Does Wind Power Create Greenhouse Gases

Mark asks…

global warming?

lately i have really noticed how terrible global warming is and i have decided to start doing my part. i know about recycling and using less energy, but what else can i do to help save the planet?

remember, if enough of us do our part, the world may not be underwater in a hundred years.

Windmill Farms answers:

Global warming became a subject of hot debate in the late twentieth century, with varying groups exaggerating or dismissing the effect of human activity on the environment. It does seem clear that increased human activity has resulted in a historically unusual amount of greenhouse gases, as ice cores tens of thousands of years old have indicated. Consumers are often confused about their role in global warming, and are unsure about what they can do to reduce their footprint on the earth.

Consumers produce greenhouse gases, sometimes directly by burning fossil fuels in their vehicles and sometimes indirectly by supporting industries which create greenhouse gases. For example, millions of acres of South American rain forest are burned every year to support the beef industry, which is responding to consumer demand for cheap meat. It is generally agreed that if consumers would take steps to reduce their carbon emissions, it would have profound effects on global warming.

The first step in reducing man’s carbon footprint is to use carbon emitting technology less, and to promote alternative forms of energy. Solar, wind, and hydroelectric power are all excellent alternatives to coal and petroleum burning energy generation. In addition, consumers can reuse and recycle products rather than throwing them away, causing the market for new goods made using carbon emitting technology to shrink. Furthermore, recycling reduces the amount of greenhouse gases released while objects decay in landfills.

Better management is also needed for agricultural and forest lands. In addition to creating carbon when land is burned, biomass which could filter the carbon is also reduced. Trees and plants are an important part of the carbon conversion system, along with marine algae, and could help to correct the situation if allowed to flourish.

Additionally, consumers can pressure companies to engage in more environmentally sound business practices, including reduction of carbon emissions. At the same time, citizens could encourage their nations to enact more stringent laws in regards to greenhouse gas emissions, in the hopes of promoting a society with minimal carbon emissions. Purchasing from “green” companies indicates that there is a market for ecologically sound products, and more companies will follow suit if encouraged to do so.

Some nations are also promoting the idea of carbon offsets. A carbon offset is usually an investment in tree planting, development of alternative energy, or some other carbon reducing activity. A consumer could determine, for example, that he or she is going to fly from London to New York, an activity that will result in a heavy carbon emission from the engines of the aircraft. A carbon offset could be purchased, whereby trees are planted somewhere else in an attempt to compensate for the carbon emission created. While carbon offsets do not actually reduce the carbon emissions of one person to zero, they do help to mitigate the effects.

Consumers can have an impact on global warming by reducing their footprint and thinking consciously about the decisions they make. Simple actions like taking public transit instead of a car, or purchasing goods from a green company, can make a huge difference, especially when magnified globally.

Paul asks…

answer these two questions plez.?

name one disadvantage of using coaland natural gas to generate electricity.

and how would using windmills to generate electricity address the disadvantage what you mentioned?

Windmill Farms answers:

Coal and natural gas release carbon dioxide into the air when burned, along with methane if they are incompletely burned. Carbon dioxide and methane are both “greenhouse gases”. Theoretically windmills would eliminate the release of these gases, by eliminateing the need to burn coal or gas in the first place.
But there’s a huge hole in this theory. What are you gonna make the windmills out of? The only material suitable for the non-electrical parts of the wind turbine is a plastic composite, either carbon-fiber or some other reinforced plastic. But the refining of oil to get the polymers out of which the plastics are made also involves the release of carbon dioxide and methane.
Any electrical generator has to have copper windings in the field and on the stator, to create the electrical current that will become the generated electricity. It takes machinery using either electricity or fossil fuels to mine the copper ore and convert it into usable copper wire for the windings. This machinery, too, will facilitate the need for the release of carbon dioxide or methane to power them for the production of the wire.
Kind of a Catch-22.

David asks…

Justify the use of different energy sources to provide a nation’s electricity supply?

including fuels and renewable sources

Windmill Farms answers:

Fossil Fuels are a useful source of energy due to the large amount of energy they contain and the large infrastructure that is already available to allow the piping of gas, the transportation of coal and oil and the large power stations already equipped to deal with large amounts of fuel and provide large amounts of electricity. The obvious downside is the greenhouse gasses and the fact it is nonrenewable.

Nuclear fission power is a power source that doesn’t give off greenhouse gases, and can provide large amounts of energy, they also don’t create direct pollutants that can cause respiratory problems that are given off by fossil fuel powered stations. The downside to nuclear is that it is nonrenewable (and the amount of fissionable material left is unknown) and the radioactive waste has to be stored for millions of years before it is at a safe level.

Nuclear fusion power would be a good source of power as the only byproduct would be helium, unfortunately the development of fusion power has not yielded a method that gives out more electricity than it requires to work.

Solar power is a useful source, with the energy from the sun landing on the area of a conventional power station being much more energy than the power station provides, the only problem is the conversion of this energy to electricity is very low, and large areas of land would be required to be converted for solar collection. Solar power can be collected in Photovoltaic cells, or can be used by households for hot water, solar towers used to boil water and turn steam turbines and many other projects being developed such as solar ponds.

Wind power can be harnessed using wind turbines (and has been for many centurys – e.g. Windmills) these can include the large 3 bladed wind turbines seen in the countryside, or smaller ones developed for home use, and also vertical ones that don’t get affected by wind direction. Wind turbines can only operate in a small range of wind speeds, though this range will increase as technology improves. Complaints about the noise, visual impact and impact on bird life stop many turbines from being built. Turbines can be built inland or offshore.

Geothermal power could be a useful source of energy, but depends on geothermal activity. Large drills are required for the pipes to go down far enough to heat up. In ares with less geothermal activity, heat can still be gained from pumping water around ground just a few metres underground.

Dams and tidal barrages aer a great source of energy, gaining energy from water flowing through them. Problems arise from the environmental issues of flooding large areas, or preventing sealife from getting upriver. Tidal power can also be harnessed using buoys that gain energy from the tide rising and the wave power.

Biofuel is another opton, it converts biological matter into methane, ethanol, biodiesel and other fuels. It can be a good source if the biomass comes from waste matter that would otherwise be wasted. Problems with biofeul are that it requires large areas of land, and usually that comes from deforestation, causing even more problems.

The largest source of renewable energy in the UK is actually reclaimed methane from rubbish tips. This is a good way of recovering energy from waste, but the waste should really be recycled as this would reduce the energy used more than the energy gained from the methane.

Energy storage is not an energy source, but it is useful to a country as surplus energy is made during the night, and not enough is produced during the day. Storage could include water pumping stations, electric battery networking (such as car batteries of electric cars) or giant chemical batteries such as ammonia-hydrogen tanks.

Charles asks…

what are three cons about nuclear energy? They can be anything about it.?

Windmill Farms answers:

Actually the cons have been ridiculously exaggerated.

Solar photovoltaic cells produce electricity at a cost that is over 10 times the cost of electricity produced by nuclear energy.

Solar photovoltaic cells are too expensive unless you can afford to have your electricity bill go up by more than ten times what it is now.

