Renewable Energy Jobs

Nancy asks…

What are some Jobs in Renewable energy or geology?

I still have some years before college but I am trying to think about what i would like to do when I am an adult so i can plan early. I am interested in a job in renewable energy or some type of geology(not anything with petroleum or gas because we are finding more renewable energy and soon i do not think those types of jobs will be in demand). I am very good at science(all types) and usually make above a 90 on all my tests and quizzes. Please name some jobs in these fields so i can do some research and see if anything sounds like something i would like to do. Or if you have a job in one of these fields please say your job and some things about what it is like having that job. Thanks! =)

Windmill Farms answers:


Thank you for your question.

You could try working in teaching geology or minerals exploration. You can also look at jobs in renewable energy such as managing solar energy or wind farms or maintaining them or research into renewable energy.


Sandra asks…

Renewable energy future?

Things like wind power (turbines)
I am talking about the design side of the renewable energy, what is the future like, maybe in 3+ years time?
Do you THINK that there will be many jobs available for someone who is specialised in the field (ie, got degrees in things such as renewables and mechanical engineering)?
I have heard there is a lot going on with wind power in the UK right now, is this true?

Obviously you can not see the future but I ask for your opinion, I am thinking of going into this type of engineering and studying it at a degree level, what are your thoughts?


Windmill Farms answers:

There is a lot of political capital being spent to support so called renewables, but the amount of money being spent far exceed the benefits returned. For example, there was an article that I read today about a town in Nevada that installed wind power and most of the results are scandalous. One wind generator cost $21,000 and it has resulted in less than $100 in energy savings.

A problem with wind is that it does not blow all the time, so wind is not a reliable form of energy. Backup generators are needed to supply power to customers when the wind blows too soft and when the wind blows too hard.

Secondly, wind turbines are great destroyers of birds. Large birds can not avoid the blades, small birds can’t handle the vortex winds off the blades.

Third, and this is something that I think has not been looked at, what are the long term effects of changing the winds. This falls into the category of unintended consequences. Think of it this way: wind is a process on earth that has cause and effect. Winds blow and they cause air to move, areas to exchange heat because of the air movement, cause water to do things (evaporation, waves, etc) and other such wind related phenomena. What happens when the flow of the wind is disrupted? In a simple case, block the flow of air into your PC and you will cause it to heat up dramatically. What happens when lots of wind turbines cause the air to flow not as much? Yes, the wind turbines cause the air to slow down. It is impossible to extract work from the moving air without causing the air to change in some way and the simplest way is for it to slow down.

Right now, the UK is coming to its senses from what I can read. The money is not there to support these political projects. Rather than tax itself into the stone age and have a power system that regularly fails, many are waking up.

Green in the sense of conserving is good, if you can save something and have a benefit. If the supposed benefit is nothing more than feeling good about it, that is not a benefit, that is a political fantasy that is not sustainable. A benefit is a cost savings. If spending money on a project makes efficiency go up and after some period of time all of the investment is paid for in savings, then conservation is a success. If the payback for a project is too long, then it is likely that the system will need to be replaced from being worn out and thus there are no savings and there was no conservation.

Also consider all that is required to produce something in the equation. For example, if an EV costs twice as much as a petroleum powered vehicle, and it costs a lot to make the battery (including the energy cost to create the battery by refining the materials), and it costs a great deal to make the infrastructure to support the charging stations, etc. Then why do these things even get started.

My view of wind energy is the same as EVs and solar. Then I need to do something, I need my energy or EV now. The very last thing I can afford to hear is that I can’t do it because there is sun or wind or charge right now. If that is the case, it is time again to get a horse because on the horse I can rely if I can give it grass and water.

Renewables are a fantasy that the utopians want us to believe in. They don’t work, the crush us in expenses, the limit our freedoms, they enslave us to the whims of the ones that control the energy.

Donald asks…


what characteristics must our futures energy sources possess to be viable? What characteristics are outdated?

Windmill Farms answers:

Future energy sources should exceed certain economic, environmental, health and safety objectives. For one good review of near-term options for transport energy needs, the 14 Jan., 2009 issue of New Scientist includes a good, concise study from Stanford Univ:

Top 7 alternative energies listed
14 January 2009 by Catherine Brahic

The US could replace all its cars and trucks with electric cars powered by wind turbines taking up less than 3 square kilometres, says the study. The US could replace all its cars and trucks with electric cars powered by wind turbines taking up less than 3 square kilometres – in theory, at least. That’s the conclusion of a detailed study ranking 11 types of non-fossil fuels according to their total ecological footprint and their benefit to human health.
The study, carried out by Mark Jacobson of the atmosphere and energy programme at Stanford University, found wind power to be by far the most desirable source of energy. Biofuels from corn and plant waste came right at the bottom of the list, along with nuclear power and “clean” coal.

The energy sources that Jacobson found most promising were, in descending order:
• Wind
• Concentrated solar power (mirrors heating a tower of water)
• Geothermal energy
• Tidal energy
• Solar panels
• Wave energy
• Hydroelectric dams
To compare the fuels, Jacobson calculated the impacts each would have if it alone powered the entire US fleet of cars and trucks.
He considered not just the quantities of greenhouse gases that would be emitted, but also the impact the fuels would have on the ecosystem – taking up land and polluting water, for instance. Also considered were the fuel’s impact on pollution and therefore human health, the availability of necessary resources, and the energy form’s reliability.
“The energy alternatives that are good are not the ones that people have been talking about the most,” says Jacobson.
“Some options that have been proposed are just downright awful,” he says. “Ethanol-based biofuels will actually cause more harm to human health, wildlife, water supply, and land use than current fossil fuels.”
Biofuel concerns
Jacobson says it would take 30 times more space to grow enough corn to power the US fleet than would be needed to erect enough wind turbines, while bioethanol would produce more greenhouse gases than wind power.
Biofuels have received a considerable amount of political backing in recent years with the US and Europe setting targets to phase in their use and gradually replace oil.
Energy and wildlife experts have expressed concerns about biofuels and the EU last year appeared to reconsider its position.
Nuclear is another energy source whose merits have been debated by European and US leaders alike in the past 12 months. “It results in 25 times more carbon and air pollution than wind,” says Jacobson. Half of those emissions are caused by the time it takes to plan and build a nuclear power plant – time during which fossil fuels have to be burnt for energy.
“Clean” coal – the process of burning coal then capturing the emitted carbon dioxide and storing it underground – is another political favourite. Jacobson’s calculations show that building and using enough clean coal power plants would emit up to 110 times more carbon than building and using wind turbines only.
Focused efforts
“The philosophy that we should try a little bit of everything is wrong,” says Jacobson. “We need to focus on the technologies that provide the best benefit. We know which these are.”
Jacobson acknowledges that politicians are calling for a massive jobs programme to pull the economy out of recession, but says investment in renewable energy is one way to do that.
“Putting people to work building wind turbines, solar plants, geothermal plants, electric vehicles, and transmission lines would not only create jobs but also reduce costs due to healthcare, crop damage, and climate damage – as well as provide the world with a truly unlimited supply of clean power,” he says.
Jacobson presented his results to the chairman of the Senate energy and Natural Resources Committee in October last year. They are published in Energy and Environmental Science this month (DOI: 10.1039/b809990c).

