Renewable Energy Sources List

Donald asks…

Are Natral Gases Classified As A Renewable Energy Resorce?

Are Natral Gases Classified As A Renewable Energy Resorce?

Windmill Farms answers:

Looks like it is as it is on the list at the web page (below) presenting: Renewable energy sources

With the environmental conditions becoming worse day by day, people are trying their bit to save the environment by using natural energy resources. The different types of natural energy resources are as follows:

Wind power – as the wind blows, the turbine blades start rotating. By using an electrical generator, the rotation gets converted into electrical current. This electrical current is used on a small scale to provide electricity to small homes, and is also harnessed by large wind farm, which gets used by national electrical grids.

Solar energy – the sun rays are trapped into solar cells, wherein, it gets transformed into electricity and this is how solar energy is created. It is commonly used for taking salt out of water, and also used for cooking, heating, and of course to produce electricity.

Geothermal energy – this natural energy is produced by the earth. Hot rocks present under the ground heats up water, so that steam is produced. Holes are dug in such areas, and the steam shoots up, driving the turbines. Electrical generators are then powered by these turbines.

Hydroelectric power – dammed water is used to generate this power, which then drives water turbine and generator. One of the versions of this is tidal power. The power produce by water tides generates pressure, which turns a water wheel or a turbine. The electrical generator gets energy from this power.

Biofuels – these are fuels that are made from plants or animals. It can include methane from wood, wood chippings, and animal wastes. Biofuels are used to heat homes, to power machines, and for cooking.

Natural gas – it is a fossil fuel but does not generate carbon dioxide, which happens to be the chief greenhouse gas. Thus natural gas is a better option. It can be created by various organisms, and is also found in areas which have fossil fuels.

Nuclear energy – this is created though atoms. Either by merging or splitting atoms, energy is created. Though it produces a large amount of power, it has certain hazards.

These are amongst the best natural energy resources, which helps to reduce electricity bills, and at the same time, protects the environment.

Michael asks…

what are a list of renewable resources?

what relates to renewable resources

Windmill Farms answers:

Hydro electric energy
tidal energy
wind energy
solar energy

renewable sources are those that can be replaced when it is used up such as the list given above.

Non renewable resources are those that cannot be replaced when it is used up such as coal, oil and natural gas

David asks…

list renewable energy source that save fossil fuels and don’t cause pollution?

can u help me, my little brother had this question and cant answer it can u help us
thank u

Windmill Farms answers:

Naval power, using sea water to create energy
Solar energy, using the sun
Wind energy

Hope this helps!

George asks…

Fund in alternative energy sources?

I’m looking to invest a few thousand in alternative, renewable energy. IE – ethanol, wind, solar, etc.
Do you know of any good FUNDS that are heavy in this market?
If there arent any funds, what stocks would you recommend?
Stocks I have my eye on:


Windmill Farms answers:

This site lists many stocks that work in renewable energy,

I invested heavily in many of these stocks and honestly I havent made much money yet, but I am keeping them for long term as I feel it will be the future.

Mary asks…

which countries use renewable energy sources?

Part of my homework is to make a list of countries that use renewable energy sources. I’ve been looking online but I can’t really find anything.Please post if you know any.

Windmill Farms answers:

Check Germany and Brazil also.

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Renewable Energy Group

Sandra asks…

what is the differences of these energies?

a. alternative energy
b. nuclear energy
c. photovoltaic energy
d. plasma energy

Windmill Farms answers:

In each form of energy listed, the difference between them could be viewed as the form in which the energy is stored.

All forms of energy are stored in different ways, in the energy sources that we use every day. These sources are divided into two groups — renewable (an energy source that can be replenished in a short period of time) and nonrenewable (an energy source that we are using up and cannot recreate in a short period of time). Renewable and nonrenewable energy sources can be used to produce secondary energy sources including electricity and hydrogen.

Energy comes in different forms — heat (thermal), light (radiant), mechanical, electrical, chemical, and nuclear energy. Energy is in everything as your choices reflect.

Robert asks…

Renewable energy help?

I have to do a group discussion on renewable energy next week and im kind of struggling on what and how to research. Basically the lecturer is messing us about. She keeps taking days off sick which is resulting in us cramming sh*t loads of work for assesments that are days away with little preperation. I dont have a clue on how to plan, research or even do a group discussion. I dont know what you have to talk about, how to start it off etc etc. Ive never done a group discussion before. Can any one shed some light on this topic please. I dont even have a clue on renewable energy. We picked it because everyone said it would be easy. I got home and researched it and im actually clueless. Does anyone know of any sites eyc that would be of much help? :)


Windmill Farms answers:

I can summarize up renewable energy. Renewable energy is energy that will never run out, like solar energy (solar panels), wind energy (windmills) and water energy*. (*Note: Water is renewable, drinkable water is not.)

For sites, I reccomend this:

Laura asks…

Renewable energy question?

reading of the DOE website,, former Pres. Bush’s “Twenty-in-Ten” initiative drafted several agencies into collaborative decision making. The Sustainability Interagency Working Group led by the DOE, EPA, and the USDA will be drafting other agencies into action with a plan to reduce gasoline consumption by 20% in 10 years, with significant production of biofuels to be achieved by 2022. Many jobs can be created, but at this point in our nations’ economic downturn, can we support the needed changes in infrastructure? In addition, will we be able to address the potential environmental, health, and safety issues that will arise as a result of the creation and usage of biofuels by 2022?

Windmill Farms answers:

You need to know that there are all kinds of unintended consequences to this game. Ethanol takes more energy to make than it delivers as a fuel.
As corn is diverted to this mandatory program, food prices all over world skyrocket as the food supply goes to fuel.
The only viable sources of the energy we need are nuclear (far safer than coal), oil ( more drilling) and coal ( very plentiful)., Wind and solar are not capable of producing significant amounts of energy today.

Chris asks…

UK Citizens choice: 50 new hospitals; 100,000 extra Police; or huge investment in renewable energy?

You could have had 50 state of the art hospitals.

Or maybe 100,000 extra Police Officers in our cities, towns and villages.

An extra 100,000 teachers to teach in smaller groups.

A massive investment in renewable energy that would have achieved the 2020 targets; imoroved the environment; and softened the blow of rising energy prices.

Instead – the money got spent on sending troops and equipment to Iraq and Afghanistan.

But how would you have spent the money?
Yes Sam – they do have excellent health facilities in Germany. And they’re way ahead in renewable energy. But then they don’t have 2 wars to pay for.
Hey Sandisk – you could have 50,000 police instead and invest £6000 million in renewable energy.
Absolutely Bamford. And not forgetting all the people killed in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Divasue. Oh yes. Again that’s what they’ve done in Germany. So many people generate their own electricity and sell their surplus back into the National Grid. Such a good idea.

Windmill Farms answers:

To hell with renewable energy, we are a tiny island our contribution to saving the planet is zilch. I wish our “green” friends would expend their energies castigating China. Ah but China would just ignore them or chuck them in the clink. Bullies always target a soft touch. We don’t really need more hospitals, we just need to get rid of all the managers, PFI and wastage, then they will be much more efficient. We don’t really need more police, we just need them to do the job they are paid for instead of sitting behind a desk meeting pathetic government targets. We do not need more teachers, stop mass immigration and they would not be overwhelmed by pupils who cannot speak English. Give back their authority and they would not be wasting valuable learning time in trying to control the class yobs. Our troops should not be fighting in these conflicts, bring them home. I suppose my message is, that it is not about money but about doing what is right. If I ran the country I would have saved the money and used it to pay off some of our massive debts, thereby benefitting us all. .

Jenny asks…

Pressure groups and renewable energy…?

