money put into it. While it might be “green”, much of the public fail to realize that it costs more money per watt of wind energy than any other. While some people might choose to pay a little extra to convert to a green source of energy, nobody in their right mind would pay 400-500% more on their electrical bill just to be green. People will drive 3 blocks away to save 1 cent on their gas.

Each of these 5 factors carry with it a price tag, in terms of land value, depreciation, wildlife value, etc…

It’s also interesting to consider that the sum of all “Green” energy that has ever been generated since the dawn of mankind (solar, wind…etc), does not even amount to a single day’s electricity needs of the planet.(1)

Robert asks…

Is Wind Power (or other Renewable Sources) actually needed?

Pros and Cons.

Windmill Farms answers:

Wind power is competitive economically with electricity generated by fossil fuels.

Electricity generated by wind power has a cost of production of 4 cents per kilowatt hour.

Fossil fuels, in particular coal are very destructive to the environment. Fossil fuels not only release green house gases to the atmosphere, but also in the case of coal which is generally contaminated with radioctive Uranium and Thorium causes radioactive contamination as well..

Essentially coal burning also causes radioctive contamination of the area around the power plant where it is burned, but also the ash left over is essentially radioactive waste.

Wind power is vastly superior to power generated by fossil fuels.

Wind power is economically competitive with fossil fuels and does not cause the pollution and greenhouse gases that burning fossil fuels causes.

Joseph asks…

how do i get to island of wind on zelda phantom of the hourglass?

Windmill Farms answers:

Do you mean the temple of wind?

From the Windy City:

Isle of Gust

As you may have already guessed, the Isle of Gust is… Well… Gusty.
Frequent strong winds make it difficult to maneuver at times, though it can
also be helpful as well. After you dock, make your way north and up the
stairs. Defeat the Miniblins, and the last one will yield a Red Rupee. Go
down the stairs to the east, kill the Chu-Chus, and up another flight of
stairs. When the wind is not blowing, jump across the gaps until you reach
a large plateau full of Miniblins. Kill them all, and again the final kill
will earn you another Red Rupee. Keep heading east across the water, making
all of the Chu-Chus pay for being different than you, and once you reach the
far east, head down to another group of Miniblins. Defeat them all for yet
another Red Rupee. Grab a bomb plant to destroy the wall to the north, then
head through the opening.

Inside you will find a chest containing a Courage Gem (like the Power Gem,
except green and courageousy) and another journal. Might as well read this one
too, since you’ve already pried into so many other people’s lives. Also on
the wall is another map of the Northwestern Sea, with an arrow pointing toward
the island in the northeast, and two X marks, which indicate uncharted islands.
You should mark the X’s; the arrow isn’t as important. After you’re done in
here, head back out.

Go back east in the direction you came, back up the stairs onto the mesa.
Stand at the edge, just south of the stairs, and wait for the wind to blow,
then leap across the gap. With the wind at your back, you will be able to make
it across. Do the same for the next jump, then kill all the Miniblins for
another Red Rupee. There are also 3 holes in the ground indicated by slightly
misshapen dirt where you can dig for another Red Rupee each. Once you have
all of them, head inside the cave – taking the stairs will lead you back to the
beginning with no shortcut back.

Inside the cave, jump into the pit with about 15 or so Miniblins. I believe
there are three specific ones that drop Red Rupees – the first, third, and last
ones I killed gave me a Red Rupee. After you’ve killed all of them, a chest
will appear. Grab it, along with the chest that was already there for a
treasure map and a Wisdom Gem (wisdomy) respectively, then head outside.

Outside, kill more Chu-Chus, then use the rising gusts of wind to carry you up
to the top of the plateau. Use the wind to jump to the left, then kill the
Miniblins that await. Go down three flights of stairs, then head north. The
entrance to the Temple of Wind awaits, but it is blocked by fierce gusts of
wind, so you cannot enter yet. There is a map there with an X… Mark it, then
head back down. Go south until you get to a rising wind, take it up and head
north. Go around and kill the Chu-Chus, then south again. Jump down and kill
more Miniblins, then use the Shovel to uncover a rising wind that will lead you
to a chest with a Power Gem. After grabbing that, head to the north, then use
the Shovel again for another wind to lead you up again. Go north, and instead
of using the wind that is already there (unless you feel like slaughtering
another Chu-Chu), uncover the gust to the left to lead you upward. Head up and
then down, until you come upon another gust. This time, you should use the
Shovel to cover it up, then take the path that it was blocking. Continue up,
and then dig up another weird earth patch near the stairs for a Big Green
Rupee. Next, head up the closest wind gust to where the X from the previous
map is, and check out another map, this one with three X’s that show the
locations of three windmills. Mark them, then head down.

Your next step is to get to each of the three windmills marked on the map.
Jump back down the cliff, then bury the gusts until you can get through to the
rocks. Clear them, then head east into the sands. The next part is a little
tricky – you have to walk very slowly through the sand so that you don’t
disturb the monsters that dwell beneath it, who will come and swallow you up.
If you are detected by one, make a mad dash for the nearest high ground for
safety. If one of them swallows you, rub your stylus very quickly to free
yourself. You can also defeat them by throwing bombs into the sand for them
to swallow. Head all the way to the southeasternmost windmill, then blow into
the mic to activate it. Next, head west, killing the monsters you can,
avoiding those you can’t, until you get to the two western windmills. Activate
them, and two doors will open, leading you to the entrance of the temple, which
is now cleared of the horrible wind gusts. At last, head inside the temple.

Now you are at the Temple of Wind!

Donna asks…

Wind power question – Green Energy?

Is anyone using a reasonably priced wind powered power source for your home? If so how much did it cost and where can I get one?
Does anyone know of any DIY projects that are worth while?

Windmill Farms answers:

If u’r thinking about building it yourself, you can buy this manual that teaches you how to make a wind power system.

It contains a complete step-by step instructions to make a professional grade 1000-watt windmill, with detailed diagrams and instructions, using easy-to-find material.

Betty asks…

what are green projects?


Windmill Farms answers:

The US is currently involved in investing finances in green projects. They include development of wind powered turbines and solar power to produce energy. Rather than coal and gas powered plants to produce energy.

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