George asks…

Best jobs in renewable energy?

I’m lined up to go to school as an electrician and I was planning on working mostly in renewable energy because I think its great and I’m passionate about it. The thing is maybe I can shoot a little higher, what are some of the best jobs in renewable energy you can have and what are their prerequisites?

Windmill Farms answers:

Jobs in wind energy are on the rise. They range from factory worker, all the way to research and development jobs, with all sorts of in betweens (management, planning and distribution of wind farms, and so on).

Ill assume you are seeking a technically oriented position, so I would say a strong back ground in electrical engineering would be a huge plus.

Regardless of the specific job description you are seeking, I am sure you will be able to find many different renewable job opportunities as the industry continues to evolve and grow.

Sharon asks…

what do you consider most interesting and challenging aspects of renewable energy and energy conservation job?

Windmill Farms answers:

I have never actually thought about renewable energy in terms of “challenging” but what I do find very interesting is those plans for the sort towers in the Sahara. They’re very high, have a fan at the top, the air warms (because of the sun) and goes up and makes the fan spin thus generating energy via a eh… Well, a dynamo of some sort, I guess. They would look cool AND provide massive amounts of energy.

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Wind Power Generator

Steven asks…

can a wind generator power a central house air conditioners?

Can a small scale wind generator power enough batteries to power a 5 ton air conditioner? And if it can, how large of a battery bank would I need, and would a 220 power converter be good enough.

Windmill Farms answers:

Gee, kind’a hard to tell.

Is there any wind?
How strong?
All day?
Or just part of the day?
What do you consider “a small scale wind generator”?
Does your AC use 110 or 220 power?
(it might uses both. Although 5 ton isn’t all that large.)

where are you going to put this?
How are you going to anchor it?
Is it allowed where you live?
Are you going to have an alternate power source for when there is no wind?
In which case, have you looked at what it takes to hook up to the power grid?

Maybe you ought to talk to someone around where you live about this.

Paul asks…

Should we blame liberals for the ever increasing price of energy?

Aren’t liberals the ones who advocate for no nuclear power, no additional refineries, no additional sourcing of energy in America and especially no wind power generators in their “backyard”?

I’m all for solar derived energy – and for significant conservation measures – but I’m also for fiscally responsible energy measures and not financially strangulating our people and our economy.

Windmill Farms answers:

Yes. They oppose drilling anywhere in America. They oppose construction of new refineries in America (none have been built for over 30 years.) They oppose construction of any new nuclear power plants. They oppose mining shale oil. They oppose mining coal and refining it into petroleum products. They even oppose any R & D for the futuristic proposal to build solar power satellites in Earth orbit, beam the energy down via microwaves, and feed the energy into the electric grid.

It is very, very clear that they APPROVE of high gas prices. Lieberman’s latest proposal would raise them even higher. It is even more clear from all of the above that they want to destroy the American economy, because they are wrongly convinced that America is destroying “the planet.”

So, by all means, blame liberals and environmentalists for ever increasing energy prices. They’re getting exactly what they want.

Maria asks…

Can a solar panel help to eliminate frozen water pipes in a well?

This past winter my tenants had frozen water twice. Once when the power went out for 5 hours and another time when it hit -38 and no tap was running. The well is enclosed in a heated, insulated room with electric pump. There is also plenty of wind, so am thinking of going solar or wind power instead of a generator for back up.

Windmill Farms answers:

Was the sun shining when the temperature was so low? I’m guessing probably not. If the wind was blowing during these cold and blackout periods, that may be the best option. There are wind kits for as little as $1000 and you can connect them to ‘heat tape’, which is basically a cord that emits heat. They are often used on pipes and eaves to melt snow. See the wind systems below. They will require a small battery system, have the provider draw out your system for you, and then you can install it.

Richard asks…

Does the power generated affect the speed of the wind? ?

Rows of wind-powered generators are used in various windy locations to generate electric power. Does the power generated affect the speed of the wind? Would locations behind the “windmills” be windier if they weren’t there? Discuss this in terms of energy conservation.

Windmill Farms answers:


Donald asks…

Help on creating renewable energy devices?

I need major help on my 8th grade science project. I want to get a head start on it without screwing up. The independent variables I will be testing are the world’s most efficient renewable energy machines. will be testing wind powered generators, geothermal generators, and hydroelectric generators. I need help on creating cheap, functioning replicas of these. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Windmill Farms answers:

Some of those are going to be beyond your capabilities (geothermal generators)

What you need to understand is your systems share some basic components- the power generation portion- you can use a permanent magnet motor for this part. It works but is inefficient, but will work for your wind and hydro portion.

What is different is the driving mechanism- how are you harnessing the energy of your material source- air, water and making the mechanical connection to your common generator. If you have an RC aircraft propeller, there you ahve the means for harnessing wind- now how are you going to use something similar to harness the water energy? You might have to carve somethig from a block of wood. Your geothermal system will be similar, but you are not likely to be allowed to use live steam to drive a turbine blade in your classroom.

There is the geenral outline you sought. Now you have to apply the process of assembly and understanding your assembly.

To understand how a motor works and conversely your generator- you need to understand magnetism and how that makes the each work.

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Vertical Wind Power Generators

Lisa asks…

What are all the different types of wind turbines?

Windmill Farms answers:

For electrical generation today, two basic types are in use: Axial flow and radial.
The axial-flow type is what large-scale wind farms use. They typically have three blades that face into the prevailing wind. Rotation speed usually held constant. Changing the pitch of the blades compensates for wind speed variation.
The radial type is not direction-sensitive. It consists of multiple vertical vanes arranged in a circular configuration. Wind from any angle causes the assembly to rotate, this turning the generator. The units I’ve seen are small – 4 feet in diameter and about 25-30 feet tall. Output power is limited to 1-2 Kilowatts. The usual method of speed control is a brake on the rotating axis, but two new patents have emerged; changing the angle of attack of the vanes by means of a centrifugal governor, and the other by tilting the vertical vane assembly downwind toward the horizontal, thus reducing the exposed area

Ruth asks…

can a spinning anemometer generate electricity like a windmill?

how much more efficient is today’s best designed blades versus the most poorly designed, say, an old-fashioned wooden dutch mill? Or compared to an anemometer, at the same wingspan, ofcourse.