I need to know some pressure groups campaigning regarding renewable energy. I need names and what they are doing/ want please. Thanks :)

Windmill Farms answers:

Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX). Run a search on CCX and CCX Obama. You will be amazed that the media is not talking about this! Yes our President is a founder in Chicago Climate Exchange! Controlling interest in the company has already been sold, but Obama helped create it. It is a scam. All our President has to do is get congress to pass the Cap and Trade Bill. Then, companies that go over their “Carbon Emissions” can BUY CARBON CREDITS from cleaner operating companies, through CCX and continue doing “business as usual” and emit co2 or almost any greenhouse gas they want to. YouTube has a video called “The Huge Mistake-Climate Change” that explains the situation very well. CCX is poised to make trillions of dollars, yes, with a “T”

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Wind Power Pros And Cons

Ken asks…

What are the Pros and cons for both coal burning power stations and wind turbines?

Describe briefly how each of these methods generates electricity. And evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each method.

Windmill Farms answers:

As far as I can tell there are no positives for wind factories. They are expensive, destroy the natural environment (which is rich when you consider all the greenies who are in favour of these things), are inefficient, rely on the vagaries of the wind blowing within a certain speed range, and the subsidies for them are in part responsible for our electricity bills soaring all the time. When it’s really cold and we need the energy for heat, the wind factories stop because there is no wind.

Coal, on the other hand, at least produces electricity in the quantities we need and is not reliant upon the weather.

The best option at the moment is nuclear.

Sandy asks…

What is the best hunting rifle caliber to buy?

Wondering what people think would be the most versatile rifle caliber to buy. 300 win mag, .308, 30-06, 7mm? pros and cons? Brand rifle? Need to stay under $1000.00

Windmill Farms answers:


I am along time Alaskan hunter, trapper, certified Alaskan Hunter Safety Instructor – and rifle instructor.

They do not make one rifle that does it all. If they did, my wife would have bought me one 30 years ago and sold the other two dozen in the safe.

“Best” rifle depends on what your skills are. Example, I shoot NRA Highpower Rifle – this is 200, 300 and 600 yard competition with open sights – no scope. With a scope – I can put 4 rounds inside the same hole at 200 yards and easily hit coffee cup sized targets at 600. I use a 338 Win Mag when hunting ……… But I did not learn to shoot or train on that 338…….. It would have been way too expensive and put me in the hospital from recoil.

Likewise – if you are not an expert or master level shooter – buying a 300WinMag, 7mm Mag or 30-06 is not going to make you a better shot. You are not going to spend long afternoons at the range shooting box after box of ammo and watch your scores get better by the hour. About the only thing you will accomplish is give yourself a terrible case of flinch, damage your shoulder, and empty your wallet.

What you need is two rifles. Something lite like a 223 or 243 for practice, and, a 300 Win Mag for serious work. Just the money you save in 300Win Mag ammo will easily pay for the second rifle after 2 or 3 years. No doubt you can get a discount buying two identical rifles and scopes. This gives you one light rifle for long range practice – and this lighter rifle will allow you to learn to shoot long distance better because it is effected by wind more – and let you cheaply apply what you learn to the bigger rifle.

As to caliber. Depends where you plan on going the next 20 years. If you never, ever, going to visit Alaska – you will find the 7mm Mag is flat shooting and has all the power you will ever need. If you do plan to some day visit Alaska – then go for the 300 Win Mag. If you are never going to hunt brown bear in the lower 48 – the 308 is the most pefect caliber – but, you will want the added energy of the 30-06 for a lower 48 brown bear. (Alaskan brown bears are much, much bigger than lower 48 due to diet so you need a bigger gun)

Bottom line. You have a choice. Three years from now you can be an awesome shot and own two rifles. Or, you can be a lousy shot like most of your hunting buddies, own one rifle, and have 400-500 rounds of empty highpower rifle brass. (The up side to a 243 vs the 223 is the 243 is an exceptional back up deer rifle. Up side to the 223 over the 243 – the 223 is less expensive to shoot and provides you with an exceptional varmint rifle and a good deer rifle)

Hope this helps. I have owned all of the above rifle mentioned. They all have a place in the scheme of hunting. Feel free to email me if you have more questions.


James asks…

whats the pros and cons for a family of 5 making the new home solar power?

we are looking at solar power for our new land, are you a family of 5? have you done this before, thanks.

Windmill Farms answers:

Hey Hotmumma, I applaud you for looking into solar power. In my experience, when you look into solar power, the one thing there is an abundance of is misinformation.

We live in a home that has been powered by the wind and sun for 10 years now. Our solar array fits quite nicely on the space provided by our one car carport, it generates 1.4 kilowatts during peak sun, and does not need thousands of square feet of space. Our entire system, including the wind turbine, battery bank and other electronics costs less than $15,000 USD. After state incentives, tax deductions and the small amount we receive selling carbon credits to industry, our cost is just under $10,000. We do have a small, efficient home, just under 1,200 square feet, but the point is clear, you don’t need to mortgage your sisters second home to pay for it. We still have the utility company here, but our monthly bills average about $6. I would estimate our payback at 10 to 12 years, but that is not the main reason we did all of this.

Last year, there were two power failures in our county, each lasting about half a day. In both cases, we were not aware of them. It’s difficult to put a price tag on something like that. There is also the fact that when we do a load of laundry, or run the TV, we are not adding CO2 to the air and mercury to the water because our power is not sourced from a coal power plant. In a few years,we plan on replacing one of our cars with a plug in hybrid, which will charge from our solar array once we add a few more panels to it, at a cost of about $1,000. This will allow us to have transportation in town with virtually no environmental footprint, or any need to buy gasoline.

Beyond our own personal benefits, having a solar powered home has made us the defacto expert on the field in our town. To that end, we started running solar power seminars at our local school several years ago. We spend an hour or so with the 5th graders in school, hooking up a panel, battery, and some small loads so they can learn how it works. Then they run a field trip out to our place to see a working solar powered home first hand. Our hope is that in several more years, they will grow up to persue the same thing you are today.

Powering your home from solar power requires more than mere technology however, it requires some lifestyle changes. People who grow their own tomatoes know a great deal about soil, watering, bugs and sunlight because they have to. Even though it might be cheaper to buy them at the store, they go to the trouble to maintain a garden. People who grow their own electrons instead of buying them at the power company have a similar curse. They have to know where each one goes in their home. When you power your home from renewable sources, there is no such thing as an, “Average House,” or “Standard Size Panel.” Every situation is different. No matter how well you plan your system, or how many contingencies you allow for, there will always be a day where you have a shortage of power. Most solar homeowners I know have a generator for just such a shortage, but they work hard to run it as little as possible. Like I said, it’s a lifestyle, and only you can decide if it’s right for you. What I would suggest is you do some more research, beyond asking people who have never tried it for advice over the internet. First get a subscription to Home Power Magazine, the only periodical devoted to these things. Then check out some of the non profit groups I have listed below. Learn what you can, try to make it to one of the renewable energy fairs in your area. In the end you might decide not to get involved at all, and that’s fine. At least you will be well informed. Good luck, and take care, Rudydoo

Laura asks…

What are the pros and cons of painting using a brush vs spray?

We are having some wood cabinets built for us and are trying to decide whether to spray paint them vs. conventional brush painting. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each method? Also, what type of paint do you suggest be used?

Windmill Farms answers:

Spray painting, when done carefully, gives you uniform coverage without the lap marks you get from brush painting. It’s also faster. I spray painted my shutters (with a Wagner Power Painter) a few years ago, and it made short work of them. However, I also took them down and used a tarp to catch the overspray, which leads me to the disadvantages.

Spray painting always has an overspray problem. You have to use something to catch it, and you have to work in a well ventilated area, preferably outdoors. If you are outdoors, though, you have wind and wind-blown debris to worry about. I use my garage, with the door open, and that works well when the wind is not blowing in. It’s also tricky to get good coverage without drips and runs. You need to keep the sprayer head at least 18″ from the working surface, and spray using smooth, uniform strokes. If you have never used a sprayer before, practice on some scrap wood before you try it on your cabinets.

You can get good results with a brush if you’re patient and careful. For cabinets, I wouldn’t use anything wider than 3″, and it’s worth it to get good (i.e., not cheap) brushes. Thin the paint a little for best results, and lightly sand between coats with 240 to 400 grit sandpaper.

