Renewable Energy Jobs

Mary asks…

renewable energy ??!?

what’s the name of the job of people that research new ways of renewable energy?

Windmill Farms answers:

Well whatever it is they don’t have a clue !? Seeing as the sun has 4000 billion years of energy available before it starts to fade, which could easily be used if every building had some form of solar panels, to provide free electricity globally. And despite the fact that the earth is 70% water and that is two parts Hydrogen they can’t get to grips with electrolysis (lol i can’t spell it) which the ancient egyptians may have discovered due to findings of lead in clay pots similar to car batteries which produce hydrogen from water; as a clean burning fuel !? Sheeez they can’t even find enough land to
plant Bio Fuel nor places to park wind turbines formerly known as windmills or water wheels in the sea . Who on Earth would want Free energy when they can pay for fossil fuels at extortianate prices !?

Michael asks…

I am a Prof. Dr. in the Renewable energy , i need a good web site for a JOB ?

Windmill Farms answers:

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John asks…

How much renewable energy can be created and how many jobs would be created with 700 billion dollars?

Apparently the government has 700 billion dollars it’s willing to wage on the banking industry. I was wondering what the environmental and economical impact would be if they invested this kind of money in renewable energies.

Windmill Farms answers:

The impact would be astronomical. As it is I am trying to fill in the last couple pieces to start a renewable energy (electricity, heating, etc) plant in my state (a plant that would only create a vast number of jobs for people in my state). If the government dedicated that money to scientific research and development of renewable energy our lives and ability to be “green” should only improve. However, keep in mind that technically the government doesn’t have 700 B dollars, but are borrowing it from The Federal Reserve and further increasing our national debt. However, if the invested the money in researching and developing renewable energy resources, it would create a vast number of jobs and possibly help our economy as technology and methods we discover could also be sold to other countries looking to improve their environmental and economic impact. On a personal note, I feel that the government should hold the Bank Heads financially responsible for bailing out their own banks since it was their greed that got us into this situation in the first place. Anyway, I hope I answered your question!

Donald asks…

Renewable Energy Engineering?

Hi, im 14 years old and i was wondering what engineering jobs are for Renewable Energy what is the title of the job and the salary help me please thanks :)

Windmill Farms answers:

Renewable Energy is a large area covering many branches of engineering including: Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Thermal Engineering, Bio Engineering as well as others. Engineers are typically paid well, however, I caution you to go into a field that you enjoy and the pay will come later….Love you work and you don’t work a day in your life…

Check with from time to time. They have summer internships that may be of interest to you.

Nancy asks…

Renewable energy companies?

With an engineering degree, where can I find a job to help develop renewable energies, preferably in the southeast?

Windmill Farms answers:

Look up renewable energy companies directory and you’ll find tons in the southeast,

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