Windmill Farms answers:

Yes, an anemometer generate electricity. The difference between the anemometer and the windmill is more in its purpose than in its principal of operation. An anemometer is a device for measuring wind speed, whereas the (traditional) windmill uses wind power to grind grain into flour.

The standards of excellence for an anemometer will therefore be quite different from those for a windmill or, more to your implied purpose, a wind-powered electrical power generator. Because of the difference between these purposes, comparing them for efficiency isn’t really fair or helpful.

A good anemometer is expected to respond to even the slightest breeze and to give an accurate and rapid response to every variation in wind speed. On the other hand, constancy of output is a desirable feature a wind-powered generator, which is at odds with responding to minor variations in wind speed. The generator would be more useful if it responded only to the average wind speed rather than to small epherimal variations. Efficiency is also a consideration in a power device but not so much in a measuring device. If the wind is mainly from a certain direction, it would be permissible to optimize the design for wind coming from a specific direction if overall output is increased by doing so. The nondirectionality of the response of the anemometer also requires that the axis of rotation be vertical, whereas this is not a requirement for a generator.

Sandy asks…

How to make an efficient electric generator?

How to wrap copper wire in an electric generator. Recently Ive been working on making an efficient electric generator and Ive come to the point where i need to wrap the copper wire to finish the generator. When it comes to the way to wrap the wire how do you do it? What kind of wire do you use (insulated or not, what gauge and any specific type)? do you wrap one way (vertical or horizontal?) or can you wrap it two ways (horizontal and vertical). How much copper will it take until any more would be obsolete. also if you put magnets in the already established magnetic field would that throw the whole thing off rendering it useless? Also what is a commutator? do i need one and if so where could i get one?

Windmill Farms answers:

I think you are ahead of yourself. Normally, You decide about the design parameters before you start putting things together.

Yes use insulated wire.
The size should be small enough to get the required number of turns in place
but big enough so that the resistance of the winding is not a problem.

You can make your generator with 1 wound element and 1 permanent magnet
or with 2 wound elements. If you choose one of each, will the rotor or stator be wound?

You have to decide what metal core you are going to use for the wound element
how many pole pairs will it have? Does it support a fairly constant air gap?

Same questions for the second wound element, or if it is a magnet,what is its strength?

You have to decide how fast you are going to be turning the rotor.

To decide how many turns you need on wound elements, you use the formula
E = N d phi/dt
where N is the number of turns in one winding phi is the magnetic flux set up by the magnet or other winding and dphi/dt is the derivative of the flux caused by the rotation of the rotor.

If you go to a wind powered energy site you can probably find several descriptions of simple to make generators where someone has gone through all of this math.

Sandra asks…

How can i make a wind mill or a wind turbine for science project?

Hi! my teaher told me to do a science project about energy, i want to do a wind mill or a wind turbine wich generates electricity and it can turn on the light. how can i make it? what do i need?


Windmill Farms answers:

A traditional windmill is the easiest to build – that is pretty flat blades mounted in a vertical circle with a tail piece to aim it into the wind. The shaped blades of a propellor type wind generator are much harder to make as are the mixer shaped blades of a vertical windmill.
The big problem of making a model of a standard windwill is getting the power out. The shaft the blade turns on must have a crank or gears that line up with the center of rotation of the head, so the blade axle must have a bearing on either side of the crank or gear head – in a small model, getting these bearings mounted, etc., gets more tricky than in a bigger device.
If pumping is done with a crank, there must be counterweights so the windmill is only lifting water and not the weight of the shaft. If gearing is used, the tail must be bigger to offset the torque from the load (otherwise the spinning of the blades will rotate the head around the gears.
The second reference in particular will give you good data.

Robert asks…

What would give me more power for a cheap home brew wind power system?

Should I build a Vertical Axis or Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine for this? We get a decent amount of wind every year (12 MPH in winter and 8 MPH in summer), the turbine would be no higher than 20 feet. So should i make a VAWT or HAWT? If you say VAWT don’t say ‘because it’s easier’ because I need to get as much power as I can outta this.

Windmill Farms answers:

The easiest system to build is the vertical type which from the top side looks much like the sign for the astrological gemini ..the capture side is presented to the wind constantly on a simple outer bearing and takes thrust and is called a TDO (tapered double outer) race bearing …the inside presses against a lower TDO and an upper singe cup like your wheel bearing in your car. Vertical units have a better approach height from the wind..take up less space and are not as testy when it comes to turbulence…In 1998 i built a small model based on a design i got from a friend that uses lightweight sheet metal ..We only had a few problems and that was in the collector ring..
Now for the horizontal…it takes up a lot of space..20′ x 10′ footprint..its got no way of responding to the change of wind direction..Unless you build the feeder horn type which captures and diverts the air downward onto primary compression blades…In this case you built a vertical mill and just improperly named it…turbulence from the ground and safety issues ( neighbors dog jumps in) all have an added problem..there are some very odd calculations for the turbine collector and the way the blades a shaped and how captured air is exhausted no to cause a back pressure. Here’s what i found out..Height is 3 times width. Of turbine tube… If the internal fan is 3 feet height is min of 9 feet..12feet is great 15 feet is best. If your going to build this thing from scratch remember to use a massive shaft (hollow) .My favorite is schedule 10 steel 4″ .. Bearings are expensive. Grease is cheaper ..the fan is in a spiral along the shaft the pitch is about 1 turn in twenty
feet. Your selection of generators needs to be a higher value 8% than your actual design load. The transmission if used on a 90deg box should use lightest oil. Every time you add a piece to the drive train you loose power…to best regulate the high speed use a flywheel ..I made one from from a 1″ thick 18″ diameter steel plate it will provide carry over by inertia short cycle and if you want you can attach your MAGNETIC induction tachometer to it…gosh there are so many things in favor of a vertical mill in most applications ..I think its the only way to go…But i am going to guarantee any of these are not tweak free.. No matter the skill or the budget ..Your in a very grey area…With the wind info you sent an 85% eff (during operation) will produce about 2400 watts of power at 120volts parasitic losses can account for 10% mechanical loss for 5 %..In a start up mode expect that it will take 3-5 months to get the mechanics correct. And for the electrics just follow NEC and other codes ..Please find a good slip ring collector. I salvaged the shaft form a broken gasoline welder for mine (250 amp)…all in all its sound like fun wish you were down the street…this was probably more than you wanted for an answer but I just couldn’t resist..Have fun From the E

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Is Wind Power Actually Green

Sandy asks…

Why aren’t nuclar power plants ever talked about in the green revolution?

Windmill Farms answers:

I think most people are not aware of the advances that have been made in nuclear reactor technology. The fast neutron reactor will actually consume most of the waste created by the past generation of thermal reactors as fuel, and leave far less waste, that is not dangerous for tens of thousands of years. It also does not create waste that is bomb making material While I strongly support wind, solar, wave and any other renewable clean energy, I don’t think it will come on line fast enough and in sufficient quantity to prevent catastrophic global warming. I think nuclear needs to be carefully adopted.