Whether or not you use a brush or a sprayer, I recommend an oil-based enamel that can stand up to moisture and is washable. Satin and semi-gloss paints give the best appearance for interior woodwork. As to a particular brand, there is not too much difference among them. Benjamin Moore is a good brand, as is Home Depot’s Behr brand. You will want a primer coat first, followed by the finish of your choice. For wet areas, I like a product called Kilz as a primer, as it’s moisture and mold resistant, and it covers blemishes and discolorations well.

Mandy asks…

what were some naval lessons that resulted from the American Civil War (both good and bad)?

I have a few technological encouragements, as well as blockading pros (and cons, i.e. cost)

but i was unsure if there were any other lessons that were learned, related to the navy?

Windmill Farms answers:

Ironclad based ships basically became the new template for future ships. Ships are no longer wind dependant since they got steam power. Navy provided bombardments to costal forts just before land assault. Thats all i could think of off the top of my head.

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Is Wind Power Green Essays

John asks…

Ok… I have no creativity but i nnneeeeeddd alot of help. we have a school thingy?

ok this school essay thingy. i have to what i want for the world
we have to write a gay essay. and of course draw. *which i suck at* so i need lots of ideas about what to do. plzzz
so wat do i want for the world???

ex. world peace
but tat is such a pagent answer
plz help
from u people
thnkzzz sooo muchhhh!!!!
i was thinking along the lines of
promise of a new day
wat do u think
ok. i just find out in looking for some ideas for this gay esay that there is a doodle4google thing on the same topic. prob where my lazy teacher got the idea. so it would have to be compadable for tat to. sry for being late. thnkz for all answers i get. which by the way are really good and helpful. thnkz so much.

Windmill Farms answers:

Not about peace eh..
Pollution, deforestation and unrestricted burning of fossil fuels have brought about massive damage to the Earth.
Global warming is a very serious problem.
I want a Green Earth, where cities will not be flooded, species will not become extinct..etc
By using renewable energy like wind power, nuclear, solar… We will save the Earth not just for ourselves, but for future generations.

James asks…

Is this a good/proper thesis statement sentence?

my essay is on alternative energy. i will give you the 3 sentences i have leading up to my thesis statement, and then have my thesis statement separate from it. but they will all be in one paragraph in my essay.

Despite the fact that hydroelectric and nuclear power do not produce green house gases they are still not considered an alternative energy source because the production of hydroelectric power effects ecosystems and nuclear waste must be stored or recycled. The purpose of using alternative energy is to produce a renewable non-polluting energy that does not release green house gases. There are currently seven different types of alternative energy sources that are used today, which include: wind power, turbine power, solar power, tidal power, biomass, geothermal power and wave power

We depend on energy on a daily basis, but is using harmful fossil fuels how we should choose to generate that energy.

Windmill Farms answers:

The way you have it phrased makes it a question. That should be avoided, especially in a thesis statement. I realize many schools have you start with a question, but you must turn into a STATEMENT. Instead of “is using fossil fuels how we should…?” you’d be better off with something definitive. For example, “…but we should not use harmful fossil fuels”, “… But we need to question if we should use”, etc.

Also, “hydroelectric power AFFECTS ecosystems.” You have the wrong word. And you’re using a colon improperly when starting your list. You must either get rid of it, or say “which include the following:”. What precedes a colon cannot be a sentence fragment. Many people fudge colon use, but if you have an astute teacher they’ll notice.

Just for reference, there are more than the seven alternative energy sources you listed. Additionally, not all types of hydroelectric power will impact ecosystems. Dams do, and they’re the big players, but there are a few other kinds that are far less intrusive. If you got that from a certain source, then the source is outdated, but you’re in the clear. If you came to that conclusion on your own, be very careful with your wording.

Lisa asks…

!! save the environment !!?

please write or give link to a paragraph or essay on “save the environment”.

Windmill Farms answers:

Today world is getting polluted day by day. So, it has become a necessary to make the environment more green and clean because the upcoming generation would be unable to survive in the polluted environment. So, there are many things we have to do to save the environment. The main and best idea to save the nature is to use the alternative and natural sources of energy . They could be directly get from nature. Such sources may the solar power, wind power, energy from hydro electricity, and many other. The private vehicles like bike, car should be minimum used. There should be use of local vehicle or government vehicles than private vehicles. The unnecessary use of vehicles and sources which creates bad impact should be avoided.

William asks…

When, if ever, will we run out of oil and natural gas?

I’m writing an English essay about how we should use green energy. I really need help and this is very important because this is my summative. Please help! Thank you.

Windmill Farms answers:


There are still an estimated 909 billion tonnes of proven coal reserves worldwide, enough to last at least 155 years. But coal is a fossil fuel and a dirty energy source that will only add to global warming.

Natural gas

The natural gas fields in Siberia, Alaska and the Middle East should last 20 years longer than the world’s oil reserves but, although cleaner than oil, natural gas is still a fossil fuel that emits pollutants. It is also expensive to extract and transport as it has to be liquefied.

Hydrogen fuel cells

Hydrogen fuel cells would provide us with a permanent, renewable, clean energy source as they combine hydrogen and oxygen chemically to produce electricity, water and heat. The difficulty, however, is that there isn’t enough hydrogen to go round and the few clean ways of producing it are expensive.


Ethanol from corn and maize has become a popular alternative to oil. However, studies suggest ethanol production has a negative effect on energy investment and the environment because of the space required to grow what we need.

Renewable energy

Oil-dependent nations are turning to renewable energy sources such as hydroelectric, solar and wind power to provide an alternative to oil but the likelihood of renewable sources providing enough energy is slim.


Fears of the world’s uranium supply running out have been allayed by improved reactors and the possibility of using thorium as a nuclear fuel. But an increase in the number of reactors across the globe would increase the chance of a disaster and the risk of dangerous substances getting into the hands of terrorists.

Steven asks…

please fix my grammar , thank you!?

I am a international student, and this is the second draft for my final essay in English class.It’s a compare/contrast essay, please fix my grammar errors, word choice, verb tense and enhance the conclusion paragraph. Thank you!

Green Roofs or Solar Roofs ?

You want to contribute to our earth but have no idea? Everyone knows Global warming and unban heat island effect are making inroads into the places where you and your family live. We all know that is a serious issue, and also have positive attitude toward it.
Suppose that you are not a boss of an enterprise, therefore, you are powerless to decide how to emission air pollution or recycle resources. Don’t be discouraged! You still have a way that is to develop the idea of green design to protect our earth. Green design is an international
theme that has been discussing for many years, and was promoted in “Leaders Summit Meeting” in Brazil in 1992. It is called Ecological Building in Japan and Sustainable Building in Europe. How to put the idea in use? Home Green Design is an affordable way for everyone. I am going to introduce two ways to save energy. They are green roof and a roof covered by solar panels. This essay will show their advantages and disadvantages of the following: 1. Expense; 2. Working
requirement; 3.Function. Despite the fact that everyone knows the benefit of solar panels, I will argue that green roof is worth than solar panels.

First, you do really care about the expense that green roof and solar panels might cost. For a100 sq foot, you need about $25,000 to install solar panels on your rooftop. The system works at least 25 years. On the other hand, it will cost you $1,000 per year. Is that worth? It
depends on your personal utility rate of electricity. You would save a small amount of money if you are living with a big family. But a fact that you have to consider is one dollar tomorrow probably won’t have same value as today. Otherwise, you still need to pay the upkeep of the system every year and the charge of basic power for keeping it working. It is priced $1,500 for the same area as 100 sq foot, and the maintenance will not be the problem. Basically then, all you need is a waterproof rooftop, a layer of soil and a bag of seeds. The idea of Green Roof is much cheaper obviously and has lower maintenance than solar panels by comparison.