Wind power is approximately twice as expensive as nuclear power.

Also the wind does not always blow when you need it. Wind power is too unreliable.

Fortunately in The United States of America we have over 100 nuclear power plants that have been operating safely for over 40 years.

Those nuclear power plants provide more than 20% of the electricity in The United States of America.

France getsover 80% of it’s electricity from nuclear power plants.

It is said that nuclear waste is a problem. However that is an artificially created problem. Congress made it illegal to reprocess or recycle the spent fuel rods.

If the spent fuel rods are reprocessed (recycled) to produce more nuclear fuel virtually all of the waste is eliminated.

Also nuclear power plants can be designed to produce more nuclear fuel than they consume if the spent fuel rods are reprocessed (recycled).

Nuclear power plants are very safe. We have been safely operating over 100 nuclear power plants in The United States of America for over 40 years.

France, China, and India also operate nuclear power plants very safely.

Nuclear power is very clean. There are no emissions of greenhouse gases or other pollutants to the atmosphere.

Nuclear power is also the least expensive source of electricity.

When we start using electric cars we will need many new electric power plants to provide the electricity to charge the batteries of the electric cars.

Nuclear power is the lowest cost source of electricity that does not emit greenhouse gases.

We must start building nuclear power plants now if we are going to have the generating capacity that we will need for the electric cars that we will be operating in the near future.

John asks…

what is the difference between windmill and wind turbine ?

windmill, wind turbine

Windmill Farms answers:

Hi this is shahnawaz khan. I would suggest some knowledge
A wind mill- definition
A windmill is a machine which converts the energy of wind to rotational motion by means of adjustable vanes called sails. The main use is for a grinding mill powered by the wind, reducing a solid or coarse substance into pulp or minute grains, by crushing, grinding, or pressing. Windmills have also provided energy to sawmills, paper mills, hammer mills, and wind pumps for obtaining fresh water from underground or for drainage (especially of land below sea level).
A wind turbine- definition
A wind turbine converts the energy of wind into kinetic energy. If the mechanical energy is used directly by machinery, such as pumping water, cutting lumber or grinding stones, the machine is called a windmill. If the mechanical energy is instead converted to electricity, the machine is called a wind generator, wind turbine, wind power unit (WPU), wind energy converter (WEC), or aero generator.
Windmills are much shorter than wind turbines, and usually have many blades. The blades catch more wind causing the windmill to be able to do more physical work. The propeller blades are connected to an axle with gears. The gears are connected to a vertical shaft that runs down the length of the tower and is connected to other mechanical equipment. Windmills do work such as pump water or grind grain, which is why they are a common site on farms where they are used in crop production. They are not built to produce electricity.
In other words
Windmills have been in use since the 9th century and use the kinetic energy (energy of motion) of wind to do mechanical work, like crushing grain or pumping water.
Wind turbines use a generator to transform the kinetic energy of the wind into electricity without producing any greenhouse gases. The generator is essentially a magnet that creates an electrical current in a coil of wires when it spins.

Best regard

Mohammas Shahnawaz Khan
Electrical Quality Control Engineer
Saudi Oger
KAUST Project
Jeddah, K.S.A
Nationality- Indian

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Wind Power Energy

Joseph asks…

What kind of Engineer deals with coming up with new ways to use renewable energy?

When i say renewable energy i mean like solar power, wind power, hydroelectric power . Is there a certain type of engineer who works in these areas? Where is a good place to go to school for this type of Engineering.

Windmill Farms answers:

Renewable energy is a specialized area of engineering. There is no engineering degree that focuses solely on renewable energy. The closest ones that I can think of are Chemical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. The principles of chemical reactions are important in the study of energy. But to design and construct the harnessing devices requires knowledge of mechanical engineering.

Every engineer is taught the basics of every engineering discipline so even Computer Engineers can qualify if they specialize beyond their undergraduate education.

If you live in the Philippines, the best school to go to is of course the University of the Philippines. Among private universities, De La Salle University – Manila is best, followed by MAPUA. Ateneo De Manila’s engineering is handled by the Physics department as I have been told so I would be hesitant towards that school. The University of Sto. Tomas seems to have strong engineering background as well, but I have no certainty about that. In choosing the right school, accreditation of the engineering department and not just the school accreditation is important.

Laura asks…

How much electrical energy (in kWh) can the wind turbine generate in a year?

Assume a wind turbine with a hub 50.0 m above the ground, a rotor diameter of 50.0 m, and a wind-power conversion efficiency of 25%. The turbine operates in an area with an average wind-power density of 500 watts/m2 at 50 m altitude. How much electrical energy (in kWh) can the wind turbine generate in a year?

Windmill Farms answers:

The question is written to allow for a rather simple solution, unlike the challenges of real wind turbine power and energy estimation.

Energy = Power x Time

Electric power produced = conversion efficiency x gross wind power

Gross wind power = power density x turbine swept area

So, with all the equations at hand, we can solve the problem.

Turbine swept area = 2 x pi x (25 m)^2 = 3927 m^2
Wind power density = 500 W/m^2

Thus, Gross wind power = 500 W/m^2 x 3927 m^2 = 1.9635 x10^6 W = 1.9635 MW

Electric power produced = 0.25 * 1.9635 MW = 0.49087 MW

Since the problem identifies the wind power as long-term average, we can calculate the average energy produced in a year.

Energy (Joules) = Watts x seconds
Energy = 0.49087 MW x 31536000 s = 15.487 x10^6 MJ
But the question asked for energy measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh).

So, Energy = 490.87 kW * 8760 h = 4300100 kWh produced in 1 year.

Unfortunately, a real wind turbine would produce this energy in an unscheduleable manner, typically peaking when the demand (load) is lowest. That’s the challenge of wind energy.

Mark asks…

What environmental issues need to be considered when choosing an alternative energy source?

It is for an energy assignment in science about alternative energy. You know the usual stuff solar power wind power all that stuff. what do you have to think about when you’re thinking about choosing an alternative energy source

Windmill Farms answers:

Mainly local environmental impact.
Eg. Daming a river for a hydro turbine is no loger considered environmental as it damages the local environment.
As microhydro turbines don’t as they only divert part of the river a bit.

The embodied energy is also important factor when considering what alternative energy is going to used.
For example solar hot water heaters have an energy payback of about 1 year.
Solar Panels have an energy payback of about 6-8 years.
As the silicon is a rare metal when requiring to build them.
Then it would be the logical step to first use a solar hot water system before putting solar cells up on your roof.

Same with wind power you also need to consider viability of the energy source at that location….
If there is not enough wind or too much turbulence.
This can effect what energy source is considered most viable at that location.

Eg. Hawaii is about to turn it’s whole electricity economy to geothermal as it is most viable as they are on a volcanoe.

Carol asks…

What are the energy transfers of the different energy resources?

Can u please explain the different energy transfers that take place for the following energy resources….

Geothermal Energy
Nuclear Energy
Hydroelectric Power
Solar Power
Wind Power
Tidal Power

i.e. Gravitational PE to Kinetic energy to Electrical energy.