Donald asks…

How many of you actually take the initiative to recycle?

As for me I consider myself as well informed about the environment and I do Recycle!

Windmill Farms answers:


Let me start off by saying we (my family and I) live completely, 100% “off of the grid and are completely self sufficient”

The house is built utilizing natures natural elements, in the shape of an octagon with 8ft wide arch doors on every wall to catch every angle of wind (typical 4 sided homes have half the chance as one with 8 sides. A circle being the most efficient design). Woodburning stoves, solar chimney, solar AC, solar heating, solar water heating (pool and home), solar stove, solar power, wind power, hydrogen powered back up generator, hydrogen back up water heater, hydrogen stove, 2 hydrogen powered trucks, 1 EV (electric vehicle) and satellite internet.

We also built many green small cabins on the ranch that we offer to family, friends and our on-site off-grid workshop guests, including one straw bale, one papercrete, earth bag and adobe, one cob and cordwood, one underground and rammed earth, one log and post and beam and one rock. Each one actually started as a test for what the main house would be and were later finished and turned into guest cabins. I later wrote a guide on how to build with alternative materials using alternative methods for next to nothing.

We raise meat and milk goats, chickens for meat and eggs, ducks for meat and eggs, trap havilina (wild boar pig), rabbit, quail. Brew our own beer from home grown products, preserve our fruits, vegetables, etc. Smoke and jerky the meat, make our own soap, cheese.

There are no utility lines, no water lines, no roads, tv, cell service, etc. On our ranch. EVERYTHING needed is produced here. All electricity comes from 27 solar panels, 2 main wind gens and a back hydrogen generator if needed (typically we can last 9 days with all luxuries of sunless windless weather, hasn’t happened yet). Water is caught and storaged from the rain. Hot water is made with solar batch water heaters with an on-demand hydrogen hot water heater as backup. Solar chimney, solar AC, solar heating, solar water heating (pool and home), solar stove, solar power, wind power, hydrogen powered back up generator, hydrogen back up water heater, hydrogen stove, 2 hydrogen powered trucks, 1 EV (electric vehicle) and satellite internet. Even our vehicles use alternative energy (2 hydrogen trucks, 1 EV electric vehicle converted). Because of this we have no bills, no debt and no mortgage.

Anyone interested can check it out at..

Www agua-luna com

I believe this is the first step anyone can make “help the environment”. Once you convert your own life style to a greener more eco friendly route, you can start helping others.

My home has all the comforts listed above plus some. We live very comfortable without effecting the environment. Just saying that tol et you know it’s possible. You may not want to go as extreme as me and my family but anywhere in between is something.

Without getting to in depth here, Using alternative fuels in your vehicles and harnessing your own electricity from the sun, water, earth and wind are the 2 are key elements in making a green transition and erasing your carbon footprint.

Here’s a calculator to find out how much of a green impact your making (carbon footprint)

if you’d like to make your next step feel free to contact me personally at www agua-luna com

I’ve been installing home made Solar panels. Solar stoves, Solar batch and inline hot water heaters. Solar radiant heating. Solar home heating and AC, along with home made wind gens and other alternative energy items for the last 3 years.

You can even make the above projects on site with simple parts from the local hardware stores or auto stores or junk yards. For more info check out some guides I wrote / compiled on how to DIY www agua-luna com

Again these projects can be accomplished anywhere by anyone.

If you absolutely can’t do anything in your home at least you can put alternative fuels in your car. Most major automotive manufacturers (Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors, etc) recommend the use of bio fuels, and nearly every car manufacturer in the world approves ethanol blends in their warranty coverage.

In fact your probably even driving an ethanol car and didn’t even know it.

The trick is finding fuel.

I’ve been producing biofuel for about 3 years now, it’s not extremely difficult. Basically you need general household ingredients, a processor (or still for ethanol) and some used oil. Blend it, let separate, screen and use. I complied a guide a while back to help walk you threw the process step by step, just email me or check out..

Www agua-luna com

as for recyling the best way i’ve found without taking money from your won pocket is to join a free freecycle group in your area or visit the habitat for humanity.

If you’d like help in making your self sufficient steps, feel free to contact me directly. I’ve written several how-to DIY guides available at www agua-luna com
on the subject. I also offer online and on-site workshops, seminars and internships to help others “help the environment”.

Hope this helped, feel free to contact me personally if you have any questions if you’d like assistance in making your first self sufficient steps, I’m willing to walk you step by step threw the process. I’ve written several how-to DIY guides available at www agua-luna com on the subject. I also offer online and on-site workshops, seminars and internships to help others help the environment.

Dan Martin
Alterative Energy / Sustainable Consultant, Living 100% on Alternative & Author of How One Simple Yet Incredibly Powerful Resource Is Transforming The Lives of Regular People From All Over The World… Instantly Elevating Their Income & Lowering Their Debt, While Saving The Environment by Using FREE ENERGY… All With Just One Click of A Mouse…For more info Visit:

www AGUA-LUNA com
Stop Global Warming, Receive a FREE Solar Panels Now!!!

Carol asks…

What is green enrgy?

What types of energy are in green energy?Why might green energy not be a good thing?what are the beefits of it?What are the effect of it over time?

Windmill Farms answers:

The only really “green” energy is Nuclear…and that is only if you don’t have an accident and are willing to bear the cost of waste disposal.
In short…green energy is a lie proffered by environmentalists who lack scientific training or economics training, with which to make an intelligent choice of energies!
Wind – loss of millions of acres in productive agricultural land for electricity “source”. Result – famine and starvation globally or utilizing another form of energy to develop alternative agricultural land at a greater cost than the original agricultural land that was utilized. Where does the Windmill get made…in a forge, by hand?
Solar – increased mining activity for an otherwise insignificant set of minerals involved in solar cells (Coltan). Manufacture of solar cells in large numbers fired by fossil fuel energy to begin with, what is the net gain? Solar panels need to be serviced in their massive arrays…by what…horse and buggy?
Biofuel – a complete environmental disaster. Import fuel to turn it into less amounts of an alternative but slightly cleaner fuel?
Geothermal – actually this is a pretty good source of clean energy but would be best utilized as a way of reducing (not replacing) conventional fossil fuels and luckily a primary source of Geothermal is already available! The green movement wouldn’t like it much though because it is controlled by the “evil” oil companies!
Tidal/Wave power – Of 2 types 1) not economically viable, expensive with a massive land use footprint or 2) theoretical and no model for commercial development. Bay of Fundy is a massive tidal source but also a massive harbor and significant fishery and a significant tourist industry!

Laura asks…

Care to share some renewable energy green living tips?