Next is the working conditions that for each one. Before you choose one of them, you might need to consider that the area you live is sunnier or cloudier. Solar panels that as the name hints, is a system that has to be solarized under sunshine. In addition to sunshine, the
Green Roof also needs adequate raining to support them growing. If we simply consider that the best environments for them, solar panels need less conditions than green roof. Actually, solar panels will still work on a cloudy day. Of course, no one expects that the system can maintain same efficiency as it used to be on a sunny day. However, that is probably enough for keeping a lamp plus a computer working for one day. Unfortunately, solar panels do not fit in a winded area, because the panels might be damaged by blown stuff. In this stage, they are almost in a tie. Taking that green roof is working 24 hours a day into account, I guess that green roof is a little bit better than solar panels.

Lastly I will compare the most important part which is the function of them. In theory, solar panels can basically reduce your energy consumption. What would be powered with solar electricity are the things such as the refrigerator, the computers, the TVs and the air
conditioning, etc. Sounds great! But something you do not know is solar panels efficiency averages only 20% to 40%. Solar panels catch sunlight and convert to another type of power that we usually use for home electronic appliances. The system loses much energy during the
conversion process. You can’t make appliances working unless you get enough energy from sunlight. So how about green roof and its benefits? It not only filters rains and air pollutants, but also keeps the house warmer in winter and emissions heat in summer. Sometimes it can
even provide a habitat for birds and some small animals.

To choose solar panels or green roof is a fascinating question. It is a tough choice for either, I will personally choose green roof anyway. Solar panels are still an immature technology somehow, especially in converting energies. In addition, price is also a point to be considered. I believe that to protect living environments is important for individuals, but it is unacceptable if
no one can solve the problems that I mentioned before.

Windmill Farms answers:

Green Roofs or Solar Roofs ?

Do you want to contribute to our earth but don’t know how? Global warming and the urban heat island effect are making inroads into our homes. This is a serious issue, and we must also have a positive attitude toward mediating this situation.
Suppose that you are not a boss of an enterprise; therefore, you are powerless to decide how to reduce air pollution nor recycle resources. Don’t be discouraged! You can still influence others and help preserve the earth by supporting the idea of green design. Green design is an international
idea that has been discussed for many years, and was promoted in the 1992 Leaders Summit Meeting in Brazil. It is called “ecological building” in Japan and “sustainable building” in Europe. Home green design is an affordable way to save energy. Two methods of saving energy are the green roof and a roof covered by solar panels. Though each of these two methods have their own advantages and drawbacks regarding expense, working conditions, and function, green roofs are a more effective way to save energy.

Expense is a very important thing taken into consideration when deciding between green roofs and solar panels. For a 100 sq foot roof, you need about $25,000 to install solar panels on your rooftop. The system works at least 25 years. However, maintenance of the solar panels will cost $1,000 per year, putting its worthiness into question. Its worthiness depends on your personal electricity usage. You would save a small amount of money if you are living with a big family, but a fact that should be taken into consideration is that the value of money between now and the future fluctuates. Otherwise, you still need to pay the upkeep of the system every year and the charge of basic power to keep it working. Green roofs are priced $1,500 for the same area without the need for maintenance. Then, all you need is a waterproof rooftop, a layer of soil, and a bag of seeds. The idea of Green Roof is much cheaper obviously and has lower maintenance costs than solar panels.

An additional factor to consider are the working conditions of each method. Before you choose one of them, you need to consider the weather in your area. Solar panels, as the name hints, is a system that needs sunlight to function. Green roofs need adequate rain to support growth as well as sunlight. Comparing the two systems’ working requirements, solar panels need less than green roofs. Though solar panels still work on cloudy days, they will not maintain the same efficiency as they would on sunny days, though the amount of energy provided may be enough depending on your needs. Unfortunately, solar panels are not ideal for windy areas because they might be damaged by flying debris. Though the solar panels and green roofs are nearly equal in regards to working conditions, green roofs are slightly advantageous in that they are working 24 hours a day.

Lastly, solar panels and green roofs have slightly differing functions. In theory, solar panels basically reduce your energy consumption. What would be powered with solar electricity are the things such as the refrigerator, the computers, the TVs and the air
conditioning, etc. Sounds great, but solar panels efficiency averages only 20% to 40%. Solar panels absorb sunlight and convert its energy to a type of power we can use for electronics. The system loses much energy during the
conversion process, and will not be able to power appliances unless sufficient amounts of sunlight is absorbed. On the other hand, green roofs filter rain and air pollutants in addition to keeping the house warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Sometimes it can
even provide a habitat for birds and some small animals.

Choosing between solar panels and green roofs is a fascinating question. Though each system has its own benefits, green roofs are more advantageous to the average person. Solar panels are presently an underdeveloped technology especially concerning energy conversion and are more costly than green roofs. Protecting the environment is an important thing and we must work to solve the problems threatening it.

I was going to add a few notes here and there, but the answer was too long. Try to make an original title, and not say “I am going to…” because it’s obvious. Also, if I changed the meanings of some parts (some parts were ambiguous), feel free to ignore the change.

Hope I helped.

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Does Wind Power Create Greenhouse Gases

Laura asks…

What comes from the renewable souces geothermal, wind, solar and water?

Do they produce heat, electricity, light, what? How do they help us? And is this right: wind gives electric power by turning turbines and solar power gives elecricity by absorbing the sun’s rays? Would absorbing the sun’s rays with solar panels reduce greenhouse gases? And are those sources even renewable? How?

Windmill Farms answers:

- Geothermal energy is heat that comes from within that Earth, say from places like underwater volcanic vents, that heat water and turns it to steam, which in turn makes a turbine spin.
– Wind energy is comes from a wind mill with a ridiculously large turbine that creates energy. I don’t know how, but it does.
– Solar energy is rays from the sun that come constantly, never stopping until the position of a solar panel is pointing away from the Sun. The Suns energy is renewable because it will not go away in anyone living today’s lifetime. The Sun is supposed to go into Supernova in 3 billion years, outliving a single thing alive today. Thats why its considered renewable TODAY.
– Water energy is water that is run through a turbine, therefore causing it to spin. Like with the windmill, I have no idea how, but it does.

All of these are renewable sources of energy because not a one of these sources will lose power in anyone living today’s lifetime, unless, by some odd chance, that we get hit by an asteroid, or if theres no one else to use it due to nuclear fallout. Or some other cause that wipes out human life.

John asks…

HELP school questions?

How is electricity transmitted to power something from a wind turbine?Is it through wires,or through what?I’m really confused >.<
And basically how does one work?
Please describe it so I can understand it :)
Don’t worry I am not cheating we were just learning about it today in my online school and I was confused :) my notes sucked and I feel like I need to be more prepared in case there’s a test.

Windmill Farms answers:

Wind power involves converting wind energy into electricity by using wind turbines. A wind turbine is composed of 3 propellers-like blades called a rotor. The rotor is attached to a tall tower. The tower looks like a very tall pole. On average wind towers are about 20m high. The reason why the tower is so tall is because winds are stronger higher from the ground.
Wind comes from atmospheric changes; changes in temperature and pressure makes the air move around the surface of the earth; all of which is triggered by the sun. So in a way, wind energy is another form of solar power. A wind turbine captures the wind to produce energy. The wind makes the rotor spin; as the rotor spins, the movement of the blades spinning gives power to a generator which makes energy. The motion of the wind turbine turning is called kinetic energy, this power is converted into electricity.
The conversion of wind into electricity
Wind power is converted into electricity by magnets moving past stationary coils of wire known as the stator. As the magnets pass the stator, AC electricity is produced. It is then converted into DC electricity which can be used to charge batteries which store the electrical energy or can also be fed into a grid interactive inverter for feeding power into the electricity grid.
The benefits of wind power
Wind power is a clean energy source that can be relied on for the long-term future. A wind turbine creates reliable, cost-effective, pollution free energy. It is affordable, clean and sustainable. One wind turbine can be sufficient to generate energy for a household. Because wind is a source of energy which is non-polluting and renewable, wind turbines create power without using fossil fuels, without producing greenhouse gases or radioactive or toxic waste. Wind power reduces global warming.

