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Mark asks…


What are the disadvantages of the alpha ventus wind farm??? I need yourrr help like nowww… Searched everywhere cudnt find anything -.- , Please help ! :) x Love you if you doooooo!!!!!!!x

Windmill Farms answers:

Have a look at the web page about wind energy in Germany at:

The page includes a list of disadvantages of wind farms, namely:

* Expensive initially to construct, especially off-shore turbines due to the added complications of the higher-spec required to withstand more severe elements, added costs of building off-shore, and then maintaining them
* No wind, no power
* Some people think that wind turbines spoil the look of an area – the sites are often in remote and attractive areas
* Wind farms create a low-level noise
* Wind farms can interfere with television reception and radar
* The MOD have concerns that off-shore wind farms will interfere with their coastal radar equipment
* There are environmental concerns over the interference of wind turbines with bird migrations and marine life/sea-bed disturbances in the case of off-shore farms

Make sure you read the information on the Alpha Ventus website at

However, as you would expect, this website concentrates on the advantages.

Read too this article from the English version of Germany’s “Der Spiegel” magazine focusing on the expense of wind farming:

More disadvantages of wind power here:

Donna asks…

Solar Thermal Tower Plants or Solar Stirling Dish Farms?

To power 40,000 houses or more, which is better? Which one is more efficient and costs less to build and maintain? Which one also needs a smaller land area to build?

Windmill Farms answers:

A “solar thermal tower” could mean a power tower that uses heliostats or a solar chimney that creates wind currents to power a wind generator in the chimney. Either takes a large land area. This article says the the solar parabolic dish with a stirling engine generator has been made to be the most efficient: This also has an advantage of being scalable.

Joseph asks…

How can Petroleum (Crude oil) be good?

I was just wondering if petroleum could be good in a way, an advantage. I know it can be very polluting, but how is it used? Does it power anything?

Windmill Farms answers:

Oil is a product of nature and is only “polluting” in the context of our definition of pollution. Oil has been seeping and catastrophically spilling onto the surface of the planet for at least the past 400 million years, since there has been significant enough amounts of life on the planet in the form of phytoplankton and other life to supply the oil forming processes in our planet. Some scientists even believe that there are significant sources of abiotic oil on the planet, which would suggest that oil “pollution” has been around for about 4.5 billion years now.

In the natural environment oil is a food source for many bacteria. Entire biological communities feed on natural oil seeps in the ocean and on land which in turn supply food for larger organisms. The US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement says this about these biological communities. “Perhaps the most exciting biological discovery in this field occurred in 1984 in the Gulf of Mexico when unique
communities of previously undescribed large mussels, snails, and tubeworms were discovered near gas vents. Since
that time, many other rich seep-associated assemblages have been found in the Gulf of Mexico. Surveys suggest that
widespread populations of chemosynthetic organisms occur in these seep assemblages in the deep sea.”

The other aspect of your question, about what oil powers is a very significant part of the answer. Oil was used by many Indian and even prehistoric cultures for various things, but one significant use of petroleum by American Indians was for waterproofing boats so that they could travel and fish in the ocean. Http://
In the late 1800′s whale oil was one of the primary sources of fuel to burn in lamps. Whales were being hunted almost to extinction and if not for the discovery of ways to refine crude oil and produce it whales would probably be a distant memory from the 19th century. Whales would not exist today without oil. Oil powered the industrial revolution and because it was cheaper and more portable than fuels such as electric battery power, vegetable oil, and wood, it became the preferred fuel for things like automobiles, trucks, and trains. Without oil airplanes would likely have never become a significant part of our life because airplanes need a lightweight highly concentrated form of fuel or they simply cannot fly. Oil has been the only fuel that supplied that need. Oil was also key to the outcome of both World War I and especially World War II. In WW2 both the Germans and Japanese eventually lost the war because they could not find enough fuel for their planes, tanks, ships, and factories. Japan was converting tree bark to airplane fuel and the reason for developing kamakaze fighting was that the planes did not have enough fuel to return to base, so a one way flight was the only way they could attack. At that time Texas was the major source of oil in the world and the US was the major exporter of oil in the world. Much of the wealth that built the United States was the result of oil and gas production and the result of supplying much of the world with oil and gas before most other areas had been explored for oil and gas. Oil is the primary fuel used in the transportation sector, powering ships, airplanes, trains, trucks, and cars.

Oil products are quite common parts of our lives. Your computer could not be build without oil. Most of the parts of your computer are electrically insulated, structurally supported, and composed of oil products. Electricity in our homes is dependent on oil compounds to keep the wiring insulated, both in the grid and in the walls of your home. Lubricants made from oil are essential to operating electric motors in everything from your computer, your refrigerator, and wind power generation. Compounds made from oil are essential to building solar electricity generation. Oil is essential to power agricultural equipment, to package food, and natural gas is required to make fertilizer that is used for growing corn to make ethanol. Without the nitrate fertilizer made with natural gas, corn crops would not be good enough to support the world’s present population. The cheap source of fuel that is represented by oil is one of the reasons the world has changed from the agricultural economy of the 1800′s to the present day industrial economy, and even has a key role in making the internet possible, along with all the changes the internet has brought.

Oil is also used for things like building roads (asphalt), making your roof waterproof, pharmaceuticals, tires, fabric, carpeting, vinyl flooring, paint, ink, carpeting, laundry detergent shampoo, makeup, and candles.

Chris asks…

Pacquaio or Mayweather? Which would you choose?

Personally I think pacman will win if they fight. Pacquaio has blinding speed, Mayweather has a ravaging defense.

If you guys don’t know anything about medieval warfare, especially chinese and japanese medieval era war times: Speed beats Defense. Offense beats Speed. Defense beats Offense.

Don’t say anything stupid like terrain advantage, and weather advantage. In the boxing ring? There’s no chilling wind or rocks to trip on.

Windmill Farms answers:


Thomas asks…

where can i find schemetic diagrams of a windmill generators as well a practical way to build one?

what will be the payback if you build one , is it worth it? i am more interested in the engenereeng aspect of this experiment

Windmill Farms answers:

For a wind generator schematic, there is one offered by The National Renewable Energy Laboratory at:


There is also plenty of debate & discussion on the differences & dis/advantages of vertical axis windmills versus regular wind turbines – maybe check out (the introduction to one such article is below):

“Horizontal axis wind turbine technology is likely to peak in the next few years, largely because of the limitations of the blades and their effects on the machine. Instead, we need to look back in history and concentrate on further developing the simpler design of vertical axis windmills. Without the same structural limitations, vertical axis windmills can be produced much larger and so take advantage of significant economies of scale.”

For building your own wind generator or wind turbines, I’d suggest a look at or some other “diy wind power” site – there are plenty to be found with web search.

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