Just looking for some general tips on living greener, things such as solar panels, etc, that won’t cost a lot to implement? Of course, solar panels cost a fortune, but it’s an example. Thanks!

Windmill Farms answers:

Hey Jenny,

I actually just responded to another question of yours too a few minutes ago. I’ve been reviewing “green” manuals lately and found something called “Earth4Energy” – It’s a great guide with detailed information on how to build your own solar and wind power. You can check out my full review of it @ – Best of luck to ya!

Ruth asks…

why does green energy and “alternative energies” continue being a failure?

The article below highlights the problem. The automaker in the article below was given about half billion bailout 4 years back to come up with “green energy” motor engines that would reduce dependence on oil.–660-000-on-each–103-000-plug-in-car-185612779.html

it received 529 million bailout by the government back in early 2009 and like Solyndra ends up bankrupt
in 2009 when I first raised this question right here on yahoo answers many of the “green energy” defenders argued that Fisker will build plants in US and hence bring jobs back to US which is good for economy. Now those same people have been proven wrong, when the company shut production for good without ever opening any US plant
the 529 million it owed to US taxpayers has been “charged off” (a.k.a write-off in banking terminology) by the US treasury
Prius meanwhile is a successful hybrid. You see lots of them on the road. But the said automaker in the article is nowhere near Prius.
onion: you totally dodge the question and your answer has no connection whatsoever. So the 529 million dollar bailout it received is waste? this is exactly how national debts and deficit levels keep rising to record levels. too much wasteful spending that isn’t addressed
daisy: so a 100,000 dollar green energy car is good alternative? if you can buy such car, than gas prices are sure no problem for you. Then what is the point?
also many of these 6 digit priced cars stalled and caught fire. they broke down on road and had to be towed repeatedly. these were cars that came brand new from factory production….
also the fisker executives used half billion bailout as their own personal wealth and bought very big houses and lots of real estate scattered throughout Europe. And hid a lot of that in offshore accounts, and later after being charged off by Bernanke, they shut the plant
this is no less than a scandal that deserves full blown congressional investigation for the scam of US taxpayers. The fisker executives should be forced to have testimony under oath for white collar crime and handed out jail sentences for this fraud.
The bailout was never meant for foreigners. it was meant for US companies, not Finland executives
Also one main question I always have is that is there even any necessity of alternative fuels? Scientists have already said that the amount of oil and gasoline on earth is more than enough to last million more years. There is no shortage of fuel whatsoever. Oil remains abundant and much of oil reserves below earth’s surface have not even been touched or discovered. Human demand has increased for sure and so has its price but its nowhere about to run out or in “shortage”

Windmill Farms answers:

To answer the nuclear supporting answer above me, if nuclear energy plants were not interested in producing plutonium for nuclear warheads as a byproduct, they would be firing their reactors with Thorium (which actually consumes nuclear waste) than with Uranium. At the moment, the fission reactors we have produced waste with half-lives greatly exceeding the life expectancy of civilisation, and who knows how what we will evolve into will deal with all this stuff in 5000 years time. The sooner we can develop a safe and reliable fusion reactor, whose byproduct is Helium, the better.

We have been spoilt for the last couple of hundred years by technology that exploits to fabulous effect materials that were laid down with the dinosaurs and back into the cretaceous. It may have taken millions of years for these deposits to build up, yet we have used them up in a couple of centuries, creating a civilisation out of it that most other creatures can only fantasise about. The party cannot last, since we are fast running out of these wonderful things, and will have to rely in future on something a lot slower, a lot less powerful and more expensive to harness.

To tap into an oil reserve, all we need do in the past was to dig a hole and pipe the stuff out. Now, to get at it, we must fracture our bedrock, but risk wrecking our ground water systems in the process, It’s still fairly plentiful, even if the extraction is a bit hit and miss – you are as likely to get natural gas coming out of your kitchen tap as you are down the pipeline.

Other technologies are more promising. Yes, there is sunlight and wind and wave power, but the engineering involved in harnessing these is quite costly, and relies on our fickle climate, that today is not predictable. More interesting is going back to mining energy, but going back to the time the Earth was created. Dig down a few miles and the Earth is very hot indeed. There is enough energy there to keep us going a few hundred years, so long as we don’t end up with loads of volcanoes in our cities.

To get fuel from green sources though, you must plant a tree, give it the space, the water, the nutrients and the care and protection to let it grow to maturity, and then wait patiently for someone else in the future to benefit from it. A totally different philosophy to what we are used to. No wonder the Green movement is as much a religion as it is a political set of ideas.

Expecting an electorate to live like monks, when they are accustomed to partying and blowing out, is not the way to get into Government, which is why such technologies have been given lower priority for research and development, and less allowance for failure. All evolving technologies learn from their mistakes, and Green technology is no different.

I felt, when I was active in the Ecology Party over 30 years ago, that we cannot expect Green technologies to support the lifestyles we currently enjoy, especially when over a billion Chinese have aspirations to live like Americans. The best we can hope for with them is that we can at least continue to survive in a much simpler way of life, whereas the alternative is that we just burn up.

However, living just as well by using less (called “efficiency”) seems a sound plan for anyone, and there is much we can do without having to sacrifice much of our lifestyles. All we need is a little adaptation, which the human species is good at.

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Uses Of Wind Energy In India

George asks…

What is the most common form of renewable energy used by citizens of developing countries?

A. Solar (My Guess)
B. Coal
C. Wind
D. Biomass
E. Geothermal


Windmill Farms answers:

Most of the developing countries like China and India are now focusing on

A. Solar

B.Coal – is not an renewable source of energy.

Also see the referring article that talks about the Largest Solar Power Plants in the World where you can also see how developing countries like China and India are constructing large solar power plants.

Thomas asks…

How solar energy can be generated at competitive cost?

How solar energy can be produced at competitive cost for the welfare of people at large?Presently what is the status of its use in india?

Windmill Farms answers:

Use materials from space (moon or asteroids) to build solar generating plants in Geostationary orbit and beam the power down to a rectena using microwaves.

We lack the space infrastructure needed to do that so it’s decades away but it is probably the only way solar will be cost competitive (and if we didn’t have nuclear power which could provide the zero emissions power we need it’d be our best bet for solving global warming).

There aren’t really any countries that actually have significant amounts of solar generation (and certainly none that get the majority of power from solar, unless you count hydro-electricity or fossil fuels as solar power (but if you do that then you’d also have to call photovoltaics nuclear)).

I came accross a new, proven and tested home made wind power system and solar power system which eliminates our electricity bills. It was written by a Renewable energy enthusiasts Michael Harvey the diy called Earth4energy. You can get your copy to save energy and help environment while eliminating your power bills. Get it from here:

Betty asks…

are we harnessing alternative sources of energy to its best in india?

Windmill Farms answers:

There is always room for improvement – so my answer has to be no!