Chris asks…

Do Liberals care more about cleaning the environment or about gaining power?

Liberals are so damn fake that I would rather be a toad than to be a Liberal. Lets be for real here there is no alternative energy out there that is 100% clean. Batteries are full of acid and you need to burn coal or use nuclear energy to produce electricity. Please don’t mention solar panels cause they are still in the developing stage and its going to take many years before we get one that works decent.

Meanwhile we do have a great alternative energy that produces very little CO2 and everyone is embracing it except the Liberals. You can’t just jump into electrical energy when it isn’t ready so something in between is perfect. With Natural Gas we can reduce pollution by more than half within a few years. Everyone is embracing it too and GE the one working with windmills and solar panels agrees with me. That is why they don’t want to work in America. ITS BECAUSE OF THE LIBERALS THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY WANT.

General Electric, a leading producer of gas-turbines and wind power, wants Congress and the Obama administration to pass a clear energy policy that sets green standards while recognizing natural gas’ importance as a backbone to alternative energy plants, a leading GE executive said Thursday.

The company, which is headquartered in Fairfield, Conn., recently unveiled plans for a “FlexEfficiency” power plant pairs with wind and solar energy but relies on natural gas to ensure that power needs are met even when wind or sun conditions are poor for energy production.

Paul Browning, President and CEO of GE Thermal Products, spoke Thursday about the future of FlexEfficiency technology in the United States.
Paul Browning, president and CEO of GE Thermal Products, headquartered in Schenectady, N.Y., said at a meeting with reporters that the mix will allow for a record 61-percent fuel efficiency — meaning 61 percent of fuel burned is turned into useful energy. That’s 15 percentage points better than existing flexible, gas-fired power technology. He said in the past, plants have allowed either efficiency or flexibility, but never both at this level.

But he said it could be hard to attract investors to the technology in the United States, because the country lacks clear-cut laws that encourage clean energy use and allow companies to know whether they can recoup their investment after they buy into the efficient but initially expensive plants

He said the European 20-20-20 policy, which mandates the use of 20 percent alternative fuels, a 20 percent increase in energy efficiency and a 20 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020, creates a much better environment for the technology.

“That’s a very clear thing for a business like mine to plan around,” he said. “When you look at the U.S., where is the analog to that?”

“It’s hard for companies to make those long-term bets,” he said.

Browning also said GE’s new technology relies on natural gas, and the company wants to encourage a U.S. policy that recognizes the fuel’s importance to the future of alternative-energy plants.

Windmill Farms answers:

Well most liberals i hear about don’t like nuclear power(i do frankly) but asside from that if it can be demonstrated that a form of power generation is less impactful on the environment i’ll support it. Ultimately though i think the form of energy we should use depends on the region you are talking about. Electricity is electricity weather you get it from natural gas, nuclear energy, solar, etc. The main questions are ones of side effects, efficiency, and availability, and output.

William asks…

Renewable Energy Sources.. ?

Hey guys and girls of Y!A :)

I’m most definitely not going to ask for every tiny bit of information from you, because that’d be cheating..

But i have a few questions for you all :)

Q1: What 2 renewable energy sources (wind power, solar power ect..) do you think are best for the environment?

Q2: What 2 renewable energy sources are most effective?

And finally

Q3: What does Biomass cost?


Thanks :) and don’t worry if you don’t know an answer to a question, you can just send me a link of an internet site on it.

- Kayleigh x

Windmill Farms answers:

–Biomass Energy: Cost of Production
Combustion and Gasification Facilities
Using conventional combustion technology without cogeneration, the estimated cost to generate electricity from biomass ranges from 5.2 to 6.7 cents per kilowatt-hour in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. Actual costs would vary depending on financing, location, system design and fuel cost. In the future, new gasification technologies may lower the cost of generating electric power from waste wood and other biomass fuels. In contrast, the estimated cost of generating electricity from a new natural gas-fired, combined-cycle power plant is 2.8 cents per kilowatt-hour. More……… Http://
Wind power is the conversion of wind energy into a useful form, such as electricity, using wind turbines. At the end of 2008, worldwide nameplate capacity of wind-powered generators was 121.2 gigawatts (GW). Wind power produces about 1.5% of worldwide electricity use,[1][2] and is growing rapidly, having doubled in the three years between 2005 and 2008. Several countries have achieved relatively high levels of wind power penetration, such as 19% of stationary electricity production in Denmark, 11% in Spain and Portugal, and 7% in Germany and the Republic of Ireland in 2008. As of May 2009, eighty countries around the world are using wind power on a commercial basis.

Large-scale wind farms are typically connected to the local electric power transmission network; smaller turbines are used to provide electricity to isolated locations. Utility companies increasingly buy back surplus electricity produced by small domestic turbines. Wind (and solar) energy as power sources is favoured by environmentalists as an alternative to fossil fuels, because they are plentiful, renewable, widely distributed, clean, and produce no greenhouse gas emissions; however, the construction of wind farms is not universally welcomed due to their visual impact and other effects on the environment.

Wind power, along with solar power, is non-dispatchable, meaning that for economic operation all of the available output must be taken when it is available, and other resources, such as hydropower, must be used to match supply with demand. The intermittency of wind seldom creates problems when using wind power to supply a low proportion of total demand. Where wind is to be used for a moderate fraction of demand, additional costs for compensation of intermittency are considered to be modest.Compared to the environmental effects of traditional energy sources, the environmental effects of wind power are relatively minor. Wind power consumes no fuel, and emits no air pollution, unlike fossil fuel power sources.More…………..
Http:// Solar power is by far the Earth’s most available energy source, easily capable of providing many times the total current energy demand. The largest solar power plants, like the 354 MW SEGS, are concentrating solar thermal plants, but recently multi-megawatt photovoltaic plants have been built. Completed in 2008, the 46 MW Moura photovoltaic power station in Portugal and the 40 MW Waldpolenz Solar Park in Germany are characteristic of the trend toward larger photovoltaic power stations. Much larger ones are proposed, such as the 550 MW Topaz Solar Farm, and the 600 MW Rancho Cielo Solar Farm. Covering 4% of the world’s desert area with photovoltaics could supply all of the world’s electricity. The Gobi Desert alone could supply almost all of the world’s total energy demand.

Solar power is an intermittent energy source, meaning that solar power is not available at all times, and is normally supplemented by storage or another energy source, for example with wind power and hydropower.More…………..

Jenny asks…

Solar energy Questions?

How does Solor energy work?
Where in Canada is the source used?
How much oif canda’s total energy production is made up from solor energy?
How does solor energy impact the economy?
What is the goverments position on solor energy
What is the future trend for solar energy?

Windmill Farms answers:

At noon in Canada, on any given day, so many Joules of energy fall on a square meter of area on the ground or roof. If they fall on a solar photo-cell then it will generate so many volts and amps of electricity. The wind energy and soalr energy are the power of the future so all governments are encouraging their use. They do not create greenhouse gases that polute or create global warming but they are expensile.

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Uses Of Wind Energy

Carol asks…

Why don’t people use more wind energy?

Read the question.

Windmill Farms answers:

Hey Dnoh, I think by reading quickly down this list of answers, you should be able to answer your own question. There are a lot of facts about wind energy, such as the cost of producing the equipment, the grid requirements to move the energy to where the loads are, the noise they might create and so on. What exists in larger quantities is the misinformation about all these facts. One fact that is obvious if you travel around is that wind power is expanding very quickly, and it isn’t happening because it is expensive, inconvenient or not beneficial, quite the contrary. The new turbines today in the United States produce power for less than 5 cents per kilowatthour, that’s a little less than many of our traditional sources, and about even with coal power. Most people believe that traditional energy sources will become more expensive in the future as the price of oil goes up, and rightly so. So as the price of wind power comes down, it becomes even more attractive. For this reason, many companies are manufacturing and installing utility sized wind plants as fast as they can. On a flight from coast to coast today, you will pass within viewing distance of 8 wind farms on average. Ten years ago it was less than 1. So more people are using wind power, they just don’t realize it.