I would appreciate any help.
Thank You in advance.

Windmill Farms answers:

Solar Power:
Heat-> Electrical -> Mechanical

You can easily get an answer with a little bit of research.

Nancy asks…

What are really great advantages to Wind energy?

Also, if you can. Some disadvantages countered… Example
Wind energy kills bird, yes but not many etc

Windmill Farms answers:

1. Wind energy is fueled by the wind, so it’s a clean fuel source. Wind energy doesn’t pollute the air like power plants that rely on combustion of fossil fuels, such as coal or natural gas. Wind turbines don’t produce atmospheric emissions that cause acid rain or greenhouse gasses.
2. Wind energy is a domestic source of energy, produced in the United States. The nation’s wind supply is abundant.
3. Wind energy relies on the renewable power of the wind, which can’t be used up. Wind is actually a form of solar energy; winds are caused by the heating of the atmosphere by the sun, the rotation of the earth, and the earth’s surface irregularities.
4. Wind energy is one of the lowest-priced renewable energy technologies available today, costing between 4 and 6 cents per kilowatt-hour, depending upon the wind resource and project financing of the particular project.
5. Wind turbines can be built on farms or ranches, thus benefiting the economy in rural areas, where most of the best wind sites are found. Farmers and ranchers can continue to work the land because the wind turbines use only a fraction of the land. Wind power plant owners make rent payments to the farmer or rancher for the use of the land.

1. Wind power must compete with conventional generation sources on a cost basis. Depending on how energetic a wind site is, the wind farm may or may not be cost competitive. Even though the cost of wind power has decreased dramatically in the past 10 years, the technology requires a higher initial investment than fossil-fueled generators.
2. The major challenge to using wind as a source of power is that the wind is intermittent and it does not always blow when electricity is needed. Wind energy cannot be stored (unless batteries are used); and not all winds can be harnessed to meet the timing of electricity demands.
3. Good wind sites are often located in remote locations, far from cities where the electricity is needed. Transmission lines must be built to bring the electricity from the wind farm to the city.
4. Wind resource development may compete with other uses for the land and those alternative uses may be more highly valued than electricity generation.
5. Although wind power plants have relatively little impact on the environment compared to other conventional power plants, there is some concern over the noise produced by the rotor blades, aesthetic (visual) impacts, and sometimes birds have been killed by flying into the rotors. Most of these problems have been resolved or greatly reduced through technological development or by properly siting wind plants.

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Is Wind Power Actually Green

Maria asks…

whats the potential of the future of wind energy?

simpleish answer plz ?? need this fast !

Windmill Farms answers:

According to the article I listed in the source section, there is actually enough wind produced in terms of physics and meteorology to completely power the entire world in clean, green, renewable energy. The stumbling block at this point is having enough turbines to produce the energy and a system to store and distribute it.

Where we live, if you produce energy by wind or solar, the energy grid has to buy whatever you don’t need for personal use. A company in the industrial complex near where we live erected a wind turbine and while a lot of people complained about it, complained it “destroyed their view”, actually, it’s really not bad and we enjoy keeping track of how hard and fast it’s spinning.

Scotland is planning a huge wind farm off the east coast – they have a green initiative and plan to import no oil at some point in the next few years. I would Google their wind farm plans. Donald Trump had a fit because the wind farm is planned for a portion of the Atlantic coast not far from where he either has or is planning to develop a huge golf resort.

Ken asks…

Is now a good time to start investing in green and renewable energy?

Windmill Farms answers:

IMHO that is questionable. If you want to do it for altruistic reasons, saving the earth and so forth, then by all means go for it. But if you want to actually make money in the market, as most of us do, I definitely don’t think this is the way to go right now. Most of the companies in this industry are NOT profitable and are not likely to ever become profitable until and unless there is a great deal of additional government support provided. The fact is most of these new technologies simply cannot survive economically without a tremendous amount of artificial government support. Who the heck wants to pay three times as much for ‘green’ (or renewable) electricity when they can’t even afford the mostly fossil fueled electricity we have now? Unfortunately, government (like many individuals I know) is largely broke nowadays, and there is gridlock in congress that will continue to work strongly against any of these new federal ‘green’ energy initiatives.

That being said, many U.S. Companies, including some of the electric utilities I own, already are investing in renewable energy projects (esp. Wind power) and getting quite a bit of political mileage from doing this. In effect, electric utilities are being forced to become gradually involved in green energy in order to gain public favor with the utility rate commissioners in the various states who control the electric utility rates these companies charge their customers, and hence my stock dividends as well! So, to that extent, I AM committed to investing in green energy!

But overall, I’d have to say this green energy thing is mostly smoke and mirrors, ‘all hat and no cattle’ as they say in Texas. And speaking of which, I’m doing pretty well investing in traditional energy resources (especially natural gas companies), many of which are based in Texas and the gulf coast.

Good luck in your investing whatever you decide to do!

Mandy asks…

Wouldn’t plug-in electric cars actually be worse for the environment?

Than gas powered cars? I always hear so much about electric cars…like they could “save the planet” and stuff. But since coal is much dirtier than oil, wouldn’t plug-in electric cars actually make things worse?

Windmill Farms answers:

There were 8 answers when I decided to post this.

It is frustrating to read so much opinion that is not based in fact and / or is missing a critical piece of the puzzle to actually yield a ‘green’ result.

1. Coal fired electrical plants CAN be made to be efficient and clean but just not carbon neutral. It is simply a matter of economics and regulations (it is too expensive to convert these unless the operators are legislated to do it or a carbon tax is imposed).

2. The electrical grid is very inefficient and fragile … But it is all we have until we decentralize our generating facilities to use micro generating facilities and net power metering.

3. Gasoline is a convenience fuel that has one of the highest efficiency ratings as a fuel but the automotive industry has not been effective in creating a more efficient engine. The gensets in hybrid cars are more efficient because the IC engines operate at a constant speed and a constant load when they run. The electrical energy is easier to control and manage for doing the work, also improving efficiency. This will never be carbon neutral in any form just by the nature of the fuel

4. Electric motors are much more efficent to manage and actually recharge batteries using a regenerative braking system. Gasoline and diesel engines operating at a constant RPM with constant load yield their best efficiency. When under acceleration, an engine uses extra fuel and when decelerating uses more fuel than at idle. Any internal combustion engine at idle yields zero miles per gallon while the electric moter uses no enegry when the vehicle is stopped. This is the reason gas or diesel hybrids are more efficient.

5. No one has even touched on true hybrid electrical power – wind, solar, methane digesters, tidal surge, solar cells, geothermal boreholes and gensets using bio-diesel. If all these are considered in their respective micro generating capacity operating in tandem or parallel, we can truly achieve an electrical sustainability for plug-in cars.

This is an incomplete list.

We must carefully select our resources at hand (even cities can use massive stirling cycle engines for electrical power, water pumping and air cooling). Farms can sell power back to the grid for the whole neighbourhood from methane powered gensets. The bi-product (heat) can be used for hog barns or cowsheds, even to heat the farmhouse.

Thomas asks…

Does TerraPass Actually Mitigate ANY Co2?