India, however,is impressive in it’s use of small scale & domestic anaerobic digesters to capture energy primarily for cooking. I believe these are reasonably common, whereas in the uk, although there are some biogas digesters, they are extremely few and unusual – people have never heard of them.

Necessity is the mother of invention. It appears to me that this results in India being more resourceful in it’s use of the available resources than countries that are used to having the money to buy whatever resources they want. So India makes good use of waste to harness it’s energy amongst other alternative energy sources. Other formerly rich countries had better watch out!

SO India is doing very well, but there will always be an untapped resource – a roof without solar panels, a windy area without a wind turbine, and an uncaptured wave. ‘Best’ is rarely, if ever achievable, and perhaps undesirable as it discourages improvement.

Sandy asks…

can wind power be generated for small homes in small space ?

in a country like india there are no big homes on big land. our need is to have uninterrupted power supply for small homes and that too in a small space, is there any company, which manufactures such devices ?

Windmill Farms answers:

Yes. However, you need to do your research.

The wind belt mentioned in this thread is foolishness for the same reason that vertical axis generators are foolishness. The energy is coming from the wind, and is proportional to the cube of the velocity. This means that something with a small surface area like a wind belt cannot extract much energy because the collection area is minuscule and the wind will rapid destroy the belt. It also means that you need the turbine high above the trees where the breeze is better. If you double the wind speed, you can get eight times more power.

The most efficient design is the type of turbine with a simple airplane style propeller that faces the wind. Even these have a theoretical limit — the Betz limit — which limits the efficiency to 59%. All other designs are worse.

So for village life, you need the following. A low tech, axial flux generator like the ones at These have several important features.
A) They can be maintained in rural communities
b) They can be built in small communities with basic welding equipment and some ingenuity. Steel pipe, bolts, wheel bearings, wood, fiberglass resin, copper wire etc. Are available even in the poorest of countries.
C) They do not depend in perpetual motion or defying the laws of physics to meet their claims.
D) They automatically protect themselves in high winds with a simple mechanical mechanism.

If the spaces are really small and you can’t use a tower, perhaps a few homeowners could get together and share a tower. Between them all, there will be room for the tower guy wires.

Linda asks…

why should india not go nuclear ????

i need the answer of this question only
i dnt want the answers saying that it should go nuclear!!!

Windmill Farms answers:

INDIA GO NUCLEAR – Why, How, When What ?

TO MEET ENERGY NEED AFTER 60 YEARS India shall go nuclear and sign treaty like 123 / NPT.

Is nuclear deal of India with US is really worth? It worth down the line of 50 – 60 years.

[A}.-Why worth ?

1) Fossile fuel is limited in INDIA and world.,
2) Nuclear fuel is also limited in INDIA AS WELL AS in world but can give enrgy for some years.

[B]. – Con of Nuclear?

Like petroleum, Foreign currancy will goout for
2). FUEL,
5) dependent on other
6) Possible stopage of fuel on later date (like USA stopped for TARAPUR UNITS, canadian STOPPED FOR RAWTBHATA UNITS)

[C]. – Options for INDIA ?

OPTIONS with little or no foreign currancy OUTGO:

1) WIND mill with limitless energy
2) HYDRAL with limitless life span,
3) SOLAR with limitless life,
4) Municipal waste with limitless life,
5) Agriculture waste WITH LIMITLESS LIFE
7) GAS


[D] Why 50 – 60 years?

Now INDIA MAY SURVIVE with coal and gas, but after 60 years WIND, SOLAR, HYDRAL, WASTE cannot give sufficient energy for the INDUSTRY.

[E].- What is the option ?


[F] What is about foreign currency, dependence?

1). SINCE 50 – 60 YEARS is long. INDIA SHALL EXPLORE IT’S 1800 KM by 2000 km land surface, 100 – 2000 km on sea bed to check if urenium can be extracted economically.
2) USA has formed NSG with 50 countries to deny access to nuclear fuel to countries like NDIA. World has 120 – 150 countries. INDIA can make an extensive search for URANIUM in the remaining POOR countries. It will help that POOR country for their economic unliftment and HELP india to gel fuel. But how does it stop the foreigncurrency outgo? Since these poor contries need is limited to ” ROOTI-KAPDE-AUR-MOKAN”, in which INDIA is strong enough; it can exchagne those goods with NUCLEAR FUEL ( if available). Since these poor countries does not have economical, technological capability, they will welcome help from INDIA.

[G]. Why this deal ?

If INDIA refused to this proposal, OPTION as in [F] above can not be materialised? Why? Since USA is WORLD DADA, it will influence other ( 125-50 = 75) countries not to allow INDIA for exercising OPTION [F]

[H].- Conclusion ?

INDIAN has no option but to sign the deal.

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Wind Energy Facts For Kids

Ruth asks…

more earth science questions!!!?

1. Ice cores contain actual samples of the air. Which kind of information cannot be obtained from these samples?

chemical composition of the lower atmosphere
humidity levels
2. How is the level of carbon dioxide in earth’s atmosphere being affected?

It is remaining constant.
It is increasing.
It is changing randomly.
It is decreasing.
3. Coastline regions will have ___________________ because oceans do not heat too quickly in the summer and do not cool too quickly in the winter.

moderate temperature climates
extreme temperatures climates
continually cold climates
continually warm climates
4. How does carbon dioxide prevent infrared heat energy from escaping into space?

It reflects sunlight back into space.
It absorbs it and redirects some rays back toward the earth.
It does all of these.
It changes the color of the atmosphere to the brown haze we see over cities.
5. What is the name of the high-altitude winds that move storms along?

Hadley cell
jet stream
polar easterlies
6. Which statement best describes the current state of our understanding of the idea of global warming?

Global warming is true because computer models are so good that they can accurately model the most complex of planetary climates.
Global warming is a known fact because most scientists believe it is happening, and all the data shows this to be the case.
Global warming is a logical inference given the facts that carbon dioxide levels are rising as an effective greenhouse gas.
Global warming is absolutely false because ice core data contradicts tree ring data.
7. Which instrument is incorrectly matched with its purpose?

A thermometer measures air temperature.
A psychrometer measures humidity.
A barometer measures air pressure.
An anemometer measures wind direction.
8. What energy source powers the circulation of ocean surface currents and wind patterns?

sunlight energy
energy form the rotation of Earth
geothermal energy
turbidity energy
9. Deep ocean currents are created by what two things?

salinity and the Coriolis effect
difference in the heating of land and sea
temperature and salinity
temperature and fetch
10. Here is a map showing high pressure on the left and low pressure on the right. Notice the directions (NSEW) are indicated on the map. Which direction will the wind blow at the red spot between the high and low pressure regions?

toward the east
toward the south
toward the west
toward the north
11. What role does the Coriolis effect have on ocean surface circulation?