As far as home systems, we have been powering our home from the wind and sun for almost 10 years now, and our system, which consists of a 1.4 kw solar array and a 1kw wind turbine, including the batteries, charge controllers, inverter and other electronics, cost less than $15,000. Subtract off the amount of money we received in grants and tax incentives, plus the small amount we receive each year for selling carbon credits to industry, and we have spent less than $10,000 on our equipment. It produces about $30 of electricity each month, so it might take a generation to get the money back, but that is not why we got involved. It makes sense to us environmentally to make our own energy, much like a homeowner might grow their own tomatoes even though it’s cheaper to buy them at the grocery. There is also the fact that the power never goes out at our house, something that is difficult to put a price tag on.

Wind energy today is like the cigarettes of yesterday. It wasn’t long ago when people still argued about whether or not they were bad for our health. Try making that argument today. I hope that in another 20 years we won’t have to ask questions like yours, only time will tell. If you want to learn more, here are some sources. Take care, Rudydoo

Donald asks…

What are some of examples how wind energy is currently used?

For examples

To generate electricity

I need more though, so give me as many as you can think of

Windmill Farms answers:

Propel sailboats and sailing ships.
Architects have used wind-driven natural ventilation in buildings.
Irrigation pumping and for milling grain.
The “water-pumping windmill”.
Pumping water from water wells for the steam locomotives.
Small wind machines provided electricity to isolated farms.
Wind turbines to generate electricity, which was then used to produce hydrogen.
Small wind turbines for lighting of isolated rural buildings.
Use wind turbines to displace diesel fuel consumption.

Wind turbines have been used for household electricity generation in conjunction with battery storage

The surplus power produced by domestic microgenerators can, in some jurisdictions, be fed back into the network and sold back to the utility company, producing a retail credit for the consumer to offset their energy costs.

Wind power consumes no fuel, and emits no air pollution.

George asks…

how do winds energy work? explain please?

how do winds energy work?

Windmill Farms answers:

Wind energy just uses the wind and giant turbines

when the turbine moves it then generates electricity which is stored or distributed.

Robert asks…

is it easy to pump water than producing electricity by using wind energy?

Windmill Farms answers:

These are two different but related topics. One thing our electrical grids generally lack is any form of energy storage. Uhfortunately our electrical usage is not constant and we have to build enough generating capacity for peak power demands. Energy storage might allow us to use off peak generating capacity to provide peak power. One of the only ways we store energy is by pumping water to a higher elevation and then generating power as it falls. While the process is reasonably efficient the energy density is often low.1

While pumping water is reasonably certain, electricity that can be made from wind is less so. One idea is to store the power of the wind in hydro pumping facility to produce a predictable capacity on demand.

Both type of facilities require the right kind of location. Current economics seems to favor more wind generation over hydro energy storage facilities.

William asks…

do we use energy wind in connecticut?

Windmill Farms answers:

Wind is simple air in motion. It is caused by the uneven heating of the earth’s surface by the sun. Since the earth’s surface is made of very different types of land and water, it absorbs the sun’s heat at different rates.

During the day, the air above the land heats up more quickly than the air over water. The warm air over the land expands and rises, and the heavier, cooler air rushes in to take its place, creating winds. At night, the winds are reversed because the air cools more rapidly over land than over water.

In the same way, the large atmospheric winds that circle the earth are created because the land near the earth’s equator is heated more by the sun than the land near the North and South Poles.

Today, wind energy is mainly used to generate electricity. Wind is called a renewable energy source because the wind will blow as long as the sun shines.

As part of its 1998 Electric Restructuring Public Act 98-28, the Connecticut Legislature requires all investor-owned utilities to provide net metering to residential customers who own electrical generators using Class I renewable resources, including wind power.

Net metering provisions in utility tariffs approved by the Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control (DPUC) established the maximum system size limit for net-metered renewables at 100 kW. There is no limit on the total net-metered capacity.

Although distribution companies are required to offer net metering only to residential customers, Connecticut Light & Power Company (CL&P) and the United Illuminating Company (UI) do make it available for businesses under specific conditions.

Net excess generation is purchased at the spot market energy rate, which is essentially the short-term avoided cost (less than retail).

As of 2003, only net-metered customers with systems greater than 10 kW can be charged for the competitive transition assessment and the systems benefits charge. These charges are based on the amount of energy consumed by the customer from the facilities of the electric distribution company without netting any electricity produced by the customer

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Wind Energy For Kids

Michael asks…

Does anyone know a good website where i can find out about windmills?

It’s for a Science fair and i really need help…Plz ppl…

Windmill Farms answers:

Wind Energy
The earliest known windmills were in Persia (Iran) … Alternative energy sources, paving the way for the re-entry of the windmill to … – 20k – Cached – More from this site
FPL Energy – Wind Energy
… Never-ending resource, it generates clean energy using the most up-to-date … Download our brochure, The Nation’s Leader In Wind Energy (4,584k PDF) … – 22k – Cached – More from this site
Open Directory – Science: Technology: Energy: Renewable: Wind: Windmills
Windmill Construction Manual – Selling a manual to build windmills for water … Windmill World – An extensive site about windmills, (especially in the UK) … – 7k – Cached – More from this site
Windmill – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A windmill is an engine powered by the wind to produce energy, often contained … Renewable energy: Windmills at the Open Directory Project (suggest site) … – 63k – Cached – More from this site
Energy Windmills in Home Furnishing at
Find Energy Windmills stores, compare Energy Windmills prices. helps shoppers find, compare, and buy anything in just – More from this site
U.S. Department of Energy Wind and Hydropower Technologies
Information on the DOE wind and hydro energy program, wind power projects, wind turbine technology and research, and wind energy – 26k – Cached – More from this site
Windmills – Search Results – MSN Encarta
Windmill. Windmill, machine that converts wind into useful energy. … Renewable energy, windmills among sources … Wind Energy, produced by windmills … – 52k – Cached – More from this site
Windmills At Work
… Wind’s energy is transferred to the object, in this case the windmill, causing it to move. … And convert the kinetic energy windmill to some other object … – 10k – Cached – More from this site
energy conversion :: Windmills — Britannica Student Encyclopedia
Windmills, like waterwheels, were among the original prime … Windmill and other predecessors of modern wind turbines, see the article energy conversion. …

Susan asks…

experiment that shows objects gain energy the higher they are lifted?

i need and experiment that show objects gain more energy the higher they are lifted

Windmill Farms answers:

Drop a ball on someones head from 2 inches 3 inches 4 inches etc and see which one hurts the most :o) just kidding

Roll a ball down an incline and have it hit a horizontally positioned spring at the bottom and measure the deflection.


Attach a weight from a string (like a swing) (or make a pendulum) and have it hit the spring and measure the deflection. Make sure the spring’s largest deflection is a bit before the weight’s upswing or gravity will be robbing energy as it swings back up. Probably best to use the incline. Unless you like the coolness factor of a swinging pendulum.

Using a marker attached to the spring (where it meets the incoming weight), position it so that it can trace a line on a revolving cylinder. It will show the change in deflection as a side ways “V” or stretched “U” shape. And you can also discuss why the shape of the tracing is like it is because of the springs constant. Attach a pulley to this horizontal cylinder and wind up some string around it (or just wrap it around the cylinder) … Then attach the other end of the string to another weight. Make a release mechanism on the floor above the weight strung to the cylinder, so that when it hits the floor, it releases the other weight, that you are dropping from different heights. Thus, the cylinder will spin at the same or nearly the same rate each time. (makes it repeatable and more accurate.) or just attach the cylinder to a motor (easy but less cool).

You could do this ahead of time with 3 different distances(heights) and have the tracings out already for the project … Then calculate the springs deflection for other release heights with a graph of an equation using hooke’s law.