Considering that they do not shut down pollution producing power plantswhen new “green” sources come online (windmills, etc), does Terra pass actually MITIGATE any pollution?

Even though the new plants aren’t adding any pollution to the air, they’re not taking any out either, all that is happening is that the energy grid is growing in capacity. So how can a TerraPass be “cancelling out” my carbon footprint? It seems like the Co2 tonnage coming from my car every year will continue to do so regardless of how many windmills are around. If TerraPass were taking tonnage out of the air equivalent to what my car is putting in, then I could see how it would “mitigate” my pollution. Otherwise it seems a way to effectively “pay” for a clean conscience.

Windmill Farms answers:

Yes it does but in a fairly round-about way… Basically they are an investment group that takes donations from suckers that have a nagging conscience – then they use that money to fund alternative energy research/projects. If the money is invested in constructing a wind farm then that much less energy will be created by the burning of coal. Power companies do not burn coal just for the fun of it – they burn as much as is necessary to keep the grid stable. If you add energy from a wind farm it will reduce the amount of coal that needs to be burned to keep the grid functioning.

In my opinion there are much better ways to do this than through the TerraPass people — but since most people are too lazy to find these options for themselves TerraPass makes it easy for somebody to make a difference (however minor and insignificant it is).

Lisa asks…

Is electrical use decreased when using solar power, or not?

Windmill Farms answers:

Hi I am the owner of Mountain Wind & Solar (please be aware though that this website is still under construction).

Your electrical use is not decreased, but the amount of energy you purchase from the grid is, and can be eliminated completely. This is called net metering when you buy electricity from the grid, but if you produce more than you are using in your home from solar panels, wind turbines, etc.. Then you can actually sell energy back to the grid and get paid for it.

If you have any specific questions about wind turbines or solar panels feel free to email me at

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Wind Power For Homes

Joseph asks…

Is fusion power our only real alternative to fossil fuels?

Wind power and solar are nice, but they take a lot of infrastructure. Alcohol from biomass requires a lot of fussing around. Hydrogen is just a pipe dream because you have to have another power source to create it. It seems to me that the future of our civilization lies with fusion power.

Windmill Farms answers:

Let me address MJ first, his answer to nuclear waste disposal is to simplistic. Such measures are a release accident just waiting to happen. Nuclear power is not as good an answer as many have believed it to be. A nuclear power plant can not be “throttled”, that is, power levels changed up or down as easily as a fossil fuel powered plant. Nuclear plants are run at full power with excess energy used for other things, such as topping off peak power demand hydro-electric lakes such as what Duke Power does in North Carolina and South Carolina.
While true, hydrogen takes power to make it, it is still a possible source if one uses power such as that from solar electric arrays, or waste energy from nuclear plants. Norway seems to have a means of producing hydrogen that is very efficient, thus making it an economical possibility.
While wind and solar energy needs a lot of infrastructure, no more so than any other power system. It also offers home use possibilities, at least for the solar power cells end of this point of issue.
Alcohol from anything is a good way to produce a liquid energy source, and it is also renewable. Biomass also gives the possibility of methane production as well.
The issues with fusion is the control of it, getting usable energy out of it, although I am aware of at least 1 way to achieve that. There has to be a way to get the plasma that fusion has to have up to the working temperature that it needs to be at, and then you need to control that plasma as well. Thus far, when ever plasma has been attained, it is so unstable that it can not be controlled. If it gets out og magnetic containment and touches the metal of the reactor walls, it cools to the point where it is not plasma any more, it also takes a good chunk of the reactor material with it. Except for cold fusion, which would work, the others who tried to prove it did so with the intent to make it fail. That point has been published, a long time ago. Fusion requires more technology than we currently have. It is a good idea, but at what cost. Bottom line, is do we really want to have it, or is there still to much competition from power companies to allow fusion to be a viable source of power. This issue reminds me of the movie “Chain Reaction” where hydrogen generation was being worked on, and various government agencies did not want the technology to see the light of day.
Best answer, we use what we now have, or as we can find alternatives for our own private use. I personally favor personal use with the time it takes to make it worth my while as opposed to other, to me, worthless uses of my time.

Thomas asks…

How much does an average 500 home wind power cost.?

the cost of a wind turbine that can power 500 homes on average.

Windmill Farms answers:

That’s a 500kW unit at a minimum, possibly 1 MW.

That’s a fairly large unit. Cost depends on site costs, site preparation costs, lawyer costs (to get approval of the many government agencies) etc. Best is to find some existing installations and get their costs.

Only quote i could find is “1 MW windmill costs around $300,000 fully installed” and it is questionable.

Best is to contact companies that build them, like GE.


Paul asks…

How do I make a homebuilt wind generator power ?

Does anybody know?

I really want to make a homebuilt wind generator power but have no idea how. Im a complete noob when it comes to this stuff lol

Windmill Farms answers:

Homebuilt wind power generators can be built with just a few parts that you probably already have laying around your home.

If you want to power household items like TVs, washing machine etc then you will need an inverter. These are quite cheap though.

I got my instructions on homebuilt wind power generators from and it made life HEAPS easier for me.

Jenny asks…

What are the drawbacks to using wind turbines or solar panels for providing all power to a home?

A. The wind and sun are not constant, so there would be times when no electricity would be generated.
B. The wind and sun are constant, so there would be plenty of electricity for the home.
C. Wind and solar power are inefficient and too expensive to use and maintain.
D. Wind and solar power are efficient, but they are not able to produce enough electricity for a single home.

Windmill Farms answers:

A is the best of your four, for your question, but since individual wind and solar power generate power to a battery, which is the direct source of power to your house, you can store up enough power to maintain your electrical usage, through the winter, power outages, and you can sell some access back to the Community Power Company.

If enough households demand an individual windmill and solar panel, the initial costs will come down to reasonable expense!!

Lizzie asks…

Is there a formula for determining the amount of energy produced via a windmill?

I would like to know how wind velocity and the size, weight and composition of the blades determine the amount of energy produced. I have no background in physics or engineering, so I would appreciate and assistance or guidance with respect to wind power generation. Thanks.

Windmill Farms answers:

Hey TK, good question. Actually, it isn’t that difficult to get into. There are basically four things that figure into the power output of a wind turbine.

1. Swept area of the blades
2. Density of the air
3. Efficiency of the turbine design
4. Velocity of the wind

P = .5 X rho X Cp X A X V3

P is power in watts, .5 is a constant, rho is the air density, Cp is the efficiency of the turbine and V3 is the velocity of the wind cubed. This is why airspeed is such a determining factor in wind turbine design. The .5 constant is constant by design, the efficiency is whatever the manufacturer can pull off in design and construction, the area of the blade sweep is fixed at construction, so only the airspeed varies, and since you cube the value of the speed, if the wind speed increases from 10 to 30 miles an hour for example, the turbine now has to convert 27 times as much energy.

We have a small turbine at our place that’s been running for almost 10 years now. It is a 3 blade model, designed for higher winds. A two blade unit is more efficient, but if you live in a higher wind area like we do, efficiency is not so important. Even with our small unit, a 25 mile per hour day allows our little 7 foot diameter unit to run the entire home and add a small charge to the batteries at the same time.

If you want to learn more, skip wikipedia and go to the experts. The American Wind Energy Association is a non profit group that works only with wind power issues. The two gurus in the business are probably Paul Gipe, who has written a book, “Wind Power for Home and Business,” and Mick Sagrillo who has been running his own business in wind power for 30 years and has authored several papers and articles. To get straight to the source, google, “Wind Turbine Power Equation,” and look for a link to an AWEA website for an explanation of the formula. I will list a few other sources below as well. Good luck, and take care, Rudydoo

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Is Wind Power Really Green

Nancy asks…

Explain how a power plant works?

Please explain how a power plant works 10 point for best answer!!!!!!!!!

Windmill Farms answers:

Seeing as you put this in botany I am guessing you are referring to the power plant or “power flower” In Mario.

Yoshi series

Yoshi’s Story

Baby Yoshi next to the Power Flower.
Power Flowers first appeared in Yoshi’s Story. They grow from the ground and have a green stem with green leaves, as well as a yellow head with red petals, black eyes, and a small red mouth. The head of the Power Flower can be consumed by a Baby Yoshi, allowing the Yoshi to recover two petals on their Smile Meter. However, the Yoshi will get no ? By eating the flower, unlike eating a fruit or a Shy Guy, and thus consuming the plant does not improve Yoshi’s Mood when the stage is completed. The head of the Power Flower quickly regrows after being consumed, which means that the Yoshi can simply keep eating flower heads until his health is fully recovered. The Power Flower is akin to the Spinning Heart of Super Mario 64, as both objects can be used to quickly (but not immediately) recover all HP.

Super Mario series

Super Mario 64 DS

Mario with a Power Flower behind him.
Another type of Power Flower appeared as ability granting flowers in Super Mario 64 DS. Their functions seem to replace Mario’s cap abilities from Super Mario 64, with an extra addition. When Mario uses a Power Flower, he is able to float for a short time, similar to the P-Balloon in Super Mario World. At certain times, the ? Block will give Mario a Wing Feather, causing him to become Wing Mario and allowing him to fly (similarly to the Wing Cap). If Luigi uses one, he becomes Vanish Luigi, becoming partially immaterial and able to move through certain objects to get to new places (similarly to the Vanish Cap). If Wario uses one, he becomes Metal Wario, gaining the ability to walk at normal speed underwater, as well as being able to withstand great winds (similarly to the Metal Cap). When Yoshi uses a Power Flower, he will turn into Fire Yoshi.

Sharon asks…

What exactly is a “Green Job”? Do they really exist?

About the only “green job” I can think of is being an Amish farmer. No electricity, no fuel-burning equipment, no artificial fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.

I suppose you could consider a job walking through the park picking up garbage as a “green job” unless you drive the trash collected to a recycling center. Even if you used an electric powered vehicle there would still be pollution from producing the electricity needed to charge it. If the electricity was from wind power or solar power it still wouldn’t be truly “green” because windmills and solar collectors have to be manufactured and manufacturing causes pollution.

So someone enlighten me as to what a “green job” is.

Windmill Farms answers:

Or disgrace of a Green Czar was working on a definition, but his communistic mind couldn’t define it.

Charles asks…

I am working on a small scale wind power project, please give me details for designing this project?

I am a Mechanical Engineer & working on a small scale wind power project, from where I can get fundamental & design materials for my project. Please give me link of any type of source like as website & books details.

Windmill Farms answers:

Smart question , friend! Thanks to decide going green and begin to generate your own power? Or at least try to? You are like many other people, today people want to help out the environment and save as much of its precious resources as possible. Thanks 4 U .Any other details about wind power that may help you are available at:
rate if useful

Robert asks…

Wind and solar power?

i am doing a report about using alternative energy sources for powering a house and whether they’re efficient or not can anyone give me some links

Windmill Farms answers:

Dude try these ones I did a project on this too. GO GREEN!!!!

Michael asks…

Who advocates for wind power to be used?

I neeeed to know who are some major people or orginazations or whatever that encourage and advocate wind energy usage/ wind power???

Windmill Farms answers:

It has its’ place but is noisy and not overly efficient. I advocate less greed in the use of power. Here in england they are forcing us to be greener yet the big city companies leave thousands of watts of lighting burning day and night. We will never meet the requirements of the whole world at the levels we use power now so must reduce what we all use then provide as much of our power from the most reliable and least toxic sources.
Gas turbines are the best we have at the moment for efficiency vs pollution so we need to be generating gas from waste and using that as primary source where possible then supplementing with wind, wave, solar geothermal and any other technology we can find but not nuclear until the science can deal with the waste.

I will repeat my call for reduction of energy use as the only long term solution.

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Wind Energy Stocks

Sharon asks…

Stock Investment Help?

I have a few questions.

What are good solar and wind mutual funds
What are good wind stocks
What are good mining and precious metal mutual funds
What are good stocks in general


Windmill Farms answers:

There are several ETFs (Exchange traded funds which offer lower costs than some mutuals) which meet your requirements:
PowerShares WilderHill (PBW)
PowerShares WilderHill Progressive Energy (PUW)
PowerShares Cleantech (PZD)
First Trust NASDAQ Clean Edge US Liquid Series (QCLN)

Some mutual funds:

New Alternatives Fund (NAFLX)- A Mutual Fund Investing in alternative energy. Http://

Guinness Atkinson Alternative Energy (GAAEX)

A single leading stock in solar power: First Solar, (FSLR) they use a cutting edge thin film process and have several new plants worldwide.

Carol asks…

what do you think of utility stocks as an investment?

I know these stocks are interest rate sensitive. I also wonder what solar
power and other alternate types of energy will do to utilities. the last
couple of years utility use has declined 1-2 per cent.
thank you.

Windmill Farms answers:

Utilities used to be simple income stocks. Now there is more complexity.

Large scale solar and wind are a marginal negative, but a lot of these projects have issues feeding into the power grid.

Coal fired generation is pretty much screwed under current hostile regulation.

Home solar is a pretty big negative if it scales up. Permanent demand destruction.

I’m starting to look at:

- water utilities
- smart metering
- technology to upgrade the overall power grid

John asks…

Alternative Energies – Success Stories?

Want to know of some success stories in the field of alternatives to conventional forms of energy especially petroleum. Is it a lot of wind and gas or are there genuine stories of success ?

Windmill Farms answers:

Hey Vsssarma, Gourdman has one excellent example of an alternative energy success story. There are literally thousands more of them. Let me tell you one, then give you some suggestions on where you can find the rest.

About 10 years ago we decided to convert our home over to wind and solar power. It was a very steep learning curve at first, mainly because the builders and electricians I spoke with kept throwing around phrases like, “Solar doesn’t really work.” and, “Wind energy is a farce.” I later realized that they simply have a way they like to do business, and I was trying to upset the apple cart. It was hard at that time to find people who knew much about it. We plowed ahead anyway. Now our home has a solar array that fits nicely on our one car carport roof, and wind turbine on a tower in the field behind the garage, a solar water preheater next to the house, some passive solar skylights, and a woodstove. Over the last 3 years, our electric bill has averaged less than $5 per month. In two instances last year alone, the power was out in our county for about half a day each time. In both cases, we were not aware of it until watching the news that night. It’s difficult to put a price on something like that. Yet almost daily I have people talk to me about our system and ask me, “What’s the payback?” I can’t really give them an answer that satisfies them, other than for almost 10 years now, our home has not been without power for even a minute, and the coal fired power plant 32 miles from our home does not belch any pollutants in the air to run my shop vac.

As far as money, it will probably take 10 to 15 years to get my investment in equipment back in the form of savings on our energy bills. A stock broker might disagree with our investment practices, but we are okay with them as they are.

There is an excellent periodical on the subject that doesn’t cost much to subscribe to, it’s called Home Power Magazine. You can get it online as well as through the mail. Each issue chronicles several home owners stories about their adventure into wood heat, solar electricity, building electric cars from scratch, then charging them with a wind turbine, and so on. Our home was even featured in it once for some unusual work we had done researching the wind and solar resources we have here, the article is called, “Starting Small.” You can also check websites for some groups I have listed below as well. Happy reading, and take care, Rudydoo

George asks…

what are the best stock picking websites?

Windmill Farms answers:

Invest in A-Power Energy Generation System (APWR) stock is a great place to invest because the stock it blow 200 day average so in the short term(1month-1year) it will increase really fast when it in the market earning short_term (1month-1year) you will earn 1-2 time the amount that you put in. And also a big news on APWR today is “USW Signs Landmark Agreements with Leading Power Generation Companies in China”… so the stock will increase really fast. So quickly invest in the stock are now before it going up a long-term you return it will be 15-20 time which it 5-10 years. The company is the biggest owner of wind turbine in china and the company is expending to other area such as U.S, Europe, and many more countries. The companies is expend their wind turbine to many different area the stock average return a year is about 20% but with right now the we are on the way to getting out of recession the average return is about 50%-120% a year.

Susan asks…

When will solar stocks soar? Is 2010 the year for profits?

Windmill Farms answers:

According to those in the industry 2009 and 2010 are the years that solar power stocks boom. But it is not only solar power stocks that are set to boom shortly, wind power stocks are also set to soar.

Renewable energy stocks in general are all going to be in positive ground in the next 12 months as people and companies rush to become more energy efficient and beat the emission trading scheme that the government is sent to launch.

I have invested in some of the wind power stocks listed here: and am seeing some fantastic gains in my stock portfolio.

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Wind Power

Robert asks…

What are the pros and cons of using wind power to power up our community?

It’s for a project.
What are the pros and cons of using wind power?

Windmill Farms answers:

Cheaper electricity
Windturbines require little maintenance
Whoever owns the land where the windturbines are installed get a TAX BREAK
Windturbines don’t spew out any pollutants

Some people think windturbines are ugly
If you stand right under them, it’s noisy (but far away you don’t hear them)
Location has to be windy most of the time for them to work
They are very tall (I don’t think it matters so much)

I think the pros overweigh the cons ANYWAY
I’ve seen windturbines from a distance and I think they look rather nice!

Lisa asks…

Alternative source of energy – How to utilize wind-power?

What would be cheap available solution to pump water 40 to 60 foot high. Can I build something to utilize wind power or solar power and some technique to lift water cheap? I like to use as little money as possible for this task.

Windmill Farms answers:

Yep, it would be called a windmill … And they have been used for hundreds of years. It has a wheel-shaped set of fins on the top that the wind blows and turns, which in turn rotates a shaft attached to a pump underground. The pump moves the water above ground.

Mary asks…

Time it takes to recoup an investment such as Wind power plant?

Let’s say the wind power plant costs $ 300 million. You will supply electricity to residential homes.
What do you think? How long will it take to recoup that $ 300 million?

Windmill Farms answers:

You are asking this q at this forum? I am surprised.
Not unless this is idle curiosity. If you are a serious investor you obviously won’t ask it here – but hire some experts to do that job.

Now, do the math. $300 Mill. As fixed cost. Operating cost will at least be $1 Mill a year that includes salary, admin, maintenance, land cost electricity distribution cost etc…

How many homes this windfarm will serve?. That’s the key. Each home on an average consumes 1500 Kwh; at about say, 12 cents a Kwh, that is, $200 per month. Ie., $2500 to $3000 per year.
Then, you work backwards: How many homes can YOU serve with your wind farm?. What is the generating capacity.? Higher the capacity, more investment is the result and more running cost.

So, it is difficult to answer until we know how many Kwh can your plant produce for how many homes.

Then, you will know the profit you can make after all the disbursements. If you repay $300Mill over 20 to 25 years with interest, then your profit must be…..xxxxx….dollars. So, you see, it is not that simple to answer.
But wait. Government will kick in quite a bit of money becauise windfarms are environment friendly, no pollution. So, that’s where you go first with hat in your hand.

Chris asks…

What major companies use wind power as one of their sourses of electricity?

I have a class that i need to list some companies that use wind power as their source on energy. So if you know or, think that you work uses wind, or if you know what does use wind please post the companies name[s]!
-Thanks Via

Windmill Farms answers:

portland general electric
and try naming some fromtexas theres alot there

Carol asks…

How do you build a wind powered boat?

I need to build a wind powered boat by December 1st. If you could give me some instructions on how to build one, that would be great, or a website on how to build one would be great too. Thank you!
I need to build it by December 1st because I am going to enter it in a compitition. It not supposed to be a boat I’m going to get into and drive, it supposed to be a small remote control boat, powered by wind. Some of the things they are going to grade me on are how well the boat carries things and how well it can go on waves.

Windmill Farms answers:


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Does Wind Power Create Greenhouse Gases

Thomas asks…

What can be done about Global Warming?

My point of view is that Global Warming does exist and is a problem. If anyone has a different opinion, okay that’s cool, but I don’t care to debate it right now.

Basically, what are some things we can do to curve the effects of Global Warming? What things will have a definate impact on the environment. I know recycling and turning off lights and driving hybrid cars will help, but is there anything else?

Should countries back the Kyoto Protocol for instance? Is there legislation that can be suggested? Any scientific breakthroughs that we should pour money into to save the enviornment? Hydro-cars? Any bright ideas?

Windmill Farms answers:

Global Warming is real. Understanding what causes global warming is the key to understanding our options. Basically humans have been releasing a number of different gasses in to the atmosphere in very very large quantities for about 100 years now. Those gases have changed the way the earth absorbs and reflects light from the sun. Those changes have resulted in the Earth absorbing slightly more sunlight than it used to and that extra energy is slowly heating up the Earth.

Here is the problem. The gasses we have already released into the atmosphere would be very difficult to take back out again and so we are basically stuck waiting for natural processes to remove those gases. That will take hundreds of years.

What we can do though is to keep it from getting worse. Today we are releasing more of these gases faster than ever so every day the problem gets worse because more and more greenhouse gases are building up in the atmosphere. To keep the problem from getting worse we need to stop releasing these gasses as quickly as possible.

Reducing greenhouse gas production is very hard because our way of life is based on using lots of energy. It is the production of energy is the main way we create the most important greenhouse gas, which is carbon dioxide. Every time we burn something, gasoline to drive someplace, natural gas to heat our houses, coal to generate electricity, we make more carbon dioxide. We need to learn how to generate our energy using methods that do not require burning fossil fuels.

There are many types of energy that do not require burning fossil fuels such as: wind power, hydroelectric power, solar power and nuclear power. One important complication is that all of these “clean” power sources are used to generate electricity. That is a problem for cars because cars currently do not run on electricity. That is one reason why people are working hard on electric cars, hybrid cars and fuel cell power cars.

There is one more “clean” energy source that does work with today’s cars and that is bio fuel. In that case we grow plants, which absorb carbon dioxide to grow, and then later turn the plant matter into bio diesel or ethanol, both of which can be burned in a regular engine. The carbon dioxide that burning releases is the same carbon dioxide captured by the plants when they grow so there is no addition of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, which is why this is a clean fuel.

So basically there are a couple of things to understand about Global Warming.

1) We cannot make it go away no matter what we do because the gasses we have already released in the last 100 or so years will be in the atmosphere absorbing extra energy from the sun for hundreds of more years.

2) Global warming will get much worse if we keep pumping out greenhouse gases and it will last much longer. Greenhouse gases come from burning fossil fuels to generate our energy. Therefore we must change the way we generate energy as fast as possible.

David asks…

Currwntly we rely on coal, oil and gas to supply most of our energy needs….?

Why must we develop alternative energy resources???????????

Windmill Farms answers:

1) The greenhouse effect – when the Sun’s heat strikes the Earth it is not all absorbed and some is reflected back. Burning fossil fuels (gas, oil and coal) releases carbon dioxide, which reflects the Sun’s heat back to Earth again. This is heating up our planet and melting the ice caps at the North and South Poles, increasing sea level, which puts low lying land at risk of flooding, threatens wildlife and causes desertification and forest fires.

2) The amount of gas and oil being extracted is no longer sufficient to keep up with demand, because we are running out. There is still plenty of coal to keep up with demand for hundreds of years, but this too will run out. Oil, gas and coal were formed from ancient vegetation which was compressed by the earth’s crust to form the fuel. It is being used up much faster than it is being created.

The next question is which energy sources do we use to make electricity?

Solar / Wind – good in places with a lot of sunshine / wind, but unreliable and difficult to store.
Hydroelectric – difficult to expand existing supply, without building dams which will have a big impact on the environment.
Nuclear – limited supply of Uranium – need a massive increase in capacity to take place of fossil fuels – no safe way of storing radioactive materials.
Tidal power could be used to some extent.
Geothermal power – pumping water down into the Earth and uses that heat to generate electricity – expensive.
Nuclear fusion – decades away from being developed reliably.

I think the problem is that the energy companies are in this to make a short-term profit and are not interested in the long-term problems of the environment. If government took over the energy supplies, then this could be planned to meet our energy needs with a combination of wind, solar, hydroelectric power, district heating schemes, etc. We need to switch away from both nuclear and fossil fuels as a source of energy.

William asks…

If a small wind farm in Texas raises night temps by 1.3 degrees, what will 32,000 do to Britian’s climate?

The government is proposing to build up to 32,000 new wind turbines with many thousands more transmission pylons as it struggles to meet green targets.

A report by Chris Huhne’s Department of Energy and Climate Change says the huge expansion is essential if Britain is to meet its obligations to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

At present, there are about 3,000 onshore wind turbines with a few hundred offshore. They have helped cut carbon emissions but generate only 1-2% of the nation’s power.

Researchers at the State University of New York at Albany analysed the satellite data of areas around large wind farms in Texas, where four of the world’s largest farms are located, over the period 2003 to 2011.

The results, published in the journal Nature Climate Change, showed a warming trend of up to 0.72 degrees Celsius per decade in areas over the farms, compared with nearby regions without the farms.

“We attribute this warming primarily to wind farms,” the study said. The temperature change could be due to the effects of the energy expelled by farms and the movement and turbulence generated by turbine rotors, it said.

“These changes, if spatially large enough, may have noticeable impacts on local to regional weather and climate,” the authors said.

So are man’s attempt to solve a natural problem helping or making the situation worse? Britain is an island and 32,000 net new wind turbines could cause weather patterns to change.

Windmill Farms answers:

Its going to not only kill millions of birds; It’s going to drive people insanely crazy. The wind turbines emit a low frequency hum at about 500hz which can create a constant migraine headaches. If the numbers are right then it might also drive your pets mad… Bad situation and bad energy yields crazy behavior.

Good luck with the green energy… Because its deadly. The people will be demanding those wind turbines torn down or even blown up. Where is the good old fashion coal plant or the nuke plant…

Here are some disturbing facts:
Further, the evidence from qualified sleep researchers [5,8,9] shows “annoyance” of sleep disruption from any cause can result in delayed sleep onset, recalled awakening (for periods of >30 seconds), and perhaps most importantly, in repetitive non-recalled arousals (for periods of <30 seconds). These, sleep researchers state, can have adverse impacts of fatigue, decreased performance, increased accident rates, cardio-vascular impacts, and diabetes.

Sandra asks…

Can anyone give me all the examples of renewable energy resources?

i need examples of renewable energy resources for a science project. it is due in wed 3rd dec and i need the examples because i am writing a letter explaining what you could use instead of non-renewable energy resources and i need to write down all of them. please could you help peoples, 10 points if you do. and please can i not have any negative answers about looking it up, because it doesn’t give me the full works if you know what im saying.

Windmill Farms answers:

Solar Cell – Makes energy from the sun’s photons forcing electrons out of a cell’s silicon core.

Solar Panel – Uses the sun’s energy to heat water; the steam produced makes a turbine turn to generate electricity.

Wind Power – The power of the wind turns a turbine, which uses a generator to generate electricity.

Hydroelectric – The power of massive amounts of water being released in a place (usually a dam) creates huge amounts of electricity. Countries such as Norway are powered almost 100% by Hydroelectric power.

Geothermal – Pipes underground full of water are heated up by volcanic activity underneath the earth crust. The steam created again makes a turbine turn… And you know what happens after.

Biomass – burning specific sources such as wood or animal/human feces releases vast amounts of energy. – Note that burning feces releases methane, a greenhouse gas which contributes to global warming. Hence, identity as a renewable source of energy is debatable.

Tidal – The power of the waves generates electricity much like hydroelectric power.

Nuclear Power – Uranium atoms are split in a nuclear reactor in a reaction which is called nuclear fission. Countries such as France are powered almost entirely by this. It has no direct effect on the environment, however it produces large amounts of radioactive waste. Most people consider Nuclear power as being renewable, however it must be brought up that the supplies of Uranium and Plutonium will eventually run out.

All these sources of energy are renewable, as the source they come from will never finish. A lot of these also create hardly any waste and require few maintenance, hence they are plausible alternatives to the polluting manner of generating electricity mostly used today (namely coal powered power stations).