It causes large-scale fetch to form.
It causes currents to deflect to the right in the northern hemisphere and to the left in the southern hemisphere.
It creates temperature and salinity differences, which make deep ocean currents possible.
All of these.
12. How does the flow of ocean currents affect the earth’s global climate?

All of these.
They keep northern Europe warmer than it normally would be.
Currents move warm water from the tropics toward the poles.
Currents move cold water from the poles toward the equator.
13. Four students wrote definitions for the terms weather and climate. Which is the best response?

Weather is what is happening right now, and climate is from last week.
Weather is the conditions in the atmosphere over thousands and millions of years, and climate means recent conditions on Earth day by day.
Weather is the current conditions in the atmosphere, and climate refers to the long term conditions on Earth.
Weather is what we can actually measure with our instruments, and climate is what we learn from study of past air samples.

Windmill Farms answers:

We are not answering your homework kid

Mary asks…

What are some free market solutions to global warming?

For the sake of this argument, assume that global warming is human caused and a bad thing (neither of which I currently accept). Without instituting leftist totalitarian measures to stop and reverse global warming what do you think would work?

Windmill Farms answers:

Capitalism works.

In fact, it works like a machine, but you must tell it what to do.

Today, jet fuel is tax free, worldwide. If you compare it with about 60% taxes on fuel in Europe, or even with the very low taxes in the USA, this is not a free market thing, because only airlines benefit. This causes low ticket prices, and so people fly, and fly, and fly…

To give an idea HOW cheap fuel is and how much airlines benefit have a look at this: if a jet, for example, carries 90 tons of load – passengers, luggage, other load in the trunk – it will need 100 tons of kerosine for a flight to Europe. One way flight, yeah. Is fuel too cheap?

It is also too cheap for manufacturers of aircraft, like Boeing and Airbus, to spend time thinking about how to make planes more fuel-efficient.
So, a low tax-free price for gas automatically creates more greenhouse gas. And it will help some chinese companies to take over more american jobs, by the way, because manufacturing goods in China is cheaper, and they stay cheap when flights are cheap.

Now, another example.

Volkswagen. A well-known car manufacturer, much less in trouble than GM, Chrysler and Ford, but they think about the future. Today, they announced HYBRID cars, available soon, this summer. The price for VW shares at the stock exchange is 3.2 percent higher than yesterday (and it had already grown recently). They will make a fortune with these cars and give Toyota a headache. Porsche will follow soon, and they have much more reason to do so.

One more from Europe: in Germany, in the business of wind energy, there are companies like Enercon that manufacture the windmills. Together with their competitors, they have created 250,000 jobs in Germany in the last years. Big business that is, right.

Now, let’s think about dangerous goods.

We don’t allow kids to buy dynamite. We don’t allow lunatics to buy poison gas. We don’t allow factories to dump radioactive waste in our gardens.

Dangerous goods, right. Not good for the free market.

Greenhouse gases are dangerous, we all know that, but we only know it now. But we built our economy at a time when nobody knew that.

So, a certain amount of not-so-free-market solutions is in place for other dangerous goods. Though I believe in capitalism, an extra portion of restrictions will help. But it helps more to make harmful emissions expensive. Then the capitalist machine will work at its best. Engineers will find solutions, consumers will adapt. We often did that in the past.

William asks…

If pain indicates somethings wrong with the body.. why is childbirth so painful?

I mean, everything on the world has kids. Is it as painful for other animals too? Childbirth is so nayural why does it hurt so much…

Windmill Farms answers:

Pain does not necessarily indicate that something is wrong. Pain is your body’s way of drawing attention to a certain area of your body. If you cut yourself, you feel pain so you will prevent yourself from harming yourself further and so you will notice that you are injured and can clean and care for the wound.

Birth pain is not a result of an injury, but the result of a physiological process that happens in the muscles. When an unused muscle is used (like the muscles surrounding the uterus which are rarely used at all), it produces lactic acid – an important energy source for working muscles.


This lactic acid burns when it builds up. This is why your muscles burn when you work out for a long time, especially if you are working muscles that are not in shape. It doesn’t mean you are injured, it means that you are working hard. In order to keep the burning to a minimum, you need to get enough oxygen to the muscles so that they can burn the lactic acid. Oxygen is carried in blood.

If a woman is afraid in childbirth, it initiates the “fight or flight” response. When afraid, the body takes blood from the internal organs (including the uterus) and directs it to the head, arms and legs so that the woman can either “fight” the danger or “fly” (run away) from it. This loss of blood and thus, oxygen, to the uterus can cause the pain of childbirth to be much worse. Hospitals are very frightening places and what happens to women there can be very terrifying. Many women choose home birth to prevent painful birth.

Another cause of pain in childbirth is the fact that most women (around 90% or more) receive labor augmentation when giving birth in the hospital. If you choose to birth in the hospital, your doctor will give you Pitocin (synthetic oxytocin) which will cause your contractions to be incredibly painful. It forces your muscles to contract harder so that you will give birth faster. This is for the doctor’s benefit, obviously, not the laboring mother’s. Women who give birth in hospitals have vastly more painful births than women who give birth at home.

Birth is not always painful. Many women experience no pain at all or only just a little. Many women who choose home birth or unassisted birth say that their hospital births were unbearable, but they were able to cope with the milder pain of the home birth.

I, myself, had a home birth. The contractions were painful. Once I began pushing the baby out in the last stage, there was no pain at all. In fact, it felt wonderful! I did tear and did not feel it. Pushing the baby out was the best part. It honestly felt good. This isn’t the same for every woman, however. Some women report the entire experience as being completely pain-free while others say that the contractions were painless and the pushing hurt or that the pushing was painless and the contractions hurt (like me).

Giving birth is HARD WORK and hard work isn’t bad for you at all – in fact, it’s GOOD for you – but hard work is bound to hurt even if just a little. Birth is natural and isn’t that bad. Hospital birth complete with frightening scenarios and pain-inducing drugs is NOT natural and your body is trying to find a way to escape which will cause you more pain.


Sharon asks…

is reincarnation real?