Where hooke states F=-kx
x is the displacement of the end of the spring from its equilibrium position (in SI units: “m”); F is the restoring force exerted by the material (in SI units: “N”); and k is the force constant (or spring constant) (in SI units: “N·m-1″ or “kgs-2″).

If you can position another pendulum in line with the 1st … Having the 2nd in the horizontal position ready to receive and impact from the first … Then you can show that when they collide the second will arc around higher the higher the 1st is released. That may not be impressive as the other but easy to make I’m sure.

Sharon asks…

How is wind made?

Windmill Farms answers:

It is caused by those on the left opening their mouths and spewing forth more lies.

Just kidding

Wind is the flow of air. More generally, it is the flow of the gases which compose an atmosphere; since wind is not only an Earth based phenomenon.
Winds are commonly classified by their spatial scale, their speed, the types of forces that cause them, the geographic regions in which they occur, or their effect.
There are global winds, such as the wind belts which exist between the atmospheric circulation cells. There are upper-level winds which typically include narrow belts of concentrated flow called jet streams. There are synoptic-scale winds that result from pressure differences in surface air masses in the middle latitudes, and there are winds that come about as a consequence of geographic features, such as the sea breezes. Mesoscale winds are those which act on a local scale, such as gust fronts. At the smallest scale are the microscale winds, which blow on a scale of only tens to hundreds of meters and are essentially unpredictable, such as dust devils and microbursts.
Forces which drive wind or affect it are the pressure gradient force, the Coriolis force, buoyancy forces, and friction forces. When a difference in pressure exists between two adjacent air masses, the air tends to flow from the region of high pressure to the region of low pressure. On a rotating planet, flows will be acted upon by the Coriolis force, in regions sufficiently far from the equator and sufficiently high above the surface.
The two major driving factors of large scale global winds are the differential heating between the equator and the poles (difference in absorption of solar energy between these climate zones), and the rotation of the planet.

Lisa asks…

the disadvantages of windmills and disadvantages of solar energy.?

hey i’m doing a debate in my high school science class and its about alternative energy. my group is doing wind energy and there aren’t really that many disadvantages that i could find. one disadvantage was that it kills hundreds of birds. what point should i back it up with if the opposing team mentions it? also what are some good points that i can through at the opposing team? their doing solar panels/solar energy.

Windmill Farms answers:

Where did you get the idea that wind mills kill birds ? Not so, the trouble is that you youngsters are told stories like the killing of birds.Fact is they are not used enough, China has more wind farms and enough to power a very large industrial city out in the no mans land of China. This country tells you kids what they want you to buy into, called” wagging the dog ” dis-information, just look at the oil spill. We we’re told that the leak was pouring out at approx 5 thousand gallons- reality was that it was sending more then five times this amount.
So in the long run the only disadvantage is that they’re not enough wind farms in use, so you do some more in-depth searching on wind farms and this will get you a winning team to work.

Paul asks…

How can wind turbines be helpful for a school?

So I am doing a summer school project of sustainability and I chose wind turbines, how could they be used for a school?

Windmill Farms answers:

Hey Ally, I’m sure you already know that wind turbines generate electricity, or pump water using the power of the wind. The real benefit of putting a turbine on school property however is not in the energy they produce, but the knowledge. We live in a wind and solar powered home now, it has been for about 12 years. The last 5 years or so we’ve been teaching solar power seminars to 5th graders at our local school, and then loading a bus with students and bringing them out to the house so they can see a solar powered home first hand. It is a great deal more enlightening to put your hand on something and see it work than just talking about it, and renewable energy is no exception.

Many schools today are installing wind turbines and solar arrays to accomplish both items. These devices reduce the schools energy cost by producing at least some of the electricity the school uses. They also have courses set up to teach wind or solar technology, maintenance and installation. So the school finishes the year with a smaller electric bill, and the students finish the year with at least some understanding of these technologies that exceeds other area schools, this gives these students an advantage later in life should they decide to seek a career in this area. Your school would benefit the same way if they were able to install a wind turbine, and even more so if they could attract a grant for the equipment, there are lots of them available, just try googling, “School grants for wind turbines.” This would be the best case scenario, someone else paying for your schools turbine, which lowers the electric bill once it is installed, and increases the education base of the students. A further advantage that is only now being seen is the demand for student enrollment can go up when a school has a turbine or solar array, and a module in the science program that teaches the kids how it works. More parents are starting to pay attention to what schools offer, and in many states, school choice can make transferring to that school, even at the Elemtary level a possibility. No school in their right mind would turn down an opportunity like this.

The college level is no different. As an example, Kalamazoo Valley Community College (KVCC) near Kalamazoo, Michigan now has a large turbine installed, and a complete 2 year training program for Wind Turbine Maintenance. Their enrollement went up almost immediately after the program started, and their electric bill went down. Now they are attracting additional grant money to expand the program in other areas such as solar, hydro and biomass energy.

These are the ways a wind turbine can be helpful to a school Ally. Take some time to read this post a few times, look up related items on the internet, and form an outline for your answer. Then present it as your project, and you might get more attention than just a good grade on the subject. Good luck Ally, and take care, Rudydoo

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Renewable Energy

Betty asks…

renewable energy advantages and disadvantages?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of renewable energy today?

Windmill Farms answers:

Renewable energy has Little to no disadvantages, however the process through which we obtain it does. Technically there is no such thing as renewable energy, as energy cannot be “used up” it can only be converted into different forms. The way in which we use energy at the moment is harmful to our planet, by burning fossil fuels (fossilised remains of prehistoric animals e.g. Oil which consists of various hydro-carbons) we are releasing harmful gasses into the atmosphere which protects us from dangerous ultra-violet and gamma radiation. By destroying our shield the planet is rapidly heating up and more cases of sun radiation poisoning are occurring e.g. Increased rate of skin cancer; pollution can also damage our health directly as it can increase respiratory disease.
By using renewable energy we don’t pollute the atmosphere or do alot of harm to the earths environment or inhabitants. The ways in which we gain energy are usually either infinite or sustainable as they meet the needs of the present without compromising the needs of the future. Disadvantages are that the way we harvest this energy is slow and clumsy. Turbines are increasingly popular over here in the UK but they are expensive and require wind which isn’t constant. The windiest places are out at sea but to build on top of a seabed is also expensive. The turbines break down easily and are constantly needing maintenance, plus they lose potential energy as they can only gain a maximum amount (basically if they are getting max energy from a certain wind speed, even if the wind picks up they cant gain any more), plus the energy isn’t nearly as much as when we burn fossil fuels. Solar panels are popular as they can be fitted to roof tops, but these are also expensive and aren’t effective at night or if it is cloudy.
Basically fossil fuels are easy to obtain, they are cheap and produce a lot of energy but are harmful to the environment and are not sustainable.
Renewable energy is sustainable but is slow and expensive.
We can make compromise though, nuclear energy is a frowned upon but still considered energy production method. It is not pollutant free but is a lot less harmful then fossil fuels. Plus a lot of energy can be created from just a small amount of uranium.
Bio-fuels and hybrids are more efficient types of of car (fuel), vegetable oil is being used in parts of america, by crushing sugar cane and adding a few things here and there we get ethanol which is perfectly capable of powering an automobile. It is fairly clean but is not sustainable as even though we can grow it at an effective rate, it couldn’t meet earths demand. Hybrids combine electricity with petrol. While you may think wait isn’t electricity made from fossil fuels? Well a lot of the time it can be made from sustainable energy, and it is cleaner to use. When the car tops 40mph the car will switch to petrol, usually the rotation of wheels when the car is using petrol can be used to recharge the unused battery partially.

Helen asks…

What is Renewable Energy?

I’m doing project and i can’t find the answer. So i don’t know what to do and please help me!

Windmill Farms answers:

Renewable energy is energy the earth can recreate or can never be completely used up in one life time such as solar energy, wind, etc. Non-renewable energy is energy the earth can NOT recreate in one lifetime, such as oil, wood, etc.