Linda asks…

Why havnt we turned the Sahara desert into a massive solar power plant?

Yea guess its a next gen prob when we have cleaned the plant’s oil even though ‘Honda’ :/

The Zero-Emission Sedan of the Future. A Reality Today.

* Zero emissions
* Domestic fuel
* Helps slow increase in greenhouse gases

Wow all the “Civilized Nations” will stop driving to work !?1? :/ when the oil has gone *Shock*

Lets fcuk up the planet as much as we can before we die and let someone else “deal” were losing sh!t loads of natural water on the caps at record losses but nvm lets keep chopping down rain forests for sofas & lets hope we have another extinction event to knock “Humans” back on there asses so we can rise again to kill the planet :)

Windmill Farms answers:

One of the biggest factors is the price as someone else said. There is a large cost involved in even smaller solar panels for house holds so having a few hundred in the desert would be costly.. And we all know people (governments) don’t like spending money :)

On the up side there are a few solar farms in the USA which are ‘massive’ so that is a step in the right direction.

Really we need to make more of the wind as well, wind farms are effective are they are again, creating wind farms not just on land but also at sea.

Like anything, it’s going to take time but I think soon solar and wind energy will become apart of our lives soon.

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Wind Energy Stocks

Mary asks…

Stocks – what’s a great buy right now?

More specifically what’s a good company to invest in that has a strong P/E and is priced in the $10-20 range?

Windmill Farms answers:

Invest in A-Power Energy Generation System (APWR) stock is a great place to invest because the stock it blow 200 day average so in the short term(1month-1year) it will increase really fast when it in the market earning short_term (1month-1year) you will earn 1-2 time the amount that you put in which in and of you put in a long-term you return it will be 15-20 time which it 5-10 years. The company is the biggest owner of wind turbine in china and the company is expending to other area such as U.S, Europe, and many more countries. The companies is expend their wind turbine to many different area the stock average return a year is about 20% but with right now the we are on the way to getting out of recession the average return is about 50%-120% a year.

Daniel asks…

Best stocks to invest in right now?


I was just wondering what the best stocks are to invest in right now?

Please no spam!

Windmill Farms answers:

Invest in A-Power Energy Generation System (APWR) stock is a great place to invest because the stock it blow 200 day average so in the short term(1month-1year) it will increase really fast when it in the market earning short_term (1month-1year) you will earn 1-2 time the amount that you put in which in and of you put in a long-term you return it will be 15-20 time which it 5-10 years. The company is the biggest owner of wind turbine in china and the company is expending to other area such as U.S, Europe, and many more countries. The companies is expend their wind turbine to many different area the stock average return a year is about 20% but with right now the we are on the way to getting out of recession the average return is about 50%-120% a year.

Laura asks…

I am looking for some stock tickers for wind and solar energy.?

Windmill Farms answers:


Nancy asks…

Who knows of a sure WINNER for a Wind Energy stock??

Windmill Farms answers:

GE looks pretty solid

Jenny asks…

stock market.? good or not so good idea right now.?

hi, im 17 and ever since learning about the stock market in us. history i have now been interested in it. i would like to invest money into while i’m still young. i’ve seen people get rich from this and have read about it. would investing in the stock market be a good idea.? and where would it be possible to learn about stocks.?

Windmill Farms answers:

Invest in A-Power Energy Generation System (APWR) stock is a great place to invest because the stock it blow 200 day average so in the short term it will increase really fast when it in the market earning short_term you will earn 1-2 time the amount that you put in which in 1-2 year and of you put in a long-term you return it will be 10-15 time which it 5-10 years. The company is the biggest owner of wind turbine in china and the company is expending to other area such as U.S, Europe, and many more countries. The companies is expend their wind turbine to many different area the stock average return a year is about 20% but with right now the we are on the way to getting out of recession the average return is about 50%-120% a year.

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Wind Power Energy

John asks…

Is their enough wind to power the Philippines?

the Philippines has the potential to generate 70,000 megawatt of electricity from wind power. what is the total energy consumption of the Philippines? will 70,000 megawatt be enough to supply a large percentage of electricity for all of the Philippines?
nobody read or answered the question.

Windmill Farms answers:

There is no continuous winds that have the potential to sustain a profitable wind power operation. But there is one way and that is to harness powerful winds blown out by seasonal typhoons. Unfortunately, they are very destructive and limited only during the rainy seasons. So for the rest of the year, the expensive turbines and generations would only rather be a huge liabilty. Also, dams will have more than enough water to operate hydropower plants. So in one way or another, there will be excess production that will most likely not be used so they should be stored for future demand. And storing of produced electric power is costly if not unfeasible to the Philippines.

Sandy asks…

What should I put in a wind energy Powerpoint?

I am doing a Powerpoint presentation on Wind energy. What are some good topics to include?

Windmill Farms answers:

Put advantages and disadvantages.
How often is it windy enough to use turbines? At what speed is it too much?
Show calulations about output vs length of blade ( it’s the square of the length)
Appearance compared to other power plants
Compare environmental issues with Nuclear power plants / gas-fired plants etc
Generation costs
Longevity of the turbine (30 yrs)

Richard asks…

what is the price of wind energy compared to the price of fossil fuels?

when i say price of wind energy, I’m talking about wind mills or whatever transforms wind energy into another kind of energy.
I also need comparison

Wind Mill price = $??? > or < than fossil fuels

Windmill Farms answers:

1 kWh of wind power = $0.17
1 kWh of plant powered by natural gas = $0.04

Nancy asks…

How many fossil fuels does Wisconsin use up in a day?

I am doing a science project on which is the best renewable future energy source for Wisconsin. Either solar energy, wind power, or methane gas. I need to know percentages of energy used up by the state, the number of fossil fuels being used up compared to all other states, and I need to know Wisconsin’s total sunlight and wind (mph) amount in a year. I need links to websites. So can you please help me?

Windmill Farms answers:

The EIA (U.S. Energy Information Administration) collects, analyzes, and disseminates independent and impartial energy information.
NERL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) is the facility of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) for renewable energy and energy efficiency research, development and deployment.

The first link below is about Wisconsin.
There are separate sections for energy production and energy consumption.

Mandy asks…

How to apply solar and wind power for agriculture?

Please describe me how solar and wind power is utilized for farm production and animal husbandry in developing countries.

Windmill Farms answers:

Take a look online for solar or wind agricultural products, and if you live in a rural area, look around and you will see applications some old and some modern.Aeromotor wind pumps have been used for many many years to pump water in remote locations. Did you ever hear stories about the windmills in Holland? They have been used for grinding grains, as well as pumping water, and in San Fransisco Golden Gate park, the big windmills at the western edge pump water for irrigation of the park plants.Many are still working today!
Solar powered water pumping is done.
Solar powered fence chargers for electric fencing are available, as well as solar powered yard or shed lights.
Gate openers are available for use with solar power. Take a look at some of the agencies that promote alternative energy for use in developing countries and see what is out there. Electricity gets used for refrigeration, although there are solar powered refrigeration units that use no electricity, but rather a system for cycling of ammonia for cooling.

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