I’m an athiest, but I believe that reincarnation is real. But I don’t believe God decides who goes to who. Like even Adolf Hitler could live a normal life in the next life. But there’s a guy called Ian Stephenson who studied reincarnation and children aged 3 – 5 were able to describe being someone in the past life. And strangely enough, the children were able to say who the person’s name was and where, when, and how they died. And sure enough, it matched. It seems too much of a coincidence, so reincarnation must be real. But I want to know if you this is possible. Our body has a lot of energy in our body to keep us alive, and when we die, that energy is released, and it could multiple to fill an increasing population and part of that energy will find new life. I think. But I believe that you have your next life very close to where you born, and I don’t know if you decide where your energy goes, I think it just goes in random direction, like the wind. Because a little kid was born in Pennyslvania and he said he died in the Civil War in the past life, and a lot of the Civil War took place in Pennsylvania. There seems to be too many coincidences for reincarnation, that it has to be real. But since God doesn’t exist, he would have no control over it. I mean if God was real and he created the Universe, who created him and his creators and so on. Why would God allow tragedies like the Holocaust or 9/11 from ever happening, he did nothing and we suffered the aftermath.
WOW, I’m amazed how stupid people are nowadays. Reincarnation is probably real, it explains all the paranormal activity that has happened over the years. Are you saying that these three-four year old kids were just born with knowledge of someone who they never met and had died years before they were born? All this paranormal activity is caused by the energy fields our body releases when we die that has yet to find a new place in life. Why do you think Gettysburg is haunted? Because a lot of people died there. I find it too strange that young children have the knowledge of someone who died they never met. And how can you say it’s a fraud when you know nothing about it. Where do birthmarks come from? Why is there stange activity near places where one or a lot of people died either quickly, unexpectingly, or unhumanley? Too many coincidences is probably a fact.
You can’t remember anything before you were born, or even being a baby for that matter. Although as you reach three to five years old, you really become extremely curious and have memories of your past life. But you forget these things when you get older. My mother said I severely burned my hand on a lawnmower engine when I was a baby, but I don’t remember that at all. The reason why you don’t remember anything when you’re a baby is because your nervous system hasn’t fully developed to the point where it can keep track of stuff, even stuff you would always remember when you’re older, such as where were you when JFK was shot? Part of the energy fields with memories of your previous go to another, and you’ll have thoughts about these things when you’re a children, but you’ll lose all memory of it once you get older like six or seven. And what about birthmarks? Where do they come from? Birthmarks are basically a scar that healed itself for your next life, a mark is just the result. For ex
Believing everything in the Bible is like believing in the tooth fairy. We shouldn’t take a book that was written by primitive men 2,000 years ago who had no idea what they were talking about. They thought the Earth was flat and on a large turtle. They thought that god created humans, even though we evolved from primates. They thought the Earth is only 5,000 years old, even though it’s more than 4 billion years old. They think black people, homosexuals are an abomination. If God thinks homosexuals are evil, why he create them, homosexuals were born attracted to the same sex, they don’t suddenly become gay. They think slavery is okay, they think woman should never have an authority over men. The Bible defies all laws of physics, and it is also racist and sexist. If we have to do everything in the Bible, then slavery should still exist, woman shouldn’t have any jobs or be given the right to vote, and all homosexuals have to be killed. And you may tell me that’s in the Old Testament, are

Windmill Farms answers:

It sure is real! I know for a fact that i have lived before!

Carol asks…

Should Australia tax carbon?

Just wondering what readers think out there – should Australia tax carbon ?
There are many theories on both sides, and it’d be good to get advise from people living overseas on whether we should risk it, if the rest of the world is doing little about it why should we make the effort ?
Seems that nobody has any other ideas – the opposition has no plan in place to bring down our emissions which is the ridiculous bit.
They say we are due for a cooling but that cooling will probably be offset by the warming Co2 will generate and then when the weather systems head back into warming, things could get a bit crazy!

Windmill Farms answers:

There is way too much hysteria being created over this and it’s mainly due to the opposition leader Tony Abbott and the tax’s ridiculous coverage in mainstream media like News Corp papers and talkback radio. Be calm, look at the facts.

Climate change is man-made. This is not up for discussion. The only people who have authority on this issue are the researchers who have spent the last few decades studying the planet’s climate. For some strange reason the average person seems to think they’re scientists, saying they don’t think humans cause climate change, or that they don’t think the planet is getting warmer — where are these people’s credentials?

It’s not their fault though. No one has been kind enough to explain how we know for certain that we are the cause of climate change. But let me have a crack: of the causes contributing to the heating of the planet (and make no mistake – it is heating), the only thing to increase in direct relation to the temperature is CO2. It’s not the sun getting hotter or water vapour or anything like that. How do we know? Because we have studied both of the 2 layers that make our atmosphere. These are the troposphere which is closest to the Earth’s surface, and the thinner outer layer called the stratosphere. The troposphere is getting warmer, but the stratosphere which is closer to the sun is actually getting cooler. It’s not a natural cycle.

So even though Tony Abbott thinks climate change is “crap”, those in the know realise we need to do something about it.

It’s common to hear ‘why should Australia be the first country to put a price on carbon’ or ‘what about China and India’. Well, we wouldn’t be the first. South Korea, Costa Rica, many European nations, parts or the US and Canada already price carbon. Sweden has had a tax on carbon since 1990 and their economy continued to grow unhindered since that time.

It is China and India’s right to lift their people out of poverty into a middle class but guess what? India has a price on carbon and it’s on the table in China too.

The tax is not designed to make us use less energy as consumers. The idea is to push the energy industry to change their operations and deliver us the same power and resources but through sustainable means. The government is giving us hand-outs to compensate for increased prices. Those who earn more will go without compensation, but I personally guarantee that no one reading this will go hungry or end up on the streets as a result of the tax. In fact I bet you’ll still be able to afford holidays and other luxuries.

What about jobs? Polluting industries will be compensated to smooth the transition into the tax, while they work out how to adjust. Even with talk of the MRRT and now carbon tax, expenditure in the mining sector went up by 58% between 09/10 to 10/11. If you need another indicator, look at Gina Rinehart’s personal wealth which doubled from 5 billion to 10.3 billion in the last 12 months. Listen to these words carefully: the mining industry is in no danger of slowing down. They know it, they’re just using jobs as an excuse so they can increase their pay packages by the millions.

A lot of kids leave school in year 10, learn a trade, and head over to WA to work the mines or to a power station. This will still happen. But as renewable energy becomes more competitive in the marketplace, tradies and engineers will train with the goal of working for a wind or wave or solar energy company instead as the jobs in these sectors boom. Entrepreneurs will start new companies in green energy which will be a source of new jobs. It will probably take a good generation, but eventually we will see renewable energy as of equal importance to our economy.

Here’s another plus of moving ‘ahead of the pack’. We have developed a butt-load of new technologies because of the mining boom. For example, those miners were rescued in Chile with technology developed right here in Australia. We have the chance to develop green technology here and sell it to the rest of the world.

Our planet only needs to heat up by another 2-3 degrees for food supplies to be drastically affected. We need to fix up our own backyard and rather than following the US or China or Europe. Other nations will look to Australia for leadership on this.

Please, don’t think of this as a political issue. This is not socialism or ‘reds under the bed’. Australia never has and never will be Communist. Former Republican presidents in the US have warned about and made steps to act on global warming. Conservative British PM David Cameron has long been in favour or taxing carbon. Julia Gillard may not be the best PM, but Tony Abbott is duping the electorate into rallying against the tax by single-handedly turning the climate into a political football.

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