Donna asks…

Renewable Energy Help?

I need some facts on Renewable energy
Thankss! :D

Windmill Farms answers:


Renewable energy comes from sources that will not run out such as wind, water, the sun and geothermal energy from the earth’s core. While they are not as widely used yet, they will begin to gain popularity in the coming years with our oil supply being unreliable.

There is a lot information out there but here are some places to start:

You can also contact the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Energy Information Administration – – and the U.S. Department of Energy.

I hope this helps!

Susan asks…

is alternative energy aand renewable energy the same thing?

im doing a science research paper and i want to know is renewable energy and alternative energy are the same thing! please help due tomorrow

Windmill Farms answers:

Renewable energy is a term that can be narrowly defined and has a place in a scientific paper. “Alternative energy” is a term that can mean almost anything that someone wants to use it for. It may have no business in a scientific paper.

Renewable energy is therefore derives its energy from the sun and can be expected to last as long as the sun shines. Typically we are talking about relatively short renewal periods of a day to a season. To someone in the coal industry coal may be an alternative form of energy to Oil. Nuclear energy is considered an alternative to not only oil and coal but to renewable energy forms like direct solar, wind, biomass and hydroelectric.

Nancy asks…

what is renewable energy?

Can anyone explain to me in simple terms what renewable energy is and what the benefits of renewable energy are??
Sorry, i’m a bit slow at catching on to things and the internet is confusing me

Windmill Farms answers:

Renewable Energy – energy source that can be replenished in a short period of time. Sources; Wind, Geothermal, Water, Biomass, Solar

Benefits of Renewable Energy Source:

1.Renewable energy sources offer clean alternative to fossil fuels.
2.RE produces little or no pollution or greenhouse gases.
3.RE will never run out

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Wind Power Generator

Thomas asks…

How efficient is wind power? Does it cost more than burning coal?

Is it economically efficient to have wind power as your source of electricity?

Windmill Farms answers:

They are as efficient as the average generators however, air being the sorce of energy, besides maintenance, it’s free and environmentally friendly. Calculate your maintenance and compare it to your electricity bills.

Ken asks…

Is there a portable generator that could use it’s inverter for transforming a DC input into AC?

I would like to get a generator and am also considering investing in some wind-power (urban windmill). I know that the windmill would require an inverter and that most portable generators have inverters in them. Is there any generator that would accept DC input and transform it into AC?

Windmill Farms answers:

No. The inverter types of generators get the high voltage DC directly from the generator, not with a low-voltage stage you would need.

What you want is a generator to charge your battery bank alongside the windmill, then use a standarfd inverter to supply your load.

Michael asks…

Is the a government run project to help farmers with getting wind power generators?

I have children that live in a very windy, remote area. I would like to find information about how to establish a wind turbine to harvest the natural wind force that is always blowing very hard at their place.

Windmill Farms answers:

You could start here: .

Although it looks to be an industry run group (their own best interests in mind, I mean), they should be happy to let you know about grants and such if it means you will be buying products for renewable energy.

Also, check with the local power company in their area. Some will buy unused electricity from citizens with their own power generators.

Nancy asks…

How do we make wind turbine power generators safer for birds?

A big concern surrounding wind energy is the safety of birds. Is there a current model that eliminates this problem? If so, is there a version of that model for home use?

Windmill Farms answers:

Not sure whether any “Wind-Farmer” thought of this, but at airports we use strong loudspeakers that emit raptor calls.

James asks…

What are the purpose of the magnets in a wind generator?

In a wind generator there are several trapezoid magnets around the shaft of the prop, what are the purpose of these?

Windmill Farms answers:

Electricity can be generated by moving a conducting wire so that it cuts through a magnetic field.
In short electricity from magnetism and motion.
Most electricity-generating systems involve rotating coils of wire in a magnetic field.
There are many ways of causing the coils to rotate:
Wind power:- wind generators
Water power:- water hitting a water wheel (turbine) causing it to rotate – hydroelectricity
Nuclear power:- heat generated in a nuclear reaction is used to produce a jet of steam which again hit a turbine causing it to rotate.
Oil, gas and coal could be used as alternatives to produce the jet of steam.
Finally rather than the coils of wire rotating some systems cause the magnets to rotate – as long as there is relative motion between the coils and the magnetic field either will do.

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Is Wind Power Green Energy

John asks…

What are some examples of the ‘green collar’ jobs that Clinton/Obama refer to?

Windmill Farms answers:

Building wind mills, power generators that use waves, and other tecnology jobs that are building things to harness nature to generate power.

Green collar workers include professionals such as conservation movement workers, environmental consultants, environmental or biological systems engineers, green building architects, holistic passive solar building designers, solar energy and wind energy engineers, green vehicle engineers, organic farmers, environmental lawyers, ecology educators, and ecotechnology workers. They also include vocational or trade-level employment: electricians who install solar panels, plumbers who install solar water heaters, and construction workers who build energy-efficient green buildings, wind power farms, or other clean, renewable, sustainable future energy development workers could all be considered green jobs.

If you are interested go to the site below.

Ruth asks…

Green Energy Question?

If electricity costs say $0.20kwh and I install some solar power grids and small wind turbines. When these solar power and turbines produce more energy than I use it is sold back to the grid. How much will the electricity company pay for my energy? is it the full price I would pay if buying power or only a small percentage of that???

Windmill Farms answers:

The only way they can pay you a different price than what you pay is by installing a second meter for the outgoing power. Otherwise they have no idea what is going on. The meter just runs backward.

Maria asks…

New source of energy?

If there are power companies that offer power generated from wind or solar power, why do you think the general population is so hesitant to sign up, even if it costs the same? Should the government step in and mandate that power companies offer power generated from alternative forms of energy? Why or Why not?

Windmill Farms answers:

Well, for one reason, the greener energy sources are almost never the same price.

Thomas asks…

What can be done to improve the uptake of wind power energy?

any ideas?

Windmill Farms answers:

Wind turbines vary wildly in performance depending on where they are put. Locations that are exposed and with large open spaces are well suited for wind power and can generate a huge amount of electricity. A small home wind turbine can produce as much as $3500 worth of electricy in a year, but only if these wind conditions are met.

Wind turbines make very good economic sense IF they are located in a good area, but the trouble is that those who could take advantage of their wind resource are unaware they are sitting on a goldmine.

Too many people put up turbines in poorly suited areas and are disappointed. As a result, wind turbines are a misunderstood form of green energy.

Greater research and awareness needs to be brought about amoungst the general population.

Michael asks…

are Nuclear Power Plant considered “green energy”?

are Nuclear Power Plants, like the one that got destroyed in Japan considered to be green energy producers? i know that solar, wind and water are considered to be green energy, but someone told me that so are nuclear power plants, like the one in Japan that is leaking radiation everywhere… i thought that green energy was supposed to be good for our environment. is this true or false about nuclear power plants?

Windmill Farms answers:

US Air Force did not think of using nuclear bombs in Japan in 1942 because nuclear energy was green but because it was highly destructive energy with long term impact which can spread internationally. Now terrorists and suicide bombers may also get access to nuclear energy based weapons of destruction.
Japan is a land of earthquakes and tsunamis-last week’s was not the first earthquake above 6 richter scale. Japan is actually unfit for human settlement and more unfit for nuclear plant settlement. There are regions in US which are also prone to earthquakes-one such state is California where Hollywood industry thrives and California had to see the radiation plume that spread from Fukushima nuclear power station. And Japanese people had to taste radiation contaminated milk and spinach-quite green. 24 out of 104 nuclear reactors operating in US are in regions that are experiencing severe drought-considering that reactor cooling has been instrumental in widely publicized nuclear accidents like TMI, Chernobyl and even Fukushima-these 24 units are a reason to worry about. Uptil now there is only one commercial breeder reactor in the world which is in Russia. So issues like fuel reprocessing, uranium mining, health of mine workers, abandoned mine clean up and nuclear waste disposal have to be addressed before calling nuclear as a green